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30 Awesome Ecommerce Sites I Wish I Had Known Before



Ah, the joys of shopping. You book a day or a whole weekend, go to the mall and look for the best deals in dozens of shops. I hate it! I’m getting so confused that I can’t remember where I saw those awesome shoes that I put off buying in case I could find something better.

I discovered a whole new world. It didn’t matter what I needed; I could always get it from Amazon, Best Buy, Target or eBay. It took me a long time to realize that many other shopping sites deserved attention.

Furniture / decorations

30 Awesome Ecommerce Sites I Wish I Had Known Before


This is a site dedicated to office furniture. When you organize your work or desk properly, you’ll have a lot more fun. Here comes the best part: the products are sorted by color! It makes choosing a lot easier.

A classic set of 12 ballpoint pens, a pen holder, and a notebook costs $ 25. The quality of the cheapest products isn’t top-notch, but the site also has more exclusive products.

Study of clothing

Dwell Studio offers furniture, bed and bathroom products, decorations and accessories, carpets and windows and much more. While the products in the furniture category are more luxurious, you can put them up for sale and save a lot of money on a high-quality piece for your home.


The bed costs around $ 1000 and is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. When it comes to rugs, Dwell offers a wide variety of high quality designs in a variety of shapes, materials and styles.

A lane of kings

As he loves great vintage finds, I can’t recommend this website enough. The decor is excellent, but I also like the Kitchen & Tabletop and Art & Mirrors categories.

These are not true vintage or antique items, so the prices are affordable due to the many items on sale. For example, a nice mirror for your bedroom will cost you $ 135 (that’s a big 68 percent discount). Search for daily deals and you can easily update the look of your home with exclusive items.

A cabin

This UK website offers low cost international shipping. You appreciate a wide selection of interior and kitchen products that make your home more comfortable at an affordable price.

Household item prices start at $ 1.53 and go up to $ 370; so there is something for everyone. I have had some success with this site as it has different brands and quality levels. Make sure you read the reviews before ordering a particular piece and you will be fine.



30 Awesome Ecommerce Sites I Wish I Had Known Before

Preservation of books

Forget Amazon; Book Depository offers the same (excellent!) Selection of books through a much more enjoyable shopping experience. The site is really well organized and worldwide shipping is free. Great discounts and offers are available to help you get more books for your money.

Especially the prices of the classics are attractive, eg. you can start harvesting Marquez for under $ 10 by weight.

Find books

Do you want to buy new and used books, rare editions, textbooks and printed books? You can use Book Finder’s search function to compare prices and get the best deal. Shipping costs are included in the calculation, so you don’t waste time with the calculations.

Through this search engine, you can also find cheaper prices than Book Depository prices. Make sure you buy a well-preserved edition if you choose a used book.

Spending for students

30 Awesome Ecommerce Sites I Wish I Had Known Before

Family moments; doing homework and working at home.

Paper equipment

If you need an essay, a personal statement, a research paper, a course assignment, or even a dissertation, you’ve come to the right place. Papers Gear’s custom writing helps students with academic papers.

The authors never provide exactly the help customers need, and the prices are really affordable. You’ll have to pay between $ 19.99 and $ 52.99 per page depending on the quality and expiration you choose, but the company offers great discounts that lower the price.


Sam’s club

If you have too much to study, browsing different shopping websites can also be a waste of time. Then head to Sam’s Club, an online store with student-friendly prices on food, gifts, flowers, wine, health and beauty products, and more.

Prices are even lower than in your local stores, and the shopping experience is much more comfortable. Sam’s Clubs are available in cities across the United States, so you can easily join the community and start saving without looking for coupons.


If you are looking for something similar to Target, but much cheaper, you will definitely like This is a social shopping site that offers great deals on clothing.


30 Awesome Ecommerce Sites I Wish I Had Known Before

Adapt orbit

Going to the gym isn’t always a pleasant experience. You have to pay a fortune for a personal trainer; Otherwise, you will remain wandering around in total discomfort.

On this site you will find a personal trainer who will customize a perfect workout plan and daily meal plans for you. The prices are really affordable and the final result is guaranteed. Depending on the plan you choose (6 months, 3 months, or 1 month), you will pay $ 11.50, $ 16.99 or $ 29.99 per week.


Gaiam TV – My Yoga channel

For a low monthly fee you can choose from hundreds of videos from well-known yoga teachers. All you need to do is create a pleasant environment in your home, stick to a daily schedule, and start training with great instructors without spending a fortune on your physical and mental well-being.

The monthly fee for this site is $ 9.95, but you can also pay a one-time fee of $ 89.40 for an annual subscription and save 25%. You have the ability to train with great instructors, so you can expect these plans to be even better than the classes offered at your local studio.

Clothing, shoes and accessories



Who wouldn’t want to look like a celebrity? You don’t have to go to luxury malls and shops to find the pieces made for you. This website will help you keep up with the times and keep things trendy at the same time.

You can set the price range of the items you are looking for so you can easily find great dresses, jeans and bags for under $ 25. Of course you can also set the price range to $ 2,5000 and get great deals on Oscar-winning fashion items. De La Renta, Mary Katrantzou, Jason Wu and other famous fashion names.



This is for men only. Cadet is a brand founded by Brad Schmidt and Raul Arevalo, who are inspired by the post-war military academy. And one thing I know for sure: every woman respects a man dressed like this.

The site offers high quality shirts, sweaters, trousers, outerwear and swimwear. Coats and jackets range from $ 200 to $ 1,000, with great pants starting at $ 120 and up. Obviously I recommend buying in the SALE section and getting these unique items at a discounted price. This is the type of clothing that all men should invest in.


Having trouble finding the right size when shopping online? This is the right site for you! You can choose garments in sizes 0-36W or have the garment tailored to your exact size, length and style.

Since plus sizes and small dresses are not readily available, expect prices to be slightly above average. For example, a mid-length dress costs more than $ 80, and the quality isn’t perfect.

Take New York

If you want a woman to follow you around the store and tell you which clothes fit you perfectly, then you will love this website. offers more than a luxury shopping experience – you can hire a personal shopping team to help you find the perfect dress for any occasion.


I’m talking about brands like Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Cacharel and other big names, so you can expect to pay up to $ 200 for a nice summer dress. However, Otte allows you to find your special piece at a heavily discounted price, so it’s definitely worth adding a bookmark.


Who doesn’t like it very much? This community-based site helps you find the best prices for a wide variety of online stores. You can get clothes, shoes, home accessories, toys, and more.

The prices of the products offered vary depending on the quality and brand you are looking for. But one thing is certain: you pay the lowest possible price for a particular product if you search for it through Wanello.

Necessary clothes

Nasty Gal was one of my favorite places to shop before discovering the clothing you need, a cheaper alternative to a trendy designer fashion website. Tip: see the shoes section.

You can get the cutest pumps for around $ 25; it’s a deal you can’t give up. Although the prices seem too low for the shoes, the models offered have a great design and decent quality.


Zady Zady

a clothing and accessories shop (clothing for men and women), but also for home and home accessories. When you shop at Zady, you know where your products come from, reduce waste and help the community.

The average price of a men’s jacket is around $ 300, and you can expect to pay well over $ 100 for a basic women’s top. Great quality and knowledgeable buyers.

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