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These Are the Best Places to Buy Dresses Online for Any Occasion



These Are the Best Places to Buy Dresses Online for Any Occasion

Buying dresses online can be a nerve-wracking endeavor, especially if you’re usually looking for a dress with a particular event in mind.

Thankfully, having so many options at your fingertips has never been easier. In Style spoke to New York designer Calvy Click, who has worked with dozens of celebrities and brands, to find out which retailers she turns to when she plans a last-minute event. The wide range of prices, designers and sizes made Nordstrom the best choice for this year.

Along with some of the biggest online providers, Click has highlighted a number of brands that will absolutely blow you away from their options. Don’t worry, we also have hair tips for ordering the right size, washing delicate items and even some tips for choosing styles.

Whether you want to follow a trend like spaghetti straps or cottage core dresses, or go shopping for a specific event, these are the best places to shop for dresses online.

  • The best choices
  • Best of all: Nordstrom
  • Best value for money: Amazon
  • Best for the holidays: Revolve
  • Best for cocktail outfits: Bloomingdale’s
  • Best Plus Size: Eloquii
  • Best for the job: M.M. La Fleur
  • Best motherhood: Asos Motherhood
  • Best stylist: fits fashion
  • Ideal for the holidays: shop bop
  • The best of sustainability: The Real Real

Best of all: Nordstrom

What we love: the wide range of sizes, prices and designers.

What we don’t like: The best shipping options are limited to people who have a shop nearby.


At this point, Nordstrom is almost known for its relaxed return policy, which is great news for those of us who are late when it comes to this job. There is no time limit, but if time has passed, they can choose to refund in the form of a gift card. That said, in addition to mail and in-store returns, they now offer door-to-door returns if you’ve set them up in advance. When it comes to shipping, Click likes Nordstrom because it offers urgent options and even lets you pre-order things in-store the same day, if there’s a location near you.

Now let’s move on to the good things: the selection. Nordstrom offers a wide range of brands online, including other well-known suppliers such as ASOS and Lulu’s. Their price ranges set them apart from other high-end retailers, as you can order the clothes in categories from $ 50 and under, all the way up to $ 7,000. They offer on-site adjustments, and basic options (like hems or belt adjustments) are even free for Nordy Club members.

Best value for money: Amazon

What we like: We like low prices and fast delivery.

What we don’t like: Quality

See, everyone knows that Amazon is pretty much the best when it comes to getting things fast and cheap. One of our favorite things about dresses in particular is that they provide great keyword searches, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, like prairie clothes. You can stack as many keywords as you want, and you probably always have more than 100 different options to choose from.


Then there is the price. You can always search by specific price ranges, but it’s generally very easy to find an option under $ 50. It’s worth noting that you can also get high-end designers like Rodarte and Elie Saab through their new luxury stores, but most are not available with Prime shipping. Amazon seems to find the lowest prices available, even from high-end designers.

Best for tonight: Revolve

What we love: We love the glitz and glam options, which range from Vegas night out to real day.

What we don’t like: When choosing XXL sizes, there’s only one page of options.

Revolve is one of those sites that you can spend hours browsing. They have so many brands, many of which I found on the site as well (oh hey, Faithfull the Brand and Loveshack Fancy). But the best part is that they have divided their clothing selection into many fun categories. They have everything from bohemian to embellished and sequined. Looking for one shoulder options? Check. Something super sexy like a bustier? They have a whole section.

Of course, you can also sort by price range, duration, occasion and others. While they have many price ranges for you to choose from, most dresses range from $150 to $500, which can be out of budget for many shoppers. That said, they offer a lot of sales.


Best for cocktail attire: Bloomingdale’s

What we love: They have a huge selection of styles and brands available.

What we don’t like: Many brands are prohibitively expensive for price or size.

Bloomingdale’s has a huge selection of cocktail dresses – we’re talking 14 pages of looks. The best part is that they have options to host many different formal or casual cocktail parties. Summer styles offer more sleeveless and cropped options, while winter dresses are made from thicker, decorative fabrics. Remember to sign up as a loyalist online to get free shipping anyway.

Finally, Bloomingdales offers a wide variety of brands. Trendy and timeless products from brands like Milly to BA&SH’s luxurious and flowing look. There are many design aesthetics to choose from.

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Best Plus Size: Eloquii

What we love: The fabrics are of high quality and offer different designs for different occasions.

What we don’t like: They charge for returns and shipping.

Eloquii really specializes in plus size dresses that fit really well. The fabrics are thick and high quality and offer a variety of styles and lengths. The best part is that they make really trendy options in plus sizes and take into account adjustable straps and waists.

While they have many neutral clothing options, they also offer tons of bold patterns and colors. Finally, they sell accessories like necklaces and bracelets in plus-size and full-length styles.

Best for the job: M.M. LaFleur

What we love: We love the well-made look and timeless features of each piece.


What we don’t like: They charge for returns and shipping.

Known for their well-made staples, MM LA Fleur is a great option for those looking for office wear that can be dressed up or down. In addition to looking completely timeless, many of the articles list body types that go best with certain outfits. These options range from “tall friendly” to “bust friendly”.

Many of these silhouettes are flattering on many body types and prioritize A-line cuts that are fitted but not revealing. Since these are for office wear, remember that dresses are available in a variety of neutral and dark shades that will look great even after a drink after work.


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