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12 Simple Curly Hairstyles For Women



12 Simple Curly Hairstyles For Women

Many women believe that curly hair becomes more difficult to manage in their 40s. However, curly curls can be easily tamed and made elegant with the right hairstyles. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best curly hairstyles for women over 40 just for you!

A serious misconception is that by the time a woman turns 40, she no longer cares about how she looks. But in reality, women become more confident in who they are and what they want as they get older. And this is reflected in the way they dress and style their hair. However, women with curly hair may find it best to straighten their hair to preserve it. Or maybe they feel their curls aren’t as beautiful as they were when they were younger. That’s why it’s time to change and embrace gorgeous curls! Discover different ways to style your curls according to the shape of your face. And if you don’t have curly hair, there’s something for you too. Read on to learn how to curl your hair with a flat iron, curling iron, or hair dryer.

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12 amazing curly hairstyles for women

 How to make big and voluminous curls with a blow dryer

What do you need

  • Thermal protection
  • Curling iron (in the size of the curling iron you prefer)
  • Hair spray (optional)

Like style

  1. When using a heat styling appliance on your hair, it is imperative to use a heat protector to protect it from damage. Heat protection can be in the form of a serum or spray.
  2. Start by plucking out a 1-2 inch strand of hair. Do not select parts larger than this; otherwise your curls won’t have much definition.
  3. Wrap this section of hair around the curling iron for 15-20 seconds to create a curl.
  4. Repeat these steps until you have curled all of your hair.
  5. Rock the curls with your hands if you want them to look more natural.
  6. Spray hairspray if you have a long day ahead of you and don’t want your curls to flake off.
  7. If you want to create a messy / messy / textured curl, spray some texture spray on the curls and run a hairbrush over them.

How to make big and voluminous curls with a blow dryer

What do you need

  • Voluminous mousse
  • round brush
  • Hairdryer
  • Smoothing serum

Like style

  1. Start by applying a dollop of mousse to washed, damp hair.
  2. Start by blow drying your hair while you comb it.
  3. Once your hair is semi dry and slightly straight, roll the individual sections of hair around a round brush from the tips up and blow dry to create great curls.
  4. Rock the curls to add volume and apply a smoothing serum to remove frizz.

How do you curl your hair with a straightener?

What do you need

  • Thermal protection
  • Iron

Like style

  1. Prep your hair with a heat protector.
  2. Gather a 2-inch strand of hair.
  3. Press the plate about a third along the roots.
  4. Start turning the iron away from your face so that some hair begins to wrap around it.
  5. Keep turning the iron slowly to give your hair enough time to curl.
  6. Keep twisting until it reaches some of your hair and your curly hair falls out naturally.
  7. Repeat this process until you have curled all of your hair.

What kind of curls to choose based on the shape of your face

The shape of your face plays an important role in determining how your curly hair will look. Since there are many curly hairstyles to choose from, it is important to choose one that fits the shape of your face. Large blow-dried curls on layered hair are perfect for round faces as they add structure to the face. For oval and oblong faces, tightly coiled curls work beautifully as they add a lot of volume around the face and give it a softer look. Any type of parted and swept sideways curly hair is perfect for anyone with a square face. People with diamonds and heart shaped faces are the lucky ones who can wear all curly hairstyles with momentum.

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12 great curly hairstyles for women

1. Confused Redhead Bob

Now that you’ve turned 40 and have some time to yourself, why not shake things up and have some fun? This tousled bob with textured curls looks super cool on its own. But dye your hair a bright shade of red to add some funk to your look.

2. Textured spiral curls for medium length hair

Imagine playing in a meadow, wearing a long flowing dress and wild flowers in your hair. This is the kind of curly hairstyle that is perfect for this fantasy. These big spiral curls (easy to achieve with a curling iron and setting spray) look great on medium to long hair.

3. Messy curls with a long layered Bob

Get back to the groove of the 70s with this messy style that channels your youth. The key to a good curly hairstyle is in the layers. Layered cuts make curls super defined like no other cut. So try this long layered bob style with messy curls and bangs to feel younger and fresh again.

4. Curly curls with subtle highlights

Traditional curls have their own charm that no other curl type can match. So get out your curling iron (or try this wand technique?) to give your short bob a whimsical twist. Complete your hair transformation with subtle light brown highlights to give your hair the perfect sunny look.

5. Curly Cropped Bob Cropped bangs

It’s time to break that barrier and try some unconventional styles, right? So check out this ultra cut curly bob that will make everyone sit up and take notice of you. The half-cut bangs just add to the funky vibe of this look.


6. Elegant open curls

If any actress has aged gracefully in Hollywood, it has to be Julia Roberts. And one hairstyle that has been developed over the years is open and loose curls. This casual wavy hairstyle on her shoulder-length blonde hair epitomizes elegance and class.

7. Romantic Bob Curls

You probably fell in love with her when you first saw You’ve Got Mail and have dreamed of making her look like this ever since. Well, your search ends here! These soft romantic curls (the result of a 1-inch curling iron) in a short bob will make you the sweet star of a romantic comedy!

8. Center parted curls

If you want a red carpet look, you can get a red carpet look with this Michelle Pfeiffer inspired curly hair. Leave your hair in some curls overnight so you can wake up in the morning with a completely changed look!

9. Pin Up Curls

Just because you’re 40 doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of looking like a pin-up! After all, life begins at 40. So get out those trusty curlers and let them sit at the bottom of your hair overnight for a sexy Marilyn Monroe style look.

10. Long bob with loose curls

I have wondered many times if Nicole Kidman has ever aged. And I have come to the conclusion that he is some kind of immortal being. And over the years, she’s perfected her signature wavy bob look to a T. Just a few minutes with a curling iron after application should work beautifully to create this look.


11. Rock Chic Curly Bob

It’s amazing how far a set of curling irons and a can of styling spray can take you when it comes to styling curly hair. This rock-chic look with the items above will make everyone think of you as a woman who is in complete control of her life and doesn’t take anyone’s dick.

12. Stylish curls

When it comes to curly hair, you can play with textures and styles to create unique hairstyles. Take Sandra Bullock for example. She parted her textured curls and smoothed them with hair gel and bobby pins to create a striking contrast.

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