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These Are the Best High-Waisted Jeans, According to Celebrities and Stylists



These Are the Best High-Waisted Jeans, According to Celebrities and Stylists














Denim is an essential part of most people’s wardrobe and one style that everyone seems to be returning to, regardless of trends, is high-waisted jeans. They are a unique and timeless style that can look both vintage and modern depending on your style. Plus, these jeans can be easily put on or pulled down and go from weekend brunch to evening date.

That’s not to say that buying jeans is easy – finding the right pair is a journey in itself. To make the search easier, we talked to famous designers and looked for high-waisted jeans that offered quality materials, extended sizes, and a wide variety of fits and washes. We’ve found the best high-waisted jeans you’ll want to wear all the time.

Read on to see the best high-waisted jeans.

  • Levi’s Premium Ribcage straight ankle jeans by Levi’s
  • Everlane Curvy Spicy 90s Jeans in Everlane
  • Levi’s 724 high-waisted straight jeans by Levi’s
  • Frame The Original High-waisted ripped crop jeans
  • Lee straight ankle jeans with a high waist and relaxed fit
  • Re / Done 90s high-waisted baggy jeans on Re / Done
  • Nordstrom Topshop Jamie high-waisted black jeans
  • Levi’s 501 straight leg jeans by Levi’s
  • Everlane high-waisted jeans on Everlane
  • APC Seaside competition high waist wide leg jeans

Our choice

Levi’s Premium Ribcage straight ankle jeans

What We Love: Levi’s high point is loved by celebrities for its leg-lengthening fit.


What we dislike: The 12-inch inner seam can swallow small frames.

“Ribcage” is in the name of these high-waisted jeans for a reason: yes, they really do. This is the highest rise Levi’s has to offer and will make your legs look like miles long. As expected, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber are fans, so basically these jeans make you look like a supermodel and are supermodel approved.

Everlane Curvy 90s spicy jeans

What we love: With a modified hip-to-waist ratio, these jeans hug all curves.

What we don’t like: They are small, so order one size up if you are halfway between sizes.

High-waisted jeans are especially flattering for hourglass figures because they hit the narrowest point of the waist. These Everland jeans further enhance the effect with a modified hip-to-waist ratio, creating a snug fit around the hips and thighs. Sustainably made from Japanese cotton, this pair gives you a nice retro feel. The ankle length is great for shorter people who have to constantly hem their pants, but you can also buy straight legs with a regular inseam.


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 Levi’s 724 high-waisted straight jeans

What we love: These Levi’s give you a slim fit without being tight.

What we don’t like: If you don’t like stretch jeans, skip this one.

If you’re not a big fan of skinny jeans, these high-waisted jeans, while not quite skinny jeans, are a bit more skin-tight than most and still offer a sleek silhouette. Buyers love their super flattering fit and butt lifting effect. They also come in a handful of washes and lengths, so you can find the right fit whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between.

Trunk Le Original high-waisted ripped jeans

What we love: The cool denim and vintage fit make it look like you’ve saved the perfect pair.


What we don’t like: Sizing can be tricky.

Frame denim is loved by Gigi Hadid, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Karlie Kloss and many other celebrities. They are also simply a favorite of denim aficionados all over the world. The brand’s straight-leg boyfriend jeans are a classic because they look like the most perfect second-hand jeans, and this high-waisted crop has the same details, only with a slightly higher waist. Win you win.

Lee high-waisted straight leg jeans in a casual style

What we love: Get timeless high-waisted jeans at an affordable price.

What we don’t like: There are only two identical washes in the design.

You may have owned a lot of Lee jeans if you were born before 1997, and if you were born after 1997, you’ve probably discovered the brand after returning to TikTok. These Lee Riders are a super affordable pair of high-waisted jeans that we recommend you add to your cart ASAP. They are comfortable, wear well and have been in use since the 80s.


Re/Done 90’s High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans

What we love: You’ll look great in these ’90s chic baggy jeans.

What we don’t like: The loose fit can cover petite frames.

Many fashion editors and writers will tell you that their first expensive denim purchase was a pair of Re/Done jeans. It’s definitely a rite of passage. The brand has made a name for itself among the fashion crowd with jeans that look like they’re straight out of Alexa Chung’s 2000s editorial. With faded washes and delicate wear, these jeans are easy to style. However, these high-waisted wide-leg jeans bring the dream closer to reality, and trust us, they’re worth the splurge.

Topshop Jamie high waist jeans in black

What we love: These versatile black skinnys come in regular, high, and petite sizes for a universal fit.

What we don’t like: They’re small.


There’s a reason that black skinny pants are a part of every style’s casual outfit – they go with everything, they can be easily dressed up or down and they instantly bring freshness to an outfit. This Topshop duo is your next MVP. With a 10.75 inch addition, they’re not too long and the ankle-length length can easily be tucked into boots or paired with heels. Despite the tight fit, they have enough flexibility so that you don’t interfere with blood circulation while wearing them. Available in regular, petite and tall sizes, you can find the perfect black skinny.

Levi’s 501 Straight Leg Jeans

What we love: The timeless straight-leg jeans are easy to put on or take off.

What we don’t like: No stretch, so you’ll have to measure yourself to get an accurate fit.

Levi’s 501 jeans were first designed in 1873 and have stood the test of time with their simple design and quality construction. Saving the perfect pair of 501s is very difficult and time consuming; it can cover a handful of used stores over several weeks. Luckily, the brand has a pair of straight, high-waisted legs that you can easily add to your cart, no problem. Made from 100% cotton, the stiff material breaks down for a custom fit. We also think the button down is great because you’ll never notice that your pants are open. The straight leg goes with almost everything from sneakers to ankle boots.

Everlane Way High Jeans

What we love: Unexpected colors and a raw hem give these jeans a unique look.


What we don’t like: We like them short and long.

Famous Everlane fan Angelina Jolie probably owns these jeans, so that could really end our discussion. But there are other reasons why so many people recommend buying the famous Way-High Jean. First of all, the jeans have an unfinished hem that gives them a neat look. They also come in some eye-catching colors like light green, yellow and lilac. We also appreciate that they are made from organic cotton and also have a long seam for the lucky ones that last a long time. One of our editors is officially obsessed, she loves the way these jeans give her a little lift. “Not only did they hug my hips and round thighs, but they didn’t even leave a hollow space between my back and the fabric above my butt—a true denim miracle,” she writes.


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