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Ringside Report: Denzel Bentley Narrowly Beats Linus Udofia In Thrilling Contest To Win British Title



Ringside Report: Denzel Bentley Narrowly Beats Linus Udofia In Thrilling Contest To Win British Title

Launched in March of this year, the Wasserman Boxing-Channel 5 partnership’s debut show did not disappoint at all. On an all-round card titled Linus Udofia vs. Denzel Bentley, we saw two excellent fights and fall of the year, along with some jaw-dropping views for all to see.

Indigo At The O2 was packed and the atmosphere from the first bell of the main event saw a sold-out audience of 2,500 live for an excellent main event that deserved a spot on aerial television. One criticism is that the O2 Indigo wasn’t a great place for viewers, even though it looked great for the television element.

Denzel Bentley shares Linus Udofia’s decisions to claim the British middleweight title

Former British welterweight champion, Londoner Denzel Bentley (15-1-1) claimed the Lonsdale belt with a hilarious split decision win over unbeaten English welterweight champion Linus Udofia (17-0). Wasserman Signed’s Udofia potential was slightly favored in what many believed to be 50-50.

Although he may have lost the first, Udofia dominated the opening action with a faster work rate and more efficient and accurate shots, and many would have given him anything from 2-6. Halfway there, Bentley realized that he had to improve his work or he was inside him. he risks losing and he does it in the second half.

The story of Jack Johnson

Udofia had eliminated after the first six and was second in the last part of the game. Bentley injured Udofia at the end of the 7th, 8th and 9th rounds and likely scored a TBA knockdown.


Bentley won (116-112, 115-113, 114-115) a split decision over Udofia as a fighter with a very fair decision. Most of the critics of the ring had Bentleys 1 or 2 laps ahead and WorldInSport tied.

Josh Kelly Fight is canceled at the last minute

Much to Josh Kelly’s disappointment, his return to the ring after 15 months out of the ring was canceled at the last minute. The reason for this was that he had no weight and refused to fight his opponent Xhujlio Vrenez, despite initially agreeing.

Wasserman offered Vrenozi “practically 3 times his original wallet”, but it was clear that he had no interest in fighting. He is bad luck for PBK, but he will return to play at the next Wasserman show on June 17th in Liverpool.

Harlem Eubank impresses with a stunning KO

Undefeated super lightweight, TBA’s Harlem Eubank (13-0) scored a second round knockout of goalkeeper Sean Dodd (17-6-1). Eubank-Dodd was originally announced as the opening for Channel 5’s main tab and then appeared on the YouTube section, but ultimately did neither and was missed by fighting fans who didn’t. they were in the arena.

Floyd Patterson – The gentleman of boxing

Eubank returned Dodd’s slow right hand with a sharp left hook, once again proving his jab. He has a lot of big domestic fights coming up and one of them is a huge clash with undefeated up-and-coming fellow Dalton Smith, who may soon be booked for the 140-pound British belt.


Brad Pauls split the decisions in the hard-fought Ryan Kelly

Newquay striker Brad Pauls (15-0) won a split decision against veteran Ryan Kelly (16-3) in the final elimination of the British Middleweight Championship (now held by Bentley). Pauls won with scores of 96-94 and 96-95 with Judge Terry O’Connor scoring him 97-93; another case of incompetent review by the same judge. Nobody had Kelly, especially by that margin.

Pauls claimed he did not have the keenness or energy to compete with Kelly in the early rounds, but as rounds followed each other Kelly became more and more involved in the fight and a strong spell later saw this fight more competitive. Than it probably should have been. A lot of work for Pauls and a lot more battles for Ryan Kelly.

YouTube video

Bivol beats Alvarez to retain light heavyweight crown

The rest of Linus Udofia vs. Denzel Bentley Undercard

Constantin Ursu (4-0) scored two touchdowns by passing Borja Lopez (1-2) in four rounds. In an impressive performance, Ursu showed why he should be someone to watch in the Wasserman stable.


Kathrina Thanderz (13-1) fought an unexpectedly tough game against Tereza Dvorakova (4-6), 58-56 in a display that is far from the world class she wants to be.

Harvey Horn (9-1) came back from a loss and defeated Alejandro Torres (2-10) in six sets 60-54 and returned to the championship game.

The strongly backed Razor Ali (4-0) defeated Khvicha Gigolashvili (18-52) 60-54 in a match where it can be said that his skills were not at their best.

In the show’s opener, Dan Morley (7-0) stopped Ivan Njegac (13-23) in the fourth round. Njegac isn’t the hardest thing to quit, and Morley did just that.

Featured Image Image Credit: Leigh Dawney / Wasserman Boxing



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