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The Best Adventure Travel Blogs Right Now



The Best Adventure Travel Blogs Right Now

The Best Adventure Travel Blogs Right Now

Over the past few years, many people have started travel blogging – some offering better content than others, to put it mildly. So without sorting through the thousands of adventure travel blogs on Google, we’ve discovered a few that really deserve your attention. Whether you’re a fanatical backcountry adrenaline junkie, a cautious city dweller who tries to get out into nature whenever possible, you want to teach your kids in a global school, or travel the world with your partner. Be and want to learn to live with everyone. After another two weeks neck here should be an adventure blog for everyone.



The Canadian couple behind The Planet D, Dave and Deb, live by the motto “Adventure is for everyone.” They don’t believe you need to be a super runner, an adrenaline junkie, or rich to be a sports fan, but you need something to make you want to achieve more. Both have extensive careers in film and television, but have also taken the time to travel to more than 115 countries on 7 continents, becoming a source of in-depth city guides, personalized travel tips and inspirational stories. . It all started when they signed up in 2008. The Tour d’Afrique, the world’s longest cycling event, makes touring a way of life for them, not just a holiday.


The Adventure Junkies blog is information dense and extremely broad in coverage and wants its readers to be “safe, secure and prepared.” It aims to make the outdoors accessible to all to encourage people to appreciate, understand and protect the planet’s ecosystems. Not only does the blog offer quality e-books, it also offers Rewild digital versions of magazines and a community forum called Summit where you can connect with other adventure enthusiasts. Content is organized into sections such as “climbing”, “riding”, “snow” or “hiking”, making it easy to find articles related to your specific outdoor interests.


As a Bronx-born Afro-Latina diagnosed with lupus, Olivia Christine Perez doesn’t know how to burn and longs to escape, or how to start a new life after hardship. o Her goal with Christine is to remind her readers that they can create a life they love despite their personal circumstances or challenges. She finds joy in traveling and well-being in the whole body and believes that everyone deserves to explore, relax, connect with the outdoors,


It’s been a pleasure to watch Cameron Martindale grow over the past few years from an avid traveler and equipment reviewer to an adventurous family traveler. His love and connection to the natural world is shown in a fair way, even though he gets the most dramatic scenes in the world, he never pretends to be. His Yonder blog is well organized, organized by continent first and uses categories such as Earth, Ice, Water and Air. For those of you thinking about a fun family trip with your kids, whether it’s backpacking, white water rafting, rock climbing or skiing as opposed to a week at Disneyland, this blog is a must. reading.


If your last name really is McCool, you better live up to the hype. He is doing it. Charles is a cross between a happy, no-nonsense father and a crazy uncle who has seen and done it all. His specialty is road trips in the United States and the Gulf Coast, but his blog, MacCool Travel, also features international content. His goal is to show travelers how to increase enjoyment and reduce stress on every trip. The great thing about his blog is that it is down to earth and very honest. He tells it in a way that does not cover it, so you can trust that when he is passionate about something, it is not because someone supports him.



Lauren Gay is an outdoor diva and wants to dispel the stereotype that POC don’t hike, fish, paddle, camp or ski. She is a mom who lives in Florida and following her blog you will realize that no reason — gender, skin color, kids — can keep you from going on a full outdoor adventure. She is a true foodie and shares her must-have recipes from around the world on her Instagram feed.


It is one of the most respected and popular blogs that encourage gay men to come out into the world safely and openly. Stefan and Sebastian, the couple behind Nomadic Boys, quit their careers in 2014 and have been touring the world together ever since. Their goal is to help homosexuals go more openly in the country than they thought possible, and by signing their books they help their readers. planning a safe trip, no matter what they know no matter how they know. . . . While they focus on food travel, they also devote part of their blog to travel.


Good Nature Travel is the blog behind Natural Habitat Adventures, the world’s first 100% carbon neutral travel company dedicated to seeing the world’s most amazing natural destinations with minimal impact. NatHab is also the official conservation travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund. Her informative and generally reliable blog is packed with the latest conservation news from around the world, eco-travel, interesting lessons about the natural world and more. If you care about the fate of the planet and love to learn, this blog is for you.


Have you ever wanted to ditch everything to race around the world on a motorcycle? Even Alan Carl. At first, he immersed himself in the corporate world as a designer, technologist and communicator, but in 2005 he went on a three-year motorcycle tour as He wrote a book: Forks A Quest for Culture Cuisine and Connecting. He’s great at sharing weapons with World Rider and hosts a great podcast. He is passionate about supporting UNESCO World Heritage sites with a portion of his book and DVD going to the cause. He also made an online bid for his expenses at the end of the trip and donated the proceeds to UNESCO.

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