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The 11 best wedding TV shows you need to watch right now



There is nothing more fun than lounging on the sofa in front of the TV during the marathon of your favorite wedding program, whether it’s dressing brides-to-be in sparkling Pnina dresses. reality star performing married. they often link to drama specials with multiple episodes. (Yes, we’re talking about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries and that 72-day wedding.)

The wedding content has always been popular, but when TLC started broadcasting Say Yes to the Dress and found tremendous success, the bridal TV business exploded. Did you miss an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Bethenny getting married? There is something captivating about watching iconic reruns of the film and watching other newlyweds come up with their dream wedding.

Below, we’ve rounded up the 11 best wedding TV shows of all time for your next streaming or lazy Sunday. You may find inspiration for your big day on the small screen, but you’re more likely to learn what not to do before walking down the aisle. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Say yes to the dress

The 11 best wedding TV shows you need to watch right now

Say Yes to the Dress, one of the most iconic wedding reality TV series, is a TLC show about brides buying the dresses of their dreams. The original centers on the iconic Kleinfeld bridal shop in New York, and it’s impossible not to be enthralled when brides of all shapes, sizes and budgets try on one dress after another. The show has it all: family drama, bossy friends, budget problems, lots of sparks, occasional celebrity cameos from stars like Martha Stewart and Joan Rivers, and lots of tears. He introduced us to the designer Pnina Tornai and her dresses of her illusion of hers and Randy Fenol, who later started designing her own clothes.

Say yes to the dress: Atlanta

The original show was so successful that TLC developed a spin-off about Lori’s Bridals in Atlanta. Lori and her partner Monte di lei help southern brides find their perfect wedding dress.


Celebrate weddings

At the top of the Say Yes franchise was Four Weddings, in which a motley group of four brides attend each other’s weddings, judging the decor, food, dress, and overall vibe of each wedding. . In the end, the party with the highest total score wins the honeymoon of her dreams.

90 days boyfriend

This cult-favorite TLC reality show is about long-distance couples (given the distance between the other part of the world) who have to decide whether they are ready to marry in order to get a visa to live for a partner. United States. Since its debut in 2014, 90 Day Fiancé has become a smash hit (and spawned more than a few memes), and while many couples haven’t stayed together after their first cohabitation, others are still married!

Married at first sight

Would you marry someone you’ve never met? This is the premise of this popular series, where the “experts” meet complete strangers, only to meet in the corridor at that fateful moment. They have two months to decide if they want to break up or stick together. What an experiment!

Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event

Nobody organizes a wedding like the Kardashians, especially Kim. Her short-lived marriage to athlete Kris Humphries has been treated in terrible detail in a two-part series for E !, which you can still stream today, despite the fate of the marriage. (Her marriage to Kanye West was also shown, but in a less glamorous way.) “Fairytale weddings” are full of drama; her sisters don’t like Kris, Kim is suspicious and things don’t go as planned. But in the end they got married and the marriage was as overwhelming as you can imagine. In any case, it’s a nice walk in the memory.

Honest with the wedding David Tutera

The 11 best wedding TV shows you need to watch right now

This series that gave birth to David Tatera’s party and a wedding interior line is a Tutera festival designer, who helps stressed brides and groom to give life to their dreams. David transforms the catastrophes with beauty with him experts and professionals of him. The program was originally presented in us.


Bethenny gets married?

The 11 best wedding TV shows you need to watch right now

The real housewives of New York Ster Bethenny Frankel weren’t really a housewife; She was divorced from the beginning of photography and remarried in 2010 when her wedding Jason Hoppepen was shot as part of the Spin -ff series, Bethenny was married? This eventually became Bethenny, although the show did not completely get up as home-and her wedding, which ended in 2013.

Disney’s Fairy -al Wedding

The 11 best wedding TV shows you need to watch right now

For some people, Disney is the last for true love and romance. This Disney+ Reality Show speaks of proposals and weddings in Disney parks and how the mouse experiences Cinderella (or the sleeping beauty of Belle or Tiana …) to live for couples loved by Disney.

I found a dress

Say on the franchising yes, I noticed that the costume was a program of reality for the brides attentive to the budget that were looking for a perfect dress and a perfect contract. It focuses on the Boston -Boston salon, in which brides can wash a little less at the jaw prices than the signed clothes. If you want to dig a contract, I noticed that the suit is the best correspondence.

The wedding of my famous group

It is likely that you have checked the famous weddings when you plan your big day or simply because you are curious to know how the stars bind the intersection. Celebrity Dream Wedding Units Designer of the Atlanta Festival with couples to create budgets to create a celebration inspired by celebrities with a fraction of costs.

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