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Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face



Whether your hair is long or short, bangs allow you to change your style and make a statement without going overboard. Whether you go for a perfectly straight cut or something sideways, it’s hard to deny that these styles add undeniable sex appeal to any look. But as with any new haircut, you’ll want to do your research to find out which haircut best suits your lifestyle, face type, and even level of commitment (sadly, this is part of the banged-up lifestyle. !). To help you out, we’ve included lots of bang inspiration, tips for cutting bangs, types of bangs, bangs for your face type, and even temporary looks that you can try if you want to grow bangs.

Are you ready to cut? Read everything you need to know about the beloved edge:

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face

Full bangs

We love nothing more than the fall lash-sweeping bangs. The long, full fringe gives you plenty of options – you can wear it smooth and straight, or turn it into a side pony or veil with just a few brush strokes. Grow your bangs a little longer than usual and see how many ways you can style them.

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face

Side bangs

If a full fringe requires too much dedication, side bangs are a lighter alternative. While this looks great on longer hair, the blunt cuts and choppy bangs look just as great on shorter haircuts. Ask your stylist for fringes that fall just below the eye to complement your pixie, lob or bob.

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face



Micro bangs

When it comes to fall fringe, we love microponies because they have great features! These bangs are best for oval or long faces as they divide the high forehead. In autumn and winter, micro brows are especially cute with a hat. Keeping the bangs the right length may require the micro hair to be cut more often, so be prepared to sign up for maintenance (or just use hair extensions if you’re not committed!).

Curly bangs

Curly hair doesn’t mean you have to straighten your bangs every day! We love the curly fringe look with a modern shag. This type of bangs show off the natural texture of the hair in an elegant and effortless way. Use a combination of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep curly bangs soft, manageable and not weigh down the curls.

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face

Flipped side bangs

The side bangs also liven up ponytails, buns and hairstyles, so if you have side bangs don’t be afraid to stretch them to the side for a playful vibe. To get these provocative moves, use styling paste and set the bangs in place.

Pony for tents

The dramatic fringes of the curtain give the hair a French girl charm that is completely timeless. This vintage hairstyle usually looks best with longer hair – it looks elegant and balanced with hair that is below the shoulder or longer. And while it never hurts to wear this choppy style, let’s admit this is a straighter look you should try.

Layered bangs

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face

The shaggy layered bangs can also look trendy, especially when worn in medium length. Feel free to wear this straight and sleek hairstyle, but also use gel to create an edgy style.


Structured outbursts

What better night to style your hair in the most dramatic way than a show? When it comes to hairstyles for the big night, the bangs, especially the breezy bangs with lots of movement and texture, are perfect for a night at the opera. Give body to your hair using TIGI Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray with Bed Head from mid-length to ends. Combine your look with a party dress and that’s it.

Subtle updates and bangs

What is a normal rock-chic girl to do when she has to attend a super feminine and chic wedding? Choose a look that stays true to her, that’s it! Complete your edgy personality with subtle bangs. To create a defined and structured look with a matte finish, use TIGI Manipulator Cream’s Bed Head for a super defined and diffused effect.

Flip the Blunt Bangs over

Whether you’re going on a date or hosting your own event, tap into your artistic personality by wearing bold bangs for an artistic grand opening. Choose a more undone finish with a slight inverted crease at the ends.

Transparent bursts

What makes these bangs so versatile? You can wear them open or closed. To get this type of fringe, ask your stylist for a light fringe that is long enough to part in the middle and to wear with a center part. When the weather gets hot and you want some air in your hair, part the bangs with your fingers to create this soft effect.

Side bangs, long hair

If you are a girl who loves a side part but also wants to try new bangs by changing the length slightly, the side bangs might be for you. This hairstyle can be paired with a long wavy hairstyle, or you can pull it up with a chic top for when you’re out on the weekend.


Wacky bangs

For women with naturally curly and wavy hair, the warmer months require embracing their natural texture (fewer irons and more time to have fun!). Thanks to the versatility of this style, you can change your look by playing with different options of curls or waves: one day you may want a tight curl or wave, and another day you may go for a wider version. If you want more curls, use a gel like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to style your hair, but skip straightening. Smooth the product into your hair and let the curls dry naturally.

False shots

When all else fails, a temporary solution always comes to the rescue. This is especially useful if you’re unsure about getting bangs in the warmer months. For this look, choose clip-ons or faux bangs if you want a truly versatile outfit. If you’re in the mood for a bang, pin them up and try our easy faux bang tutorial.

Boring outbursts

For a very elegant look, try the straight and blunt bangs. These cute bangs require a neat cut, so head to your favorite salon for a finish. When styling these straight bangs, you need a good straightener to achieve a truly flawless look. And since all that heat was aimed at literally damaging your bangs, be sure to protect your hair with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray before styling.

Medium bangs

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face

Short bangs with bangs have been one of the biggest styles on the runways this year, bringing more depth and definition to the bob and pixie cut. To get the look, ask your stylist to cut the bangs into a hairstyle with fringes and layers. This helps frame the face and gives your overall look a rocker-chic look. Styling these bangs is easy enough, but if you want to style them straight, it is always recommended to use a good styling product that is resistant to moisture and flies. Our TRESem Keratin Smooth Serum helps keep frizz at bay.

Long side shot

Perfect for smoother hair types. A long, loose side part can give your hair a more bouncy and bouncy effect. For a bohemian vibe, ask your stylist to keep your layers long, thin and sideways. Just apply a fine straightening cream to clean, damp hair to give texture to the bangs.


Bowl cut graphic bangs

Like micro fringes, bowl-shaped fringes are definitely in vogue. To achieve this look, you absolutely want your bangs to be above the brows. This will help bring up the shorter layers.

Wispy and loose

You may want bangs, but not a completely short heel. In this situation, choose Extra Long Headings. You can leave the long layers straight for an elegant look or curl them for a more romantic look paired with an elegant updo.

French braid and bangs

We love how crisp this combination of braids and bangs is, even with blonde hair. A simple braided haircut might not seem like a trend, but paired with a nice-side-bangs, the haircut ranges from sweet to downright edgy. Add contrast to this look by braiding your hair as tightly as possible.

Side bangs and turban

The bangs look super cute when paired with a headband. Try a fun turban-style headband for a look that changes from season to season.

Shaved bangs

Slightly laid back and tousled hair is our new favorite style. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to try out Model Off Duty hair and pair it with fringed bangs. This look, which was great in the 1970s, can be achieved by cutting the middle part of the razor.


Long hair with side bangs

Long hair and bangs are quite an interesting and admirable combination. Roll your hair with a curling iron to create this dramatic sweep.

Side bangs with medium hair

Bangs guide: 37 hairstyles and the best types of bangs for your face

Lob reigns forever, right? If you want to mix this beloved style without making a big bang, a side bang might be perfect for you. We love how this look accentuates your features while remaining trendy.

Blown away

There may be days when you want bangs and others when you can do without them. Come in: a subtle, puffy touch, the best of both worlds that lets you mix your style as needed. We recommend starting with full power and moving it to the side every now and then.

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