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5 tips to improve online jewelry sales



5 tips to improve online jewelry sales


It doesn’t matter if you sell handmade jewelry, fine jewelry, personalized jewelry, pottery, or other creative products. One thing is certain: your business needs a strong online presence. Here’s how your independent jewelry business can survive and thrive in this “new normal”.

Even if your personal shows are canceled, your wholesale customers stop buying from you, or your Etsy shop closes, you can always return to your website. Today, creating a Shopify website or store is very simple.

Unfortunately, many independent jewelry designers, creators and creatives have put off creating a website for their jewelry business. They are used to selling mainly on third party platforms like Etsy and don’t see the need to have their own online shop.

There is nothing wrong with selling third-party markets like Etsy, but be aware that you could put your business at risk if you rely on them. One of our students faced a tragedy when she relied on Etsy as her sole selling platform.

They earned six figures on Etsy until a hurricane hit their city, leaving them without electricity or the ability to fulfill orders for a week. Despite previous reviews and reasonable explanations, Etsy still closed its jewelry business almost overnight.

There are multiple horror stories about how to put all your eggs in one basket by relying on a single sales platform for your business. In fact, I’ve been there myself.


In 2008, my jewelry business was mainly based on wholesaling. That’s why when the recession hit, my first jewelry and the wholesalers I did business with were destroyed.

With the pandemic and current economic uncertainties, running a jewelry store can seem very daunting. But if you follow and persevere with the ecommerce trend, you will eventually experience financial security by doing what you love. And it is absolutely satisfying!


Before you can increase your online sales, you need to overcome your mental blocks. Your money story can either fuel or stifle your success.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just follow what successful jewelry brands do:

  • Invest in growth
  • Address problems with curiosity
  • never give up

I want to tell you the story of one of our students, Emily Johnson. She started her jewelry business by selling fine jewelry through shows and selling jewelry in her studio.

She wanted to sell without having to physically stand in front of her customers. She tried to sell online but failed because she believed that beautiful jewelry could not be sold online. She got frustrated and contacted Flourish & Thrive Academy

Emily overcame her online sales challenge by using the tools we provided and learning the Desired Brand Effect methodology. After we took action and implemented our strategy, her income grew from $ 2,000 per year to $ 60,000 the following year!

All entrepreneurs face frustrations and challenges along the way. So you have to develop a successful mindset, persevere and find a way to achieve the goal.


At Flourish & Thrive, we have tools, communities, and programs designed specifically to help jewelry designers and makers. Every week, I put in-depth marketing strategies, expert interviews and useful information right into your headphones.


Don’t be afraid to look at your numbers and evaluate your business.

When you start making data-driven decisions, you stop wasting time on marketing and sales tactics that don’t work for your business.

Common problems that jewelry designers, manufacturers, and other product-based companies face when selling online include:

  • Their audience isn’t big enough and they don’t know how to attract new customers to their website
  • They don’t have a strategy for making consistent jewelry sales online
  • Their income is not growing fast enough to cover their costs and expenses
  • They have achieved growth or a sales plateau
  • Their online sales are down
  • All of these problems boil down to this: they don’t have the metrics to determine what’s working or not working for their online business.

As for others, they simply avoid looking at their numbers because they think they are not a number person. Or they think they are analyzing interested in your brand and products. And we’re not just talking about website sessions; we are talking about new visitors who visit your website at some point.

The conversion rate is the number of visitors who buy from your store or to desired action. The industry standard conversion rate is 1%. So, if you’re aiming for one sale per day, you should get a minimum of 1,000 visitors per month to your website.

Customer acquisition costs are related to attracting and converting a new buyer. The more you sell to someone you’ve already paid to attract, the more you share the cost of acquiring customers.


It’s 10 times more expensive and 80% harder to sell to a new customer than an existing customer, so you need to build relationships with existing customers.

In fact, many established companies strive to break even on the first sale to attract customers. Then they start making a profit from reselling the same buyer.


When you buy someone’s attention or pay for advertising, it will cost you more every time you want someone new to pay attention to your brand. You need to increase the desire and get more people of the right kind ready to buy from you.

Here’s how to get more real people to buy from you:

Develop your collection and brand assets to attract your ideal customer

Clearly define your dream customer avatar

Understand the shopping behavior of your dream customer so you know how to entice them to shop on your website


One of the best ways to drive traffic, increase conversions, and nurture customer relationships is email marketing.

Unlike social media followers, you “own” the email addresses on your list when those people are engaged and active. You can easily email or message someone whenever you want as they have chosen to receive messages from you.


In fact, statistics show that email marketing generates $ 44 for every dollar spent. This is 4400% ROI!

Do you want some ideas for building your mailing list?

  • Develop a lead magnet or quiz where people sign up for your email list in exchange for incentives
  • Post links to social stories to invite people to your list
  • Ask your audience at shopping events and pop-ups to subscribe to your email list
  • Send your social media followers to join your VIP or Insider community
  • Encourage your customers from third-party platforms to sign up for your gift card list

And if you’re still wary of emailing your list and think you can distract them … here are some other email marketing metrics to consider:

61% of consumers still want brands to contact them via email. (Statistics)

60% of consumers say they have made a purchase due to the email marketing received. (OptinMonster)

Now I want to introduce and tell you about one of our students, Alex Camacho how he increased his online sales.

By the time Alex joined us, he had already built a successful business, had 35,000 Instagram followers, and expected $ 65,000 in annual revenue.But despite many followers, his sales haven’t grown at the same rate. Through Flourish & Thrive, he learned about email marketing and shifted his focus to growing his VIP mailing list.

He has perfected his he strategy of offering people incentives to be on his VIP list, including early access to his new collection. This attracted a lot of followers to sign up and started sending emails to these subscribers on a regular basis.


When Alex launched his new collection, it was immediately sold out on his VIP list. His followers on Instagram failed to get into his work and that caused a serious FOMO among his followers. As a result, more of his followers on Instagram made it onto his list so that they too could get the first portions of his collections.


And it’s important to note that Alex didn’t have a great team behind him to achieve this. So, if you want to get the exact strategy that Emily and Alex used to grow their online jewelry sales … Join my free masterclass!

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