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10 Layered Bob Haircut Ideas For When You Want to Switch Up Your Signature Cut




10 Layered Bob Haircut Ideas For When You Want to Switch Up Your Signature Cut

Deciding whether or not to cut your hair can be a nerve-wracking decision, especially if you’re not sure how short to go.

But according to Raven Hurtado, hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, a layered bob is a good place to start. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you have thick, coarse hair, cutting it shorter will make it look bigger.”

On the other hand, if you have thin hair, hairstylist and extension artist Michelle Cleveland says that a layered bob can help give movement and lift your hair, as opposed to a one-length cut which is heavy and moves less if your head wobbles.

If a layered bob looks like this should be your next haircut, keep scrolling for inspiration from celebrities who also love the cut.

Thin Layered Bob

Jaime Alexander’s Bob layers add texture to the hairstyle. “This thin hair is playful,” Hurtado says. “The layers make the style feminine and soft, because Alexander’s hair is dark, the contrast of the layers makes the style airy.”


Jumpy Layered Bob

Tracee Ellis Ross’s weight definitely bounced! The layers of the cut give her curls more definition and frame her face. “Tracee looks great in this cut, the layers give her hair a lot of volume and the curly bangs soften her face,” says Hurtado.

A layered bob with a diagonal part

“January Jones’ short layered bob is sweet and chic,” says Hurtado. “It’s a classic and simple haircut with just enough body to give the bob some movement.” A diagonal section at the front of the hair gives it more shape and gives off a stylish and effortless vibe.

Wavy Layered Bob

Layered bobs don’t have to be straight, you can add curls like Michelle Williams to add texture. “Wrathy ends and waves make for a carefree look,” says Hurtado.

Layered Textured Bob

Cleveland admits he’s obsessed with it too! “The Union cut breaks up the dull, strong lines that come with a typical bob haircut by texturing the ends – this gives the look a worn and edgy look,” says the stylist.

60s layered bob

Rita Ora’s layered bob gives us a 60’s vibe. Added volume on top and fluttering ends below help frame Ora’s face and accentuate her jawline. “Since this hairstyle sits right above Ora’s shoulders and below her chin, it gives her an edgy look,” says Hurtado.


YouTube video

Finished Layered Bob

In this photo, Victoria Beckham is rocking a graduated bob, a cut with graduated layers at the back of the head and longer layers around the face. “This cut works well with Beckham’s silky thin hair because it adds volume to the back,” Cleveland says.

Colorful Layered Bob

Ciara looks stunning in her short blonde layered bob, and the color helps to add even more definition to the layers. “I love this look on Ciara because the length ends right at her jawline and really accentuates it and her strong cheekbones,” Cleveland says. “The layers allow the hair to move instead of being weighed down around the perimeter.”

Layered Bob with a Deep Side Part

Emma Watson’s layered bob features loose waves, tousled ends and a sleek side part for a playful, tousled look. “This is a great cut because you can use it with a side part to instantly add volume and soften the brow,” says Hurtado. “A deep, side-swept bob is sleek and sophisticated.”

Layered Bob with Bangs

Layered bob bangs are a great option for a center or side part, especially if you have an oval face. “Kelly Rowland’s layered bob is the perfect length for her features,” Cleveland says.

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