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A bold cat eye is the biggest fall makeup trend



A bold cat eye is the biggest fall makeup trend

It seems that cat eyes have been a makeup trend since makeup has been a form of self expression. So much so that we are not sure if it is still right to define the look as a “trend”. So many people have adopted this glamorous look as a daily staple and have worn it before going to work or dinner.

“Bold cat eye is an all-time classic that dates back to old Hollywood glamor, when eye makeup was more important than lips,” says New York-based makeup artist Norah Salazar. “Stars from Adele to Nicki Minaj always sport their bold cat looks, from skinny like Ariana Grande to bolder like the recordings of iconic singer Amy Winehouse.”

But this fall it’s not just about smooth, black wings. The cat’s eye you will see throughout the season (such as the Altuzarra, Eckhaus Latta and Collina Strada catwalks) will be bigger, with brighter colors, fresher shapes and lots of extraordinary looks.

“Cat eyes get bolder, using bright colors and smokier than traditional liquid liners,” says makeup artist Emily Amick.

How bold has cat’s eye become a trend for 2022?

A bold cat eye is the biggest fall makeup trend

Fox and other models walked the LaQuan Smith runway wearing black eyeliner smudged into a very long cat eye with red eyeshadow that ran down the crease of the eyelid. Between the blotchy red and black was a smoky brown shade that helped tie everything together.


Color also played a major role in Christian Siriano’s Fall / Winter 2022 show, where models sported cat-eye layers and a bright, almost neon blue that was on smooth black film. “Mixing and matching mountains has been a trend for some time,” explains makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo. “Using a bright or light colored liner directly on top of or on top of a black winged liner can look good and create a double-wing effect.”

Another fun way to use color is to add it to the inner corners of the eyes instead of layering it in layers like in the Emporio Armani Fall / Winter 2022 show. Makeup artist Linda Cantello used bright shades of pink to add to the look. Cantello also added a touch of glamor to the look with small rhinestones sprinkled between the black lining.

In addition to using fun colors, you can also play with the film format to create something new and interesting. Take Molly Goddard’s Fall / Winter 2022 runway, for example. Makeup artist Thom Walker created a super sleek cat eye that pulled out instead of straight up for a retro look with a modern twist.

How do you make a bold cat eye?

A bold cat eye is the biggest fall makeup trend

Whether you are a natural beginner or a true beginner, the pros have shared some tips and tricks for creating a flawless cat eye. “It may look beautiful with your eyes closed, but if it doesn’t look the way you want it when it’s open, you’re missing the point.”

Makeup artist Lynn Simpson also recommends using a waterline to get the right angle. “From the outer corner of the lower eye, she uses a straight or angled brush like the Luxie 215 to print the border,” she explains. (We also love Best of Beauty Award Winner Merle Norman Cosmetics # 2 Eye Brush.) “Tilt the brush from the lower lashline to the end of the browbone to get a perfect angle with both eyes.”


Gilleo says true beginners may want to use a folded handkerchief as a guide, tilting it as if it were an extension of the lower lashline.

If you’re adding shadow to the inner corner of the eye for the Emporio Armani look (or Zendaya’s photo above), Simpson says a flat eyeshadow brush is essential. “It’s small and flat, so you have every chance to put the color exactly where you want it,” she says. Allure loves Monika Blunder Beauty Hybrid Cream Brush, winner of Best of Beauty.

Professionals recommend using a gel or liquid liner like MAC’s Fluidline or Stila’s Stay All Day to get the job done.

How can I remove the eye of the bold cat?

In addition to corner brushes, fabrics and coating guides, creating artists close to cleaning tools. “This can help you clean all the errors along the way and therefore help you make the line even more clear.” Salazar says that this can be done with a touch of micellar water or a foundation.

If you are not useful in the Q-Tip, Gilleo says that this can also be made clarified the corrector, such as the tarte-shaped ribbon. ALTER also likes to win the beauty Laura Mercier Secret Mimeflage and the real duo.


“Be brave and unique with your cat’s eyes, play in color,” says Salazar. “When we enter the autumn, the eye of the courageous cat perfectly shows the expression of the explanation. The eyes extends and increases the size.”

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