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Check out the travel technology packed into the smart carry-on bag



Check out the travel technology packed into the smart carry-on bag

Check out the travel technology packed into the smart carry-on bag

Las Vega is full of bright lights and also bright sparks in January. This year, we attended the CES Technology Show and present this collection of smart bags to you. Get ready to raise eyebrows at the level of tech that’s in your luggage.

Ovis hands-free case

Robotics Company Forward X has developed a smart carry-on bag that rolls with you as you walk. It’s the world’s first AI-powered pod, using computer vision technology, artificial neural network algorithms and multi-sensor fusion that can avoid obstacles and keep moving alongside you – that’s how it works.

Put the smartband on your wrist and it will warn you if your case is more than six meters away. It also has a Quick-touch manual mode for use on stairs or escalators. It comes with a 93.6Wh removable battery with two USB ports for charging your phone or tablet.

It comes in four colors – white, black, silver and blue – and costs from $640.00

Samsara smart waist bag

This lightweight aluminum carry-on thinks it’s a laptop table on wheels. It is designed with a flat base to use as a desk. It can also charge a laptop and mobile phone (the latter up to 10 times). There are multiple organizational pockets inside to help you pack your stuff more efficiently, and dual locks keep it securely closed. It’s paired with a mobile app that lets you know where your suitcase is in real time, and even if someone opened it when you can’t see it.

A nice extra is that the light turns on when you open the case in the dark. It comes in two colors, silver and black, and costs $345.00 with free shipping.


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Modobag – a bag that transforms into a scooter

Modobag is hand luggage designed to transport you. At the touch of a button, it transforms into a battery-powered scooter, but it’s surprisingly light – 20 pounds – even though it has a lithium battery. It is easy to drive and comes with throttle, brake and steering with an easy to reach telescopic handlebar. And a padded seat. It has a side panel for storing a laptop and two 5V USB ports for charging devices.

How fast is it? With a top speed of eight miles per hour, it has enough cargo to keep you moving, enough to transport you from one end of the airport to the other. Price $1,495.00.

Scoocase – hand luggage that transforms into a scooter

This scooter is made of aluminum and has a sturdy compartment for hand luggage. It is quite nimble and can reach speeds of up to 15 mph and 15 mph on a charge. Scoocase has its own Bluetooth connected mobile app that displays speed, distance traveled, distance remaining at the current battery level, energy consumption, temperature, ballast or RPN (revolutions per minute).

The app also has a location on the map that tells you if you can reach your destination with the available battery level. The application also tells you if the case is divorced from you. Otherwise, the scooter part can be detached and used as a skateboard.

Travel case charges your device

More carry-on than hand luggage, fanny packs are travelers’ friends. Small enough to be portable and big enough to hold the essentials. Now they have become even more useful. This 100% wireless charging Ampere Side Pocket travel belt pouch has a built-in 13,400 mAh power bank with wireless input/output.


Tuck your device into a hidden pocket dedicated to a wireless charging power bank. It features waterproof zippers and outer shell, RFID blocking cover, padded back, wrist strap, power bank battery indicator window, key fob and pen holder.

The belt bag will be available in black starting January 18, but if you want it in yellow or navy, you can pre-order it for delivery in March 2020. Price $119.00

Luszol solar powered backpack

Miami-based company Luszol is a self-proclaimed solar energy innovator and renewable energy fanatic. They have developed a backpack with a built-in solar panel and a USB port for charging mobile devices. It has padded 15.6-inch laptop pockets for your smartphone, headphones and water bottle. They suggest it is great for school kids or frequent travelers.

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