Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

For every celebrity whose style you’ve admired in the past year, a team of talented professionals worked behind the scenes to create outfits that turned these stars into complete fashion icons. Talented designers have come up with bespoke clothing and accessories that will undoubtedly point to that big “wow” moment. How about those easy combinations of sweaters and jeans? They are born from the spirit of hardworking designers who ensure that each piece is a perfect match.

But as we look to the future, we know that enjoying these looks isn’t enough. The whole industry could benefit from the change by adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. There’s no shame in imagining and using what’s already in your closet, and when you’re shopping it’s worth doing your research and supporting brands with your goals.

And where to start? We will have a solution by 2022. Selected as part of our December issue of “Voices of Style”, the featured designers and stylists spark a conversation about sustainability, representation and haute couture – and creating irresistibly beautiful outfits. while they are there.

Pier Paolo Piccioli

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

Valentino’s creative director is loved for his lively and upbeat design and has repeatedly crafted the kind of fashion we want to see emerging from the global pandemic – bold and beautiful styles that make us dream of wearing them. Cherry on the cake? Everyone from Zendaya to the Met to A-list fans (Whoopi Goldberg, Carey Mulligan and Normani to name a few) can see his vibrant creations in nature.

Telfer Clemens

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

Strong demand for Clemens’ vegan leather tote bag in 2020 (aka “Bushwick Birkin”) has taken his Telfer brand, which he launched in 2005, to a whole new level. But this year the streetwear virtuoso has consolidated his position thanks to collaborations with big brands such as Converse and Ugg and the transition to television. “I love that people find me now,” Clemens says.

Becca McClaren-Tran

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

Founder of the inclusive brand Chromate, pioneer of fashion diversity. The conversation is moving behind the camera and behind the scenes. It is imperative to involve decision makers [from different perspectives]. ” The brand continues the conversation with swimwear: “Swimsuits have been a big target for Chromate because a piece of clothing has an impact on how people think about themselves. We want to turn something full of uncertainty into a garment that celebrates the whole body in some way. ”

Daniel Roseberry

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

Lizzo, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga, Zendaya on our cover: all the hottest celebrities wore Roseberry’s extraordinary creations for Schiaparelli this year with great fanfare. But even without the weight of his clientele, the couturier’s work is itself a high art, thanks to the combination of bold surrealist references and gravity-defying silhouettes.

Harris Reed

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

The pupil of London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins has received great praise for adopting a gender-specific line for her luxurious and romantic catwalk collections (and this fall for co-marketing with British jeweler Mis soma). He has also gathered a large number of admirers, including Solange, Harry Styles and the legendary model Iman.

Gabriela Hearst

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

Since starting his self-titled record label in 2015, he has quietly built a reputation as a producer of eco-friendly luxury products. Now, as Chlo√©’s new creative director, she takes her caring sensibility to a wider stage, reinventing the feminine aesthetic of the legendary French house (think more free-spirited than brash) and pushing for sustainable practices (the brand has just certified B Corporation , a designation that requires careful consideration of a company’s social and environmental impact).

Grace Wales Bonner

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

In a time of overexposure, the shy founder of Wales Bonner, a prominent press, more often than not lets her work – a carefully crafted mix of traditional European tailoring and Afro-Atlantic influences – speak for itself. The message we get? We want almost everything he puts out.

Rich fresh

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

The tailor, designer and self-made man is relatively new to the scene, but with his ruggedness and structured fit, he is sure to become a household name. My brother and I were talking about starting a [mask] business when the pandemic broke out. No one else thought it was a good idea, but I expected it to be a hit from day one, that’s why I invested so much in it! We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but it’s exciting to know you’ve built something with the family.

Emily Adams Bode

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

Bode’s brain constantly sets the standard for green fashion by producing his collections in small batches from recycled vintage fabrics. And while it’s officially considered menswear, its gender-bending attire is endorsed by fashionistas of all genders – just look at Lorde, who was arguably one of the best-dressed guests at the Met Gala this year with a custom Bode jacket, skirt, and headgear. .

Wayman + Micah

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

The duo responsible for Regina King’s extraordinary wardrobe is the dream team of Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald, who started last year with the goal of making their customers’ fashion more carefree. “We wanted to convey joy through colors, silhouettes or accessories.” Of all the looks they wore in 2021, the couple’s favorite look was King’s futuristic one-shoulder Louis Vuitton dress at the Golden Globes (above), which they believe perfectly captured the essence of the actor-director.¬† “It was like armor, but it still radiated femininity and reflected the Queen herself.”

Law Cockroach

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

“I want to use my platform to amplify voices and inspire young creators who are like me,” says Roach, who describes himself as the only visual architect. The flamboyant red carpet styles of Zendaya and Kerry Washington we live with are a testament to her ability to make headlines.

Jason Bolden

Designers and stylists who defined fashion in 2022

The recipient of this year’s Voice of Style award at the In Style Awards is committed to fashion that surprises and delights. You’ve had an amazing year styling stars like Cynthia Erivo, Yara Shahid and Angelina Jolie. What does it mean for you to become the Style Voice of 2021? “It’s more than just a party. For me, this is an opportunity to draw attention to people who are like me and who have always been told that style and fashion are beyond our reach. This is a mirror of reflection that lets people see themselves. ”

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