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9 of The Most Stylish Party Season Jackets (men)



9 of The Most Stylish Party Season Jackets (men)

Jackets are an essential part of the male wardrobe. And there should be a wide selection of them for different situations. The trick when it comes to party season jackets is to find one that stands out in color or pattern, fits your body type, but isn’t too overwhelming. You can combine them with casual jeans or classic khaki; it all depends on the look you want to get and the place you intend to visit (friend’s house, club, etc.). Here are some of the most elegant men’s jackets.

1. Blazer

A blazer is a very versatile men’s outfit. You can use it in all kinds of places, such as weddings, bars and other gatherings. The best part is that it can be paired with different pieces like chinos and trousers. Nowadays, the trend is to pair it with jeans for a comfortable and elegant look.

2. Motorcycle jackets

These are skin-tight leather jackets with zippers. Due to the protective properties of the leather, they are preferred by motorcyclists. Biker jackets usually have a large front zip with fairly wide lapels; some even have a built-in waist belt. They look great with black boots and black jeans and are the perfect choice for those who want a sharper look.

3. Harrington Coat

The Harrington jacket, also called a golf jacket, is made of a lightweight, waterproof material and features a zipper on the front. The loose cut makes it the preferred choice for those who want to be physically active and look elegant. It can be worn under a ribbed sweater or polo shirt. It would be a suitable choice of jacket if you are going to an outdoor party.

4. Bomber jacket

The bomber trend has gained momentum in recent years. It is roomy enough in the sleeves but tighter around the wrists and waist. It is comfortable enough to wear over a t-shirt in spring and a hoodie in winter. So, if you are looking for a trendy and light alternative to party wear, this could be it.


5. Suede jacket

A suede jacket is basically a leather jacket with a rough finish. They have a classic and timeless style, so you will find them mostly in shades of brown or dark brown. The suede jacket trend grew in the 1970s and has recently made a comeback. If you’re planning to buy one, remember that suede takes a little more care than traditional leather, but it’s worth it.

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6. Pea coat

Originally, sailors of the European and American navies wore a cabin, which has not undergone major changes over time. Modern pea coats have a double-lined wool fabric structure. They are short in length and have a wide collar. As it fits snugly, it looks best buttoned up. It is an ideal outfit for an outdoor winter party.

7. Work jacket

A sports jacket is traditionally known as workwear. It is a loose jacket with many pockets and a pointed collar. It is usually made with durable fabrics such as twill and duck cloth. However, modern menswear designers have developed their own take on this classic. You can look to Comma des Garcons and Ralph Lauren for a better fit.

8. Field coat

Field jackets are very versatile men’s garments. They can be worn with anything from sweaters and cardigans to t-shirts and seraphs. Neutral colors like navy blue, brown and olive green go well with almost any wardrobe. The features that distinguish this style of jacket are the chest pockets, the side pockets with flaps and the cufflinks. Check out the field jackets from H&M, Barbour, Gap and J-crew and you’re sure to find something suitable for your next party.


9. Trucker jacket

A trucker jacket is a denim jacket with a certain style; it is slim, cropped at the waist, has a pointed collar and buttons on the front and sleeves. Most trucker jackets are denim. However, you can also find them in other materials and colors. It’s a classic American piece and can be worn at parties if you don’t want a strictly formal look.


Designers are developing new styles of men’s jackets to meet the demands and expectations of consumers. Then browse their collections to find the most stylish party jacket that suits you.

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