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7 Black Work Pants That Will Elevate Your Back-to-Office Wardrobe




7 Black Work Pants That Will Elevate Your Back-to-Office Wardrobe

If you feel like you’ve forgotten how to dress in the office, don’t worry, we’re a little rusty too. But if there’s one essential thing we should invest in, it’s a good pair of black pants. These timeless trousers combine with many different tops and jackets, can be worn over or under and, if matched correctly, can also be worn outside the office.

“Black pants are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, from the office to going out,” says Dani Michelle, the celebrity stylist behind the Kardashians and Jenner’s looks. Today’s trousers go beyond classic leather and linen trousers. In the search for the best black work trousers, we look for versatile models, available in a variety of sizes and lengths and easy to care for (e.g. crease-free and machine washable fabrics).

Without further ado, here are the best black dungarees to buy right now:

  • Best value for money: Uniqlo Smart 2-way stretch ankle pants
  • Best wide leg: M.M. La Fleur The Milo Jean
  • The best short cut: Aritzia Wilfred Short pants without effort
  • Best Plus Size: Eloquii The Ultimate Suit Pintuck Pant
  • Best Petite: Loft Petite straight trousers
  • Best split hem: Fletcher Reformation pant
  • Best Skinny: J.Crew Skinny Pants

Our choice

Best ensemble: J.Crew Kate straight leg trousers in bielastic cotton fabric

What we love: They are easy to care for and style.


What we don’t like: There are no belt loops.

Loved by Meghan Markle, J.Crew is known for his timeless workwear for all body types, and these pants are just that. The straight, slightly shortened leg is neither too tight nor too wide and goes well with a variety of tops and shoes. The style features the brand’s signature front pockets for a sleek, contoured look. Made from responsibly grown cotton, the fabric is stretchy, breathable and machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about a high dry cleaning bill. They are available in standard, large and small sizes, so they are not needed.

Money: Uniqlo Smart 2-way stretch ankle pants

What we love: They are affordable and will last several washes.

What we don’t like: they are often sold out.

Personally, I love Uniqlo for its cheap, good quality, and forever lasting clothes (I’ve been wearing the same wide leg pants for five years). These simple pants give you the sophistication of straight leg pleated pants. The fabric is flexible, wrinkle free and machine washable. It also has a hidden elastic waistband for extra comfort.


Best wide leg: M.M. LaFleur The Milo Jean

What we love: Technically they’re jeans, but they look stylish like pants.

What we don’t like: they are big.

If you prefer jeans to pants, check out this “Better Than Denim” style from M.M.LaFleur. Although these pants are technically jeans, the loose silhouette and brushed denim make them look as shiny as the pants. Turkish two-way stretch cotton is stretchy and comfortable, ideal for sitting in the office all day. Anyone who started their work day with perfectly fresh pants and then comes out crumpled will be happy to know that these pants are wrinkle-free. And we can’t get past the hidden button on the hem that allows you to adjust the length of the pants. You can layer them up during the day and roll them up with heels in hand for happy hour.

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Best Cut: Cropped Pants by Aritzia Wilfred

What we love: Wide legs, draped fabric and lots of stitching.


What we don’t like: Crepe fabric is delicate and can tangle easily.

Cropped trousers are the best way to show off your shoes and work all year round, whether you pair them with boots or sandals. The wide legs of this style balance the hips and create a flirty vibe, while the knife pleats keep it sleek. Made from crepe, a draped crepe fabric with a matte finish, these pants are super comfortable and look more expensive than they are. Tall or short, you know that “cropped” pants can be too short or too long, which is why Aritzia offers this style with regular, high and short inseams for a true cropped fit.

Best Plus Size: Eloquii The Ultimate Suit Pintuck Pant

What we love: They hug your curves without opening your waist wide.

What we don’t like: There are no belt loops.

A little business with these sharp ribbed trousers from Eloqui. Customers say the fit feels tailored and hugs their every shape without leaving room at the waist. The stretchy fabric has a nice thickness that feels high quality, not bulky. With just a tap on the ankle, you can buy this model in regular, short and long.


Best Petite: Loft Petite Straight Pants

What we like: They hit shorter figures right at the ankles and don’t ride up too high.

What we don’t like: Black is the only color available.

Anyone 5’4″ or under (hi, me!) knows that shopping for purses can be a nightmare. Loft makes it easier with their small department, popular with shorter celebs like Kristen Bell. Their diamonds don’t disappoint, and this the style is our favorite. You also have internal slimming elastic pockets for convenient storage. Also available in petite sizes. and round, the Loft is true to size. Our only complaint is that Loft doesn’t make these great skinny pants in other colors.

Best split hem: Fletcher Reformation Pants

What we love: They strike the right balance between sexy yet sophisticated.

What we don’t like: You can’t throw them in the washing machine.


Split pants are all the rage lately, and while they’re great for the dance floor, this pair from Reformation is stylish enough to still be worn to work. The pants have a straight fit and a short split hem that shows just the right amount of leather. What’s the point of having a split in your pants, you ask? It’s great to show off your shoes, be it heels, boots or sneakers. Made in Los Angeles, these pants are made with less water and carbon dioxide. However, remember that it is recommended to wash them by hand. Did we mention they also come in petite sizes?

Pair it with: The slit shows off the studs of these strappy pumps perfectly.

Best skinny: J.Crew Skinny Pants

What we love: The soft fabric looks just like your favorite leggings.

What we don’t like: They’re small.

Think of these pants as your favorite black leggings or skinny jeans, but slightly bigger. Like skinny jeans, you can pair these pants with heels, tuck them into over the knee boots, or make combat boots your go-to. They are available in regular, petite and tall sizes.

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