13 best fashion magazines in the world

If fashion is your hobby, you probably always keep an eye on the best fashion magazines. In addition to brunches and parties, lounging on the sofa with a good fashion magazine is another favorite activity for many. Plus, there’s no better digital app than flipping through the silky pages of your favorite magazine. Before the birth of the fashion influencers of Instagram and YouTube, publications such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan were the source of new outfit ideas. They remain one of the best sources for celebrity columns and lifestyle updates. Scroll up to see our list of the hottest fashion magazines!

The most famous fashion magazines in the world


13 best fashion magazines in the world

Vogue was first published in 1892 as a weekly that slowly grew to become a fashion magazine. Acquired by Conde Nast Publishers in 1909, the focus was on women. It started to grow (albeit homosexual), with some rubrics for women. Anna Wintour took over in 1988 and was a turning point for Vogue. With 11 million subscribers and 23 countries, she continues to dictate the world of fashion and its trends.


13 best fashion magazines in the world

Elle is a French magazine founded in 1945 that focuses exclusively on women’s fashion. It means “he” or “his of hers” in French. After a few years of publication, a campaign slogan began that translated to “When you read, read Elle,” which gained popularity and slowly morphed into the giant it is today. Born in the United States, Elle is now published in 44 countries, with an emphasis on fashion and everything that women passionate about.

Harper’s Bazaar

13 best fashion magazines in the world

Founded in 1862, Harper’s Bazaar is the first American fashion magazine aimed at the upper middle class by publishing refined, informative and inspiring content. Publishers cover exciting content from the latest trends and catwalks to fashion updates in both casual and high fashion. It has gone from a weekly publication to a monthly magazine and is now featured on blogs and other digital platforms. The magazine is based in New York and is published in 32 countries.


13 best fashion magazines in the world

Cosmopolitan, otherwise known as “Cosmo”, stays true to its name by posting content aimed at women around the world.  It started as a family magazine in 1886 and slowly grew into a lifestyle magazine in the 1960s. The magazine underwent a makeover when Helen Gurley took over in 1965 and published groundbreaking content on fashion, sex, relationships, feminism, and anything considered taboo. “Fun Fearless Feminism” became the theme of the magazine. The brand has spread like wildfire and started flying from the stands like no other – and continues to do so.

BoF – Fashion trade

13 best fashion magazines in the world

Business of Fashion is really an old magazine founded in 2007 by Imran Amed. He’s the newbie on the block, getting huge subscriptions and loyalty in a short amount of time, from students, editors and stylists to anyone who truly believes in fashion. BoF focuses on authoritative content and whose agenda is aptly named “The Economist of Fashion”. If you are a fashion lover interested in inside stories about creating real fashion trends, establishing models and influencing the economy, BoF is the magazine to get your hands on!


13 best fashion magazines in the world

Founded in 1972, W is an American magazine known for its authentic and inspiring content on culture, fashion, celebrity news, lifestyle, etc. It is yet another giant acquired by Conde Nast publishers in 2000 and is led by Stefano Tonchi. It is known for content that most magazines tend to avoid. That is why it has gained popularity, and that is also why it has been unleashed on controversial columns and features.


13 best fashion magazines in the world

InStyle is not only for women, but also for anyone interested in lifestyle and fashion. It is one of the few in-depth articles known for its hard copy and blog. Ariel Foxman, who joined InStyle 25 years ago, was a content producer until Laura Brown took over a few years ago. InStyle is present in 16 countries and distributed internationally. If you need celebrity styling tips, hairstyles, lifestyle choices or fashion tips, turn to InStyle!


13 best fashion magazines in the world


Allure is an American magazine and brand that primarily focuses on women’s beauty, health, and wellness. It is an in-depth article that will not be new to anyone visiting a newsstand. Founded by Linda Wells in 1991, Allure has undergone a revamp in the coming years in terms of cultural content and important (but simple) details like dimensions, etc. Allure has an average of 8 million online viewers and over 5 million subscribers. has enjoyed consumer confidence since its inception.



Elisabeth Dijan founded Numéro in 1998 with the aim of creating content and raising standards to meet the needs of smart, smart and intelligent women. Covering fashion, lifestyle, design, music and art, it remains one of the most influential publications since its inception.


13 best fashion magazines in the world

Founded by Cecilia Dean, V was born in 1998 as a limited edition magazine that published quarterly fashion and lifestyle content. It has four seasonal publications which mainly cover the changing trends in culture, music, fashion, etc. Stephen Gan was known as the magazine’s visionary creative leader, encouraging the free reign of artists and fashionistas and bringing unique voices through groundbreaking columns and imagery. that otherwise would go unheard. With over 3 million subscribers, the search for their unique stories continues to grow.


13 best fashion magazines in the world

Grazia, the Italian leader in fashion and lifestyle, published its first edition in 1938. Unlike most magazines, Grazia uniquely combines fashion, lifestyle and art with current affairs, news and economics. The unique approach has gained a sophisticated and dynamic readership in both digital and offline communities. It has spread to five continents, 20 editions and has a total of 35 million readers. Grace continues to bring unexplored topics and unravel stories in a way you can’t find anywhere else.

Marie Claire

13 best fashion magazines in the world

Evelyn Prouvost, a fashion legend, founded Marie Claire in 1937 to explore her insatiable curiosity for culture and lifestyle. She captivated readers right from the start, with her first edition selling over half a million copies and the second one doubling that number. The magazine was not only about fashion, trends, culture and art, it was also the voice of women in the rapidly changing postwar times. You have combined fashion and responsible journalism and aroused people’s interest. It has since continued to grow and is currently distributed in 35 countries and 24 languages.

Vanity Fair

13 best fashion magazines in the world

Another magazine and another big one under the aegis of Condé Nast! It began in 1913, lasted two decades until 1936, and was revived in 1983 when Conde Nast took over. Vanity Fair has over the years the leadership and guidance of legends, which explains its originality and unmatched standards. It is appreciated by industry experts, new age bloggers, fashion enthusiasts and anyone interested in lifestyle, art and fashion.

While the internet is the new place to keep up with fashion trends and get new clothes ideas, there is still a long way to go before you can beat the best fashion magazines on the market. The cover-to-cover experience of flipping through magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Fashion Issue and BoF curated by the best creative minds is something you can’t get from smartphone screens. Leafing through premium pages like silk has another luscious, luscious allure that can’t be replicated online. The quality of the work and the aesthetics of the presentation distinguish the best magazines in the fashion world from the others.

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