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These 9 Stories Thrilled, Scared or Made Us Cry in 2022



These 9 Stories Thrilled, Scared or Made Us Cry in 2022

These 9 Stories Thrilled, Scared or Made Us Cry in 2022

We’ve ronded up our users’ favorite articles, videos and podcasts to cover the animal life of the coming year.

Big is the best description for 2022. Here at NewsExchange, we take a series of micro- and macro-measures to highlight many of the important things by talking to the guys who are home runs. books, selling books, and using guns cause insulin resistance.

As 2022 approaches, we’re taking a look back at what we believe is one of our most popular projects. This is a selection of 11 employees published throughout the year. Uggle for our freedom and life. But we still have a responsibility to think about it all.

At the Best New Restaurant in America, Healing Is Part of the Experience

Video by Sue Williams; By Colleen DeBass – On many occasions, Dana Thompson of the Owamani Country Club has seen customers come “sit at the table and scream.” We liked the restaurant’s “take away” menu statement.

9 Motivational Songs to Get You Through a Bad Work Day

By Victoria Flexner – When gets tough life, sometimes lift you to you have to pause. Sometimes, you just have to play music – and music that c the weight of the world. And it’s just an inspiring

America: Where Men Do the Shooting, And Women Bear the Brunt of Gun Violence

By Candice Helfand-Rogers – Gun violence is one of America’s gravest and gravest problems. We tried to gain a deeper understanding through this in-depth piece. Apparently, guns aren’t the only problem.


This Teen Founded a Book Club That Only Reads Banned Books

By Kate Brennan – Vandegrift High School’s Forbidden Book Club was launched by Ella Scott, as she tells us in this team’s favorite article: “We wanted to do something and get students involved and raising awareness about the issue of book censorship felt necessary.”

Eat More Crickets (Especially If Chocolate-Covered)

Podcast by Sue Williams and Colleen DeBaise – Yes, we’ve tried them – and yes, we love them! This heartwarming podcast tells the heartwarming story of the 3 Cricketeers foundation and its founders’ hope to fight the “ick factor” and save the world through eating.

A Trailblazer in Politics Steps Down

By Colleen DeBass – The 2022 midterm elections brought major changes to our country’s government. Is it worth noting? Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has decided to resign after 35 years in office. This is our best opinion of his work.

Buzzy Memoir ‘Acceptance’ Offers New Take on Resilience

By Maya Gengojian – In an afternoon session with NewsExchange, former Google employee Amy Nietfeld talks about the difficult path she took in life. Here’s what he says he experienced while working for the tech giant:

On Taylor Swift’s Music Video, and Society’s Ongoing Problem With My Body

By Candice Helfand-Rogers – A brief moment in Taylor Swift’s new music video leads to valuable self-reflection on body image, obesity and the ups and downs of living in a society with a narrow definition of identity. better.


Her Rideshare Company Only Uses Electric Vehicles

By Kate Bannon – When to Avoid the Effects of Climate Change | I want every possible way. That’s a big reason why we love the profile of this entrepreneur, Raven Hernandez, who has helped more than 300,000 environmentally conscious motorcyclists to date.

Who Can Become a Life Coach? Anyone. That Might Be the Problem

. By Corinne Lesch – We’ve seen them dozens of times on our social media – Life Coaches. But how do you become a life coach? And is there any oversight? This investigative article takes a long, hard look at the situation.

Millions ‘Can’t Afford to Live’ Due to Insulin Costs. These Women Want Change – Now

By Candice Helfand-Rogers – The right to life should not be a trade-off. But for millions of Americans with diabetes, this is the case. This article speaks to the many women who are trying to make a difference.

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