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8 Reasons the Wii U is a Success



8 Reasons the Wii U is a Success

Was Wii U a hit? Based on many statistics, such as sales compared to other consoles, the answer is an unequivocal no. We understand this and can list 10 reasons why Wii U should be considered a failure. Yet somehow, despite the lack of games, bugs, and poor sales, Wii U has been an exciting marvel that has brought great things to the gaming space. Here are 8 ways Wii U is truly a great success story.

Exclusive copies

Report anything you want for Wii U shortcomings; is what you need to play nintendo games. Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda; you get it on Wii U and nowhere else. With solid third-party exclusives like Xenoblade Chronicles X added to the mix, there’s simply too much to lose if you don’t have Wii U.

The touchscreen is clean

The touch screen is just a really fascinating idea. It is a flexible controller that can be a rifle scope, a motion detector, and the easiest way to access the stock. While not many games have actually benefited from it, those who have embraced the technology have created fantastic and unique experiences.

Nintendo has a hold on the web

In some ways Nintendo is very smart, but at times the company seems like an expert idiot: it innovates brilliantly and fails miserably at its core. Online mode was Nintendo’s main weakness. Wii U started with exciting online features like Miiverse’s full social environment, an eShop that sells virtually every game available for Wii U, and support for online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Mario Kart 8 introduced quick encounters, and MKTV was a great way to share game highlights and even generate a fun Luigi meme online. With Splatoon, they finally created a game built entirely around online gaming that was just as brilliant and popular as their traditional sofa multiplayer games. It’s a brand new Nintendo.

Online it’s free

When Xbox introduced a full online system, critics fell in love with it. However, some thrifty users were upset that they also had to pay for something they received for free elsewhere. Sony has followed suit with the PS4, but Nintendo, always going its own way, doesn’t charge any fees for online use, whether it be for playing online, experimenting with Diverse or browsing the web. Critics often complain when Nintendo refuses to follow the industry’s lead, but in this case, that approach puts Nintendo over the top.


Still a family entertainment console

If you’re a college student who likes to spend hours blowing things up, the Wii U is obviously not your first choice. But just as people thought video games were just for kids, many older gamers now seem to almost forget how many small children actually play video games. And Nintendo creates great games for children. They also offer great games for parents to play with their children. And the Wii U has more of these games than any other.

Power-Shower – The games are great

Yes, PS4 and Xbox One are more powerful than Wii U, yet the best-looking Wii U games are just as jaw-dropping as other consoles. Watch Mario Kart 8 or Xenoblade Chronicles X; how much the power of the ps4 would improve them?

If it’s not about the graphics, it’s about providing a new experience, and that’s what Nintendo does. Powerful or not, until Microsoft and Sony innovate like Nintendo did, Wii U will be the most exciting console on the market.

It supports a wide range of games and operating systems

The video game controls were simple enough; you had some buttons and something to set the direction. So you have more buttons, buttons and triggers. So the Wii had gesture controls, which were quickly copied by Sony and Microsoft. And now Nintendo has added a touchscreen. This means that games can be controlled using the touch screen, buttons and buttons, motion controls or a combination of them. This allowed for a wide range of gaming experiences. No system has ever offered so many ways to play.

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Nintendo is at its best when it innovates

Microsoft and Sony have focused on the “same but better” model, but Nintendo has managed to emphasize innovation in its recent products. The Wii opened up a whole new approach to gaming, and Microsoft and Sony copied that approach. Without a doubt, Nintendo is weaker when they play it safe like they did with the GameCube. When they take a risk, magic happens. Although the Wii U hasn’t sold as well as its competitors, it’s still the coolest home console on the market.

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