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The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy



The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy

Let’s make one thing clear: there is no shame in the drugstore makeup game. Just because something is affordable doesn’t make it less pigmented, long-lasting, or just plain better than a high-end product, here at Allure we love a good deal – after all, we have a whole category for theft. every year at the Best of Beauty Awards.

We also like to see it this way: if you spend less money on one product in your makeup routine, you have more money for the other steps. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good spritz, but think about it, if you save the $ 100 you jump on the foundation and spend that money at the drugstore, you’ll get so many products that are pretty good. quality too.

Now we understand it. The pharmacy is a really big place and with so many brands sold online at retailers like Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and Walmart, you can just add these convenient choices to your cart and sometimes pick them up the next day (shout Prime). So where do you start from? We’ve rounded up 11 of the best drugstore brands and our favorite products from each.

Below you’ll see brands like Maybelline New York, Essence, and Covergirl, and we promise you’ll love what you see and their associated price tags.

Colour pop

The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy



Colourpop Xtra Celestial Naturally In Love Pressed Powder Palette is a nine palette palette with metallics and mattes that create different looks. We especially like this halftone, Shawty, which is a combination of copper and magenta that shines bright on all skin tones.

For just $ 5, Colour pop’s Pressed Powder Blush offers high-quality pigments at an affordable price. This powdered formula comes in two shades: Swirled, a dusty rose, and Toffee Cake, a rich berry (pictured). Whatever you choose, your cheeks will be healthy.

cover girl

The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation contains coconut milk and soothing aloe to help smooth out pores and wrinkles. Available in 14 shades, this Best of Beauty award winner delivers a radiant, dewy finish that lasts all day.

Advertised as vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and (naturally) clean, Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara is free from parabens and sulfates, but is instead packed with conditioning ingredients like argan and marula oils. The packaging is also sustainable, as it is made up of 80% recycled paper.

With CoverGirl Exhibitionist Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner, winner of the Best of Beauty Award 2022, you can easily create a super sharp cat eye. This is due to the soft, flexible tip that simply glides over the eyelids and lashes without pulling or pulling.



The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy


Available in eight different shades, E.L.F. The Bite Size eyeshadow palettes make creating an ensemble as easy as a cake. The quad shown here is called “Cream & Sugar” and contains a mix of neutral, shimmer and matte shadows that will work on almost any skin tone. Also, the formula of these shadows is extremely matte but also so easy to blend.


ELF’s Brow Lift is no ordinary eyebrow gel. Raise, tame and shape your brows to make a relieved impression. New York City makeup artist Christian Briceno claims he keeps his brows frizzy and in place. Just dip the spoolie into the formula and brush the corners to the desired shape.


The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy

Illuminate the areas under the eyes with the Essence Brighten Up product! Banana powder. This formula is a pressed matte powder that instantly sets base makeup throughout the day. Once it hardens, you will notice less oil, hidden pores and no creases.

Whether you’re looking for coverage or just need a lipstick guide, Essence Soft & Precise Lip Liner has it and costs just $ 3. Available in nine nude berry shades, this silky smooth formula is long-lasting. , so the update is minimal.


The beauty of flowers

Available in eight pigmented shades, Flower Beauty Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Color is not only a Best of Beauty 2022 winner, but also a beautiful matte lipstick. This formula is made up of hydrating hyaluronic acid and hydrating jojoba oil, so your lips stay soft and plump – never dry and rough – while you wear them.

Flower Beauty’s Warrior Princess mascara contains the richest pigment, so when they say it’s black, it’s black. Senior business writer Angela Trakoshis was so impressed. Trakoshis adds that she always stays wrinkle-free, volumizes and curls her lashes – even her little baby pants have a royal greeting.

Jason Wu Beauty

The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy

Design products without breaking the bank? Firmi. Jason Wu’s beauty line is prestigious for the budget. From the flora of beauty 15 stake for eyeshadows. This shadow collection pressed to 15 fathers is mixed, easy to use and contains shiny and opaque hot shades to create all the appearance.

For the lips, the warm hands lipstick is creamy, light and has some lipstick ingredients, such as the Dimeticone, which prevents the skin in many skin care products, softening the skin.

L’Oréal Paris

The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy

In fact, the liquid eyelids of the infallible cat of L’Oréal Paris made us so much that we gave him the best innovative prize. Instead of hoping and praying to end with a clean, even radiant, this choice becomes a removable cat from the cat’s wings to make the process completely stupid.


Do you want your skin better? L’Oréal Paris Skin Paradise Water, soaked in colored moisturizing cream, is for you. This formula is 70 percent of water with a mix of aloe vera and nuts, making it moisturizing and soothing for people with dry skin. In addition, it is oil without oil, so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores or congestion.

If you buy a bronze pharmacy, the Oréal Paris is unintentional 24 hours of soft bronzer of fresh clothing one of our favorites. It presents itself on a wider range of a selection of eight levels and the formula is not budjet or vanishes for 24 hours. It is not surprising that he received the 2022 Best of Beauty Award.

Maybelline New York

The Best Affordable Makeup Your Money Can Buy

ICYMI: The liquid lipstick is back and this is fundamental in our list. This budget -resistant formula dries in a lucid vinyl surface, so it will never dry with your lips in a 16 -hour life. We have loved the Black of Maybelline New York Superstay in vinyl for some time, and for this reason and its truly innovative formula we have rewarded the best prize for the impulse of beauty.

Maybellin’s New York lashes the sensational Sky High Rascar has become the legendary Tiktok cleaning product so quickly that he earned the best beauty prize. Mascara has a flexible bar and an important supporter: the hashtag has over 39 million opinions on the application of social media. “Few eyelashes seemed much more complete without weighing,” says an attractive tester.


Each of the 11 shades of Red Baked is really cooked. Yes, you read it correctly. The punkas are sunny in Italian terracotta tiles, this helps to give each shade a hot finish and a glow that seems much more expensive than $ 11.


Briceno loves the super charge cheek and the versatility of the lips of Milan. “Each of the eight shades adds a shadow for both cheeks and lips (name),” he says. We advise you to heat the creamy model with our fingers before applying it to really melt on the skin alone, perfectly.

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