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Consider These 6 White Button Downs the Foundation of Your Wardrobe




Consider These 6 White Button Downs the Foundation of Your Wardrobe

Of all the tops in your closet, a white button is the hardest to work with. The timeless garment goes well with almost any trousers, such as black trousers, for a business look, but easily transforms into a casual vibe with jeans or shorts when the weather gets hot. Get inspired by style icons like Carolina Herrara, who closes almost every show with a white buttoned skirt. “If I don’t know what to wear, I choose it,” Herrara once said of the bow. “I find it fascinating; she makes me feel safe.”

As this shirt is in constant motion, you have to love it, especially if you plan on showing off. To help you find the best white buttons to buy right now, we strive to find the best styles using stylists’ advice, first-hand product experiences, and reading customer reviews. We’re looking for styles made from durable, machine washable materials, with buttons that won’t come off and a variety of fits that look great on different body types and sizes. Lagarde shirt by M.M. with wrinkle and odor resistant fabric, knotless button design and universally flattering fit. LaFluer proved to be the perfect combination of form and function.

So button up or down with our best white button down shirts.

Our choice

  • Best Ensemble: M.M. LaFleur Lagarde Jersey
  • Best Value For Money: Uniqlo Rayon Long Sleeve Sweater
  • The most customizable: Misha Nonoo’s husband’s shirt
  • Best oversize: Banana Republic oversized poplin shirt
  • Best fit: Rochelle Behrens The Icon Shirt
  • Best Cut: Everlane The Way-Short Shirt

Best Ensemble: M.M. LaFleur Lagarde Jersey

What we like: This machine washable, wrinkle and odor resistant tee will easily accompany you from meetings to happy hour.

The Lagarde shirt stood out for its innovative design details, made to withstand the rigors of an eight-hour workday: creases, smells and loosened knots. Treated with a Polygiene, anti-odor finish, the polyester fabric does not trap odors, maximizing the time you spend wearing the shirt rather than throwing it in your burger. Not everyone likes synthetic materials, because they are less breathable than, for example, cotton, but the composition makes the shirt wrinkle-free, breathable and does not shrink. Plus, reviewers say it feels very luxuriously soft and has a good weight (it’s actually not transparent). An additional button on the chest prevents fraying, while a hidden button on the wrist makes it easy to roll up the sleeves on hot days when you want to roll them up. Offers a streamlined look with a tailored fit and no pocket design. Sure, it’s a little expensive, but considering how easy it is to care for and how long it lasts, we think it’s worth the investment.

Best Value For Money: Uniqlo Rayon Long Sleeve Sweater

What we like: Wrinkle-free and durable, this sweater offers great value for money.

What we dislike: The collar is see-through rather than an edgy shape.

While preparing for my first job right after college, I picked up a pair of these Uniqlo sweaters after trying the short-sleeved version on a previous internship. I wanted a versatile, professional-looking jersey that I could easily maintain without breaking the bank. This blouse falls on a T. It has a golden rooster motif: neither too tight nor too big. The slim fit worked best for my small build, as I can tuck it in at the bottom without the fabric puckering at the waist. Although the shirt had worked for eight hours, it never wrinkled. The lightweight fabric is comfortable on hot summer days. Above all, it is durable: three years later the shirt will still be as beautiful as the day you bought it.

The most customizable: Misha Nonoo Husband’s shirt

What we like: You can customize this T-shirt into a unique piece of clothing.


What we don’t like: You have to remove the pins before washing.

New York-based clothing designer Beverly Osemwenkhae recommends Misha Nono’s husband’s shirt to her clients and has a few herself. “I like surgery,” Osemwenkhae says. Instead of buttons, you will find tuxedo-style buttons in the metal of your choice. You can further customize the shirt by choosing a fabric (cotton, purple or linen poplin) and adding a custom monogram for $20. The price of the shirt is definitely higher, but if you’re looking for a sustainable subscription option, it’s worth it, worth the investment. Note: T-shirt takes up to 10 days to make.

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Best Oversized: Banana Republic Oversized Poplin Shirt

What we love: This oversized t-shirt manages an effortless look without weighing down your frame.

What we don’t like: Reviewers say the fabric can be a bit sheer.


Choose your next oversized cotton poplin. “The best fabric would be cotton poplin because it’s breathable, lightweight, versatile and easy to mix and match,” says Los Angeles-based designer Joanna Angeles.Dropped shoulders offer the perfect soft look without drowning your body in the fabric. The high slits on the sides make it easy to tuck the shirt into high-waisted pants, which can be challenging with a loose fit, especially if you’re wearing a size small. But to make sure the shirt fits everyone, the top is available in petite and tall sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

Best Fit: Rochelle Behrens The Icon Shirt

What we love: This t-shirt gives you the fresh look of a fitted cotton shirt without having to unbutton.

What we don’t like: You have to air dry it or the shirt will shrink depending on the brand.

I first read about this T-shirt online about 10 years ago when Rochelle Behrens introduced it as an original idea: a button that doesn’t accidentally show your cleavage, especially on a fitted T-shirt. I have a small chest, but I also had an open button. Now that I have a big girl job, I’m considering buying it.

LaFleur’s M. M. Lagarde shirt has an extra button to prevent it from opening wide, but this style has another internal button fastening to prevent it from opening and curling around the entire chest. It is also made of cotton, which you may choose instead of polyester for the breathability and fresh look of the fabric. However, you get a little bit of flexibility thanks to the nylon and elastane. And if you don’t want your bra peeking out, customers say the fabric isn’t see-through. It looks less silky and doesn’t have the same anti-odor technology, but at less than half the price of the Lagarde T-shirt, we think this model is a worthy contender.


Best Cut: The Everland The Way Short Jersey

What we like: You can change things up with this button-down version that still looks office-appropriate.

What we don’t like: The short cut may be too short for people with a long bust.

If you’re petite like me and like to wear short shirts to give the illusion of long legs, or like Hailey Bieber’s style, Everland’s Way Short Shirt might be for you. You still have the essential details of the button down, like the pointed collar and pocket, but with a shorter and more modern fit. Unlike many other cropped styles, this Hairstyle still looked professional because it is either too short or too tight.

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