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These 6 Editor-Approved Claw Clips Transform Bad Hair Days




These 6 Editor-Approved Claw Clips Transform Bad Hair Days

I laughed at nail clips when my mom used them in the 90s. Now I feel boring wearing something as mundane as a black rubber band behind my hair. With all the options, it can be difficult to tell what’s Does anyone still use regular ponytails? From what I see from friends, colleagues and celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, the answer is no. Claw clips have officially taken over.

“We went from a high bun to a bun and now the nails,” says famous hairstylist Laura Polko, who styles everyone from Emma Chamberlain to D’Amelio. “It’s the convenience: you can arrange your hair and look neat and when you take it off, it’s not frizzy.

just by looks and what actually holds your hair in place. Designers like Alexandre de Paris and Balmain Hair Couture have created high-end versions, while Amazon offers a variety of shapes, colors and sizes for a fraction of the price. To help you find the best clip-ins for your hair type, I interviewed celebrity hairdressers, beauty influencers, and collaborators at InStyle (we’re huge fans of the clip-ins here). I’ve also tried it myself to make sure they stay in place without pulling your hair out. We called Muiori’s Rectangular Nail Clips the best combination because they are the ideal combination of fashion and function – they lock your hair in, don’t pull and look exactly like those colorful clips you see in boutiques for double the price.

Forget about rubber bands and hair ties – the nail art below are the only hair accessories you’ll need.

  • Best of all: Muior Rectangular Claw Clips
  • Ideal for Long / Thick Hair: Kitsch Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Shaped Claw Clip
  • Best for Natural Hair: Shein 3 Pack Acrylic Hair Claws for Girls
  • Best banana clip: Nalodu hair claw clips
  • Best color choice: Canitor large claw clip
  • Best Pharmacy: Scunci No-Slip Grip Basic Claw hair clips
  • Best Mini: Anthropologie spotted mini hair clip set
  • Best Splurge: Emi Jay Super Bloom Clip

Best of all: Muior Rectangular Claw Clips

What we like: The sleek, durable and efficient clips are incredible value.

What we dislike: Some reviewers wish they were larger, but our test team had no issues with medium to long hair.

If you want makeup for all those expensive beauty salons you see in high-end boutiques, check out this Amazon value pack. InStyle store writer Caitlyn Martyn received this set for Christmas after her mother saw the same model in a boutique for a much higher price. “You get a lot for a pretty low price and the best part is that they’re really good quality,” says Martyn, who has fine (but lots of) hair. “I’ve stepped on them, lost them in the bottom of my bag, dropped them down the stairs and they look new. I love colors too.”

I tried the clip myself and immediately fell in love with its smooth shape and reliable grip. Walking or riding the infamous bumpy streets of Los Angeles, my flip wouldn’t budge. There is a hidden row of spikes inside which, along with the intertwined teeth, really dig into the hair but are soft. “These never rip or slip out of my hair,” says Martyn. While these aren’t the biggest cuts on the list, the size worked for both my long hair and Martyn’s mid-length hair. If your hair is long and curly, you may need a larger clip.

Ideal for Long / Thick Hair: Kitsch Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Shaped Claw Clip

What we love: You can turn it up to the waist with this elegant style.

What we don’t like: Skip this one if your hair is short.


For anyone wary of nail clips because she has long hair, try this jumbo beauty. “I love how big it is – its size alone allows it to securely hold my thick, almost medium-length hair, without any problems,” says Mary Honkus, editor of InStyle Commerce. “He even manages to keep my hair in place while I do things, not just do my makeup, which is nice.” Celebrity hairstylist Allie Ellis owns a set of jumbo clips because they work well on her curly hair and offer a “designer look” at a reasonable price. Honkus is also a fan of square and tortoiseshell designs. “I see it wearing it on a date or dinner out with friends because the design is fun but neutral and fits almost anything,” says Honkus.

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Best for natural hair: Shein 3-piece acrylic nails for girls

What we like: Even type 4 curls stay in place with this clip.

What we don’t like: The insanely low prices include the price of shopping at a fast-fashion brand with questionable business practices.

Shein gets a bad rap for low-quality products (and some very questionable business practices), but according to blogger Sanaa Brown, these clippers are strong enough to hold her natural Type 4 curls, as seen in her styling video. Read the reviews and you’ll find the same feeling – these clips hold up to thick hair. And for less than a gallon of gas, you can at least get nice hair in this economy.


Best Banana Clip: Nalodu Hair Claw Clips

What we like: Sleek yet powerful, this hybrid design is less bulky but not bulky.

What we don’t like: Paint can peel from wear.

Resembling a hybrid between a claw and a banana clip, this design takes up less space than others, but still offers exceptional grip. “I like how light this hair feels on my hair. It’s plastic and doesn’t pull or pull like any metal I’ve tried,” said Shannon M Bauer, senior beauty editor at InStyle. “They’re also quite big, so my hair is really sturdy, but not so big that it looks weird on my head.” Running from the office to events, Bauer needs a clip that can withstand some rumbling. “Because they’re plastic, I expected them to break easily, but I put them in bags and took them on the road, and they still kicked,” says Bauer. She noted that the paint will flake a bit on the nails, but your hair will likely cover any imperfections. The preset also includes four different colors, so you can rotate them.

Best Color Palette: Canitor Large Claw Clip

What we like: You can stock up on both colored and neutral shades.

What we don’t like: Product page size is inconsistent, so be prepared to zoom in or out.


Since she regularly wears nail polish, fellow Byrdie fashion editor Erika Reals wanted to stock up on some trendy options that wouldn’t break the bank. “Nowadays, I see clips that go for $30-plus a song, and it blows my mind,” Reals says. “I thought I’d try a different pack on Amazon that’s marketed as bigger because I have thick hair and see how it goes.” A year later, and they’re back. “I still use them all (none broken) and they keep my hair tied as advertised.” While the best suit only offers matte shades, these options range from shimmery neutrals to rainbow and come in medium and large sizes. Warning: While researching the product, we noticed that the sizes in the pictures and description do not match, so the sizes can be guesswork – luckily, Amazon has free shipping and returns if you need to return it.

Best for damp hair: Scunci No-Slip Grip Basic Claw Clips

What we like: These basic clips won’t slip even in wet hair.

What we don’t like: The rubber grips inside the chip work overtime.

Polko is a big fan of Scunc because they have clips for all hair types and textures. You can easily find them at the pharmacy in an emergency or as a cheap solution. And I agree; I bought this bundle at my local Target because I wanted some inexpensive clips that I could use in the shower while deep conditioning my straight hair. A rubber band ruins wet hair, but this clip holds saturated hair easily and comfortably. The rubber on the nails prevents slipping without pulling my hair. After a year of regular use, the clips are still strong and sturdy, although some of the rubber on the inside has come off, but still good grip.

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