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25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022



The long, curly locks make a great impression on their own. With long locks, the hairstyle options are practically limitless. Keep scrolling to find the curly look to try next.

Medium curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022


Pull the curls back for this easy side-swept style. Use a hair tie or scrunch to enhance your look! This is such a simple look that it is easy to do. Comb th

front of the hair to add some volume to the top of the hairstyle.

Tangled curls

Whatever curl you want, you can run your fingers over it for a tousled, low-maintenance look all day long. Here’s how to get a low maintenance long curly hairstyle that still shows your texture.


Long curly hair pulled

These soft curls are full of volume and look gorgeous draped over one shoulder. This is a great style when wearing a one shoulder top! Wear the curls in a deep side part with the heavy side over the shoulder to create this look.


Create these curls with a 1-inch curling iron and hold the wand vertically to create the perfect ring shape. Give your curls hold and add texture by spraying them with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1.

Teased to perfection

Tease your roots to add even more volume to your already sumptuous curls. Prep your hair with Dove Style + Care Curls Defining Mousse, which adds volume and definition. This mousse defines curls beautifully!

Soft curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022


Soften the layered hairstyle by adding soft and easy curls. Layered hairstyles for long curly hair are a great way to add movement to your style. It’s also great for giving your curls more bounce and movement! The shorter layers prevent the curls from getting heavy.


Perfect perm

Entrust your hairdresser to a qualified professional and choose the perfect perm for an effortless hairstyle that impresses. These tight corkscrew oversized curls are ’80s inspired and super dramatic in the best way!

Natural curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022

There is no styling technique that perfectly reflects your natural texture. Give your curls a run for a unique look. Talk to your stylist about adding super short layers to the crown of your hair for extra dimension.

Messy curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022

One of the surest signs of coming to maturity is the recognition that messy hair is now considered a good thing. Leave those junk products at your parents’ house and embrace your tapes as they are.

Loose curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022

Leave most of the hair straight and curl only the lower sections for some texture. This style is perfect if you are in a hurry but don’t want to walk out the door with straight locks.

Relaxed curls

Run the curling iron through your hair for easy, messy and relaxed curls. Make sure to brush out the curls once they have cooled for a fuller look. This is a great way to simulate a naturally curly hairstyle if your locks are on the wavy and curly side.


Shiny curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022

Give your curls a leaf-like shine by spraying a brilliant shine spray. We like the TIGI Headrush Shine Hair Spray in Bed Head because it adds shine, but is lightweight and makes the hair more manageable.

Easy curls

Use the flat iron to create easy, flat curls. These shaping curls create a more wavy and beachy look. Skip the product and the style remains the same and enjoy the relaxed look of these easy curls.

Pleated curls

Ditch the classic curls and try this throwback style. Curls like these are so easy to do at night by braiding your hair and then pulling it out when dry. Similar to the trendy pleated look, this style is all about the small waves that give the overall impression of curly hair.

Brushed curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022


He brushes the curls after curling the hair for an extra rich and textured look. Structured and dynamic, this look promises a lot of volume at the roots and the rest of the hair.


Only the ends

Leave the roots straight and curl only the lower part of the hair. This style creates volume from the lengths to the tips. Gently brush the curls with a comb to mimic the look of a natural curl.

Beach curls

Leave the tips of the hair out of the curling iron to leave an inch of straight hair at the bottom to recreate this beachy feel. By omitting the ends of the haircut, keep your style at the relaxed, casual end of the spectrum.

Deep side part

Do you have time? Instead of trying a low maintenance haircut, twist your hair into a deep side part. This gives your hair instant volume from the roots to a super sleek classic style.

Alternating long curly hair

Vary the direction of each curl to create the maximum natural look of the curl. The alternation of curls makes the hairstyle simpler and more natural. If you find that naturally curly hair doesn’t grow in the same direction! Imitate this pattern by changing the direction of your fake curls.

Curly lobe of the clavicle

If your hair is short, it may seem like you can’t do much with it or it often falls flat. If you feel like it, try curling the collarbone lock! Helps increase volume and flow.


Curly Bob

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022

Are you looking for a romantic way to wear your curls? Try this beautiful romantic half dye! If you want an even more romantic look, leave out the hairpieces that frame the face. Use a curling iron to define those locks that frame your face for a super romantic look.

Loose curls

Create a looser, softer curl using a curling iron about 2-3 inches wide. This is a great way to create wider curls without having to brush your hair after styling.

Curls effortlessly

If you have naturally curly hair, you are in luck! Spread a little mousse on it and you’re done. Talk about an effortless look! Make sure the stylist who cuts your hair is trained to cut curly hair. Short layers complement your style and make sure your curls are supple and healthy!

Puffed curls

The type of curls you can achieve with a simple round brush and a blow dryer is magical. Start by slowly brushing the strands of hair as you run a blow dryer over the strand. When you get to the end of the section, rotate the brush to create a curl at the end.

Spiral curls

25 best curly hairstyles for long hair in 2022

Use a thin curling iron to create tight curls. This will add volume and bounce to your style! Use hairspray to set the curls to make sure they stay in place all day and well into the night.

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