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16 of the most comfortable hiking sandals that best support the foot



16 of the most comfortable hiking sandals that best support the foot

As much as we love boots and sneakers, it’s easy to appreciate the sandal climate and the cute summer sandals that come with it. All you have to do is pull up your socks, get a fresh pedicure, and put on the latest sandals trends.

The only key to this hot-weather fantasy is the pain that can come from summer footwear. Owner of Advanced Podiatry in New York and New Jersey and a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. “The sandal has little or no grip, so if you move fast or walk on uneven ground, it’s easy to slip and pull a tendon or sprain your ankle.”

For these reasons, he explains, sandals can be particularly problematic for patients with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, or high arches.

However, Davison is a realist and does not expect patients to completely abandon sandals and choose more comfortable women’s shoes, such as sneakers. There are also many styles that promote good foot health, making them the most comfortable sandals ideal for hiking and other activities.

Different types of sandals

Flip flops or flip flop

According to Dr. Davison flip flops or flip flops, which have two straps that connect between the big toe and second toe, the biggest problem with sandals. It’s the shoe that gets people off balance. It’s the least supportive shoe.”


slides. Slippers have straps that slide over the shoe. Like the flip flops, this model is perfect to wear in the pool or for short trips. Some versions with insole and anatomical foot shape offer better stability for light work.

Sports or sports sandals

Sports sandals have multiple straps and hold the foot like sneakers. Some even have closed toes and are ideal for walking in warm weather as they provide support and keep you cool.

slingback. dr. Davison states that a slingback strap, or sandal-back strap, which helps keep your feet in the right position with every step, is essential for the right walking sandal. This keeps the Achilles tendon in the right position and prevents the foot from sliding backwards.”

wedge sandals

Wedge sandals can be thong or slingback style, but offer some length to the wearer. The solid base of the wedge promotes even weight distribution.

High heel sandals

A high-heeled sandal has a thinner heel to support the rest of the shoe. These are fine for short breaks, but not ideal for walking.


16 of the most comfortable hiking sandals that best support the foot

What to look for in the best hiking sandals for women

According to Dr. Davison, buying sandals shouldn’t be any different than looking for another type

of shoe, be it the best women’s hiking shoes, trainers, or trainers. “It’s about getting support and preventing the arch from straining, falling and over pronation, which causes the muscles and joints to become out of alignment,” she adds. This causes problems like plantar fasciitis and even bunions.

Some flip flops and flip flops have arched supports, such as those listed below. Completely flat surfaces should be avoided because they are “just like walking barefoot,” says Dr. Davison.

Ankle support and heel support are also fundamental to prevent the foot from slipping on the surface of the sandal. The more strap there is in the sandal, the more comfortable you will feel.

For those suffering from joint pain, choose hiking sandals with straps that do not rub the aggravated area. For this sandal enthusiast, an orthopedic toe for riding is worth trying, but look for a more athletic sandal for standing or walking for hours on end.


As for those impractical but beautiful designer sandals you were looking for, Dr. Davison gives his blessing to enjoy it every now and then. “Wear them to dinner or wear them to a party. Be aware of what you’re doing if you’re wearing a less supportive shoe.”

Below are the 15 most comfortable women’s hiking sandals that promote optimal foot health, according to Dr. Davison and great customer reviews. After all, summer time is synonymous with relaxation and comfort. The best travel shoes for the holidays, this is the perfect starting point when looking for supportive footwear for the warm season.

Life Stride Zing sandals

16 of the most comfortable hiking sandals that best support the foot

The traction outsole gives you extra stability for instant comfort, in Life stride’s vintage shape and style. If you’re looking for a shoe that fits both Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall, but doesn’t blister you, these are your hiking sandals. In three classic and versatile colors, you’ll find a pair to match all your swimwear combinations.

What the reviewers say: “I wear an 8M or 8.5M. I am SO happy with the style. Beautifully trendy and very comfortable!”

Cole Haan Mojave Slide sandals

16 of the most comfortable hiking sandals that best support the foot

A sturdy leather upper and molded insole provide all-day comfort from the café to the beach bar, hopping into these Cole Haan beds. If you want to dive into the trend of the year 2000 without going back to elementary school, these shoes – with a woven upper – give a nice bohemian touch to a simple outfit. Available in black and fresh ivory, you have endless style options for any summer outfit.


What the reviewers say: “I bought these in white and it’s like walking on clouds. It looks like it’s a bit looser than other sandals, but I think that makes it very comfortable. I could wear them all day while I ride and walk.”

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