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8 real brides share because they kept their marriage secret



8 real brides share because they kept their marriage secret

A big wedding with many guests and a budget equal to the advance of most couples in the house is not for everyone. Some couples even abandon the idea of ​​keeping things traditional, instead of running away to get married on their own or plan a secret wedding that no one but their small guest list is aware of.

We’ve already seen this trend with celebrities, most recently with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who got married at Christmas without the paparazzi or their celebrity friends.

Wondering what it’s like to have a secret wedding and who would want it? Read on to hear the stories of eight real-life brides who share why they kept their marriage completely secret.

Privacy meant a lot

“I never wanted a show at my wedding. I never wanted people at my wedding that I barely cared about. We kept the wedding a big secret. We told people we had a vacation in our house and then we surprised them with the wedding we were only 30 people and we asked them to keep the party secret we wanted it to be a shared moment and something private, not something posted on facebook and judged by strangers. our wishes. ” –Danielle U., 34


We wanted this to be our moment

“I felt the marriage wasn’t about the couple, it was about everyone else. My husband and I went on vacation for three weeks, got engaged, then went back and told 25 of the closest people in our life to meet a week. later in a restaurant. There we surprised them with a full wedding. No photos could be taken or posted. Most people outside those 25 years still don’t know we’re married. ” —Tracy S., 41

It was all a drama

“Weddings stress people out and when I got engaged for the first time, planning them made me and my fiancé argue all the time. I got married in a court of law, came home and told everyone and a month. afterwards our parents gave us a surprise wedding. It seemed like they were turning the tables, but it was without drama. ” – Paulette B.

Social media is ruining things

“I’m a social media influencer and people think they know everything about my life. One thing I didn’t want to be part of the marriage. I never announced I was engaged, which was very difficult, but it made me feel like I still had a part of my life, which is what I needed at a time when I had 100,000 Instagram followers who felt they knew my every move, I posted the photo a week after the wedding and it pretty much broke the internet. ” –Crissy A., 31

Nobody wanted us to get married

“Both of our parents didn’t want us to get married. We never told them we were engaged or married. We only invited five friends to court. We are already over a year now and our parents don’t. they know. They still want us to stop. Oh yeah! ” – Erin P., 24


We save almost $ 55,000

“Our original weddings budget was $ 60,000. One day there was too many money to blow! It was magical and it cost only $ 5,000.” – Kokel D., 29

Too many dramatic friends

“After a engagement, I asked nine friends to be my bridesmaids. Things became ugly with each other. I felt that I had constantly dealing with their drama. I finished with nine nine nine that the bride was over. The bride. My partner and I decided the most abandoned people of our wedding. 20 people who were both close families and two friends. It was a day of matone. It wouldn’t have been if I liked it as I had originally planned. “” Aquel C., 39

We have always known

“Much of our relationship has always been the excitement of the adventure. When my husband suggested me, we waited two months to tell our parents. We enjoyed the moment and we only kept it between us. Six months After no one knew that Anders and our parents would constantly ask to have chosen the wedding day. Time and before the end of the year we got married in Las Vegas. We waited two months to share that family and family and in the end our friends . Up to now the secret of the secret was the greatest excitement of our lives. ” – Surzie B., 34

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