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10 short hairstyles to enhance your look



Catching up on the short hair trend is a clever transitional trick – not only does it give us a much-needed style boost during the warmer months, but cutting short hair also refreshes the locks and frees them from the damage of past seasons. Goodbye to frayed, static ends and dry lengths that have endured the rigors of a freezing winter! Cool, fresh and different hairstyles for short hair will also keep you on track under all those layers – very important, if you ask us.

From micro-fringe bobs to mullet pixie hybrids, we present you 10 short edgy hairstyles that are trending on our radar this month. Scroll down for a list of trendy short haircuts we love.

Short and edgy haircut with micro fringes

10 short hairstyles to enhance your look

Whether or not you have embraced the baby bang trend, like the polarizing effect of one of last year’s hottest looks, which has quickly spread to celebrity fronts everywhere. We editors like to call it the dark horse of the year, mainly because it was unexpected, but also because we never thought a small update like a semi-blast would be a big facelift.

For those of you looking to give a new twist to an old look (or if you’re just tired of those no-here-no-there bangs), a micro updo paired with a simple layered / stacked bob is a fun update. and definitely one of the short edgy haircuts we’re highlighting right now.

Short edgy Pixie / Mullet haircuts

10 short hairstyles to enhance your look

The pixie-mullet hybrid is probably one of the boldest additions to our selection of short, edgy hairstyles to try this year – nothing screams Manic Pixie Dream Girl more than a quirky, high-fashion look. It’s safe but low-maintenance (like the protagonist it inspires) and requires nothing more than a monthly grooming to stay stylish.


Short edgy blunt asymmetrical hairstyles

10 short hairstyles to enhance your look

An oblique bob is always worth a second look, and paired with a nice, soft and blunt bangs, it enhances this look. The beveled forehead frames the entire face, while the beveled edges give it a unique look (and also flatten a thinner jaw).

Modern short edgy haircuts

Rocking an updated short bowl cut with textured sides and wavy bangs is the perfect it-girl move for the winter months. These trendy short cuts with multiple flounces have a block silhouette (which actually works well with hats and other head accessories), while the thicker bangs don’t get lost or scratched under dad’s hats.

Bleached Edgy Short Haircut

10 short hairstyles to enhance your look

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 08: Actress Anne Hathaway attends the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner at Skylight at Moynihan Station on May 8, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Not your medium bob, the platinum blonde haircut is sure to set you apart. When everyone took the dark road this winter, trying a super light shade (literally, there is nothing lighter) was one of those totally unique and super eye-catching trendy short haircuts. Shade is also easier to maintain in the colder months as there is less risk of this color showing across the pool or beach (unless you go to a tropical island for the holidays – in which case your I bad will remain!).

Bleached undercut

For those confident enough to rock it, the bleached undercut is the epitome of Cool Girl Style. Used in a voluminous pompadour, it’s a fresh, clean look that deserves to be thrown in all other ways. As striking as they are easy to care for, short edgy hairstyles like this one rely on a blow dryer and foam like Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam.

Neon Mul

Can you say beautiful in punk? While undeniably available, a mermaid-infused mullet haircut and neon shades like pink, taupe and gray is definitely more feminine. These trendy and stylish short haircuts are as at home in clubs as they are on the runways. So if you’re a prom queen who likes to show off your stuff, this can give you just the right amount of swag without overloading features.

Short edgy haircut with dovetail curls

10 short hairstyles to enhance your look

Modern short haircuts, with bangs made with a Victory roller in the front and a ponytail in the back (ie, “tapered in a v”, reminiscent of a duck’s booty), are a throwback. to the popular memory of the 1950s. Neighborhood greasers or hot rod mobsters, pigtails were achieved by smearing both sides of the hair with pomade or gel (try TRESemmé TRES Two Mega-Firm Control Gel) and twisting the bangs to fall forward.


Edgy and faded short haircut

For curly or natural girls, a high curly hair-cut or a short cut that limits the curls to the crown of the head is a trendy hairstyle for short hair that suits all occasions. This classic look is especially attractive for women with a slimmer jaw. It also gives a good contrast to soft faced women. Ask your stylist for a look that tapers towards the neckline to make it more manageable.

Cropped curls

Wear your short curls like bleached blonde for a stunning look. Impressive without being overwhelming, this short curly hairstyle is the perfect mix of understated and dramatic.

Do you want to learn how to style your short hair in style? Good news: Almost anyone can create a cool, trendy look with the right styling tricks and tools. Here is a simple and easy way to style your favorite short hair at home.

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