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If You’re Under 5’4, Bookmark These 20 Stores That Sell Petite Clothing




If You're Under 5'4, Bookmark These 20 Stores That Sell Petite Clothing

Buying little women’s clothes can present unique challenges. Details like decorative trouser hems or details on the sleeves, while thoughtful, make it difficult to size the garment for the smaller looms. And frankly, it quickly gets boring (and expensive) to pack clothes off the shelf to get the right fit.

To alleviate the misery of 5’4 “and younger, we’ve rounded up some of the best boutiques for trendy clothing tailored to your height and shape. Whether you’re looking for pencil skirts, wide-leg jeans, or robes up to feet, you can find your perfect fit in one of the shops below.

Browse our list of the best places to shop for small clothes.

  • ASOS
  • Mezzanine
  • Small studio apartment
  • athlete
  • Paige
  • Reform
  • banana state
  • Universal support
  • bad girl
  • emphatically


ASOS is simply a favorite for trendy underwear. In the small section there is clothing from dozens of brands for almost any occasion, from formal events to everyday basics to workout clothes and swimwear. Since one of our editing assistants, Emily Cieslak, is 5’5 “tall, she loves shopping at ASOS.

“ASOS has been my go-to site for last-minute events and Christmas shopping for years, with fast, affordable deliveries and free returns if something isn’t right,” says Cieslak.



Anyone with a petite figure knows that it can be very difficult to find work clothes that fit well. Blazers look too big and pants swallow your frame. Instead of shopping in the tween section, turn to the modern work and weekend wear brand Loft, which specializes in small pieces of clothing. Find timeless pieces and elegantly interpret seasonal trends on this easy-to-navigate site. You can get style inspiration by reading the site guides or looking for a personal style. If you’ve given up on blazers and pencil skirts, try Loft.

“Personally I’m 1.80”, I’ve always been away from pencil skirts until I found an olive green number from Loft that really hit my legs in the right place, “says Cieslak.” I also found mine. first boy. jeans in the shop, which leads me to believe that yes, the little ones can wear the backpack style. ”

Small studio apartment

Finally a website that talks about fashion on a small scale. Petite Studio aims to solve the problem of inconsistent sizes in fast fashion by making pieces for small frames, but also making fewer pieces at a slower pace to avoid waste and pay attention to detail. You can stock your entire wardrobe as the site sells outerwear, sweaters, dresses, tops, and pants. If you’re looking for dresses that can be tough on short girls, like long coats and midi skirts, check out Petite Studio’s trendy selection.


Believe it or not, fitness and sports clothing can also be found in small sizes. Within each category of the site, shoppers can select “small” directly from the drop-down menu, allowing them to quickly filter while browsing. It’s definitely the easiest way to find leggings that don’t accidentally scratch the bottom. In addition to leggings, you can also buy sportswear and travel suits in small sizes, because let’s face it, buying these products is not easy even when you are small.


If you are ready to invest in a famous pair of jeans that will last for years, this is the first place to go. Paige offers a complete collection of petite jeans, which means that not only do the models have the shortest internal seams, but everything from the size of the pocket to the color arrangement is adapted to smaller frames. You can choose from a variety of washes, cuts and even maternity pairs to fill any gaps in your jeans collection. For questions about the size you can always contact the team.


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Kelly Ripa (who’s only 5’3″) wears dresses from Reformation all the time. The “Don’t Call Me Cute” collection adapts the brand’s best-selling styles for the perfect petite fit. Just the right length with adjustable features and fun prints that don’t weigh down the structure Or if you’re more into overalls, you can find versatile styles with a modified inseam, so you don’t need to hem.The same goes for the brand’s denim, which ranges from basic patterns to bold prints.Free shipping and returns make this durable brand a favorite when trying out different outfits for our next special event.

Banana State

Endorsed by Meghan Markle, this brand is an A-level tool for office and casual wardrobe needs. And the fact that you can buy hundreds of pieces, especially designed for little ones, is just the convenience our work week needed. The brand pays great attention to detail, creating petite dresses with smaller pockets, narrower shoulders and proportionally shorter sleeves, as well as shorter pants and inseams. Whether your office attire is blazers, dresses and/or trousers, you will find the perfect clothes for you.

Universal stand

Universal Standard does not only include small sizes. The range of sizes and extremely wide fit means it’s wide, as the name suggests, from regular and plus to petite of course. From 4XS to 4XL, so many body types can look good in her minimalist styles. You can also buy various themed capsules on the site, which are packs of a few pieces that all go together and are sold at a discount.

Bad girl

The latest fashion trends may not always seem the most petite, but Nasty Gal is committed to bringing you the latest trends in petite sizes. When you see petite models on the site in oversized blazers and long coats, you realize that hey, I can wear those styles too in the right proportions. On the other hand, mini skirts and fitted dresses are where petite figures shine, and Nasty Gal offers bold styles to let loose at night. While the site doesn’t automatically offer free shipping, it often runs sales where you get free shipping when you spend a certain amount.



Little girls can browse the Petites section of Express for all the table clothes their hearts desire. The site offers shorter rise pants and higher knee positions, dresses with raised waists, necklines and sleeves, and shorter sleeves for shirts and jackets. Chi Li, author of The Petite Style Bible, believes Express has the most denim options for petites at reasonable prices. There’s also a handy guide at the bottom of each store page to answer any questions you may have, such as how to wear a long dress or drop your pants when you’re little.


Anthropologie offers just the right amount of sophistication with just the right amount of classic silhouettes and bold prints, so it would be a shame if it didn’t offer smaller sizes. Luckily, the entire little section includes nearly 500 custom versions of best-selling styles, so you can finally enjoy your favorites tailored to perfection. From funky sweaters to dream dresses, you can have fun in one smaller package.

American Eagle

You’ve probably loved this store since high school for a number of reasons, but one big thing makes it perfect for little ones: the ability to choose the length of your jeans. The size selection is not only wide (000-20), but each size also includes a short, regular or long choice, so even your taller friends will praise it. The same goes for sister site Aerie, where you can buy cropped leggings and sweatshirts. With American Eagle’s wide selection of stylish jeans and sportswear, you’ll never run out of pants.

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