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6 Best Car Chargers of 2022



6 Best Car Chargers of 2022

Best Pack: Scorched Revolt Dual USBC242M

When it comes to charging your smartphone (or other electronic devices) in the car, look no further than the Scorched revolt. The small size supports two USB 2.4A (12W) power supplies, which is enough to charge two full-size tablets at the same time. The higher power also means you get a slightly faster charge than standard car chargers. The Scorched is just under 2 inches and is slightly smaller than the height of a credit card. In fact, if we were to file complaints about this model, it would be reserved for all car chargers, regardless of price or manufacturer, one-way. It’s a frustration, but given its prevalence, it’s hardly a puzzle.

While a large number of cars manufactured today offer USB integration, the charging speed of a car charger only provides an output of about 1 amp, which is not enough to keep up with a modern smartphone, which reduces battery life at using Apple or Google Maps. . In this scenario, you will likely arrive at your destination with a less charged battery than when you started. Weighing only 0.8 grams, Scorched offers a product that charges your smartphone at the same speed as a wall charger. A cheap price, a reliable name, a small frame and bright blue doors that make it easy to plug in in the dark make scorched an easy recommendation for our best.

Runner-up, Best Overall Competition: Anker Road VIVA Alexa Compatible Car Charger

The Road VIVA is certainly one of the more expensive options on the list, but that’s because it’s more than just a charger. This little device is actually an Alexa-enabled smart accessory, offering a whole new level of control over your car’s entertainment and navigation experience. Just plug it into the console jack, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and get instant directions, make calls, stream music and more – just by asking Alexa. Viva’s built-in acoustic echo cancellation technology can isolate your voice from the background and accurately pick up what you say. And for those times when you don’t want Alexa to listen, just press a single mute button on top of the charger to mute the microphones.

But this unit is still a charger on the inside and Viva is among the best in terms of speed and power. The USB ports are made with Anker’s patented Power technology, bringing you fully charged devices at lightning speed. And the double door design allows you and your passenger to connect at the same time.

Best Budget: Anker Power Drive

Each USB port delivers 2.4 amps, so you can charge two devices (smartphones, tablets and even MacBook’s) at the same time. Weighing just 1.6 ounces and measuring 3.4 inches in length, this model appears to be “bigger” than our other top picks.

No bells and whistles, GPS location, but the 10-foot cable is long enough to stretch all the way to the back seat. If you are looking for something simple, affordable and ready to go, then you should immediately mention this Anker Power Drive 2 24W Dual USB car charger model. I want to pick it up to have an extra car charger in the house if nothing else.


Best for the Back Seat: Belkin Road Rock star

Belkin Road Rock star voted for the best back seat charger. This 7.8oz product has a combined 2.4A in the front and two separate 2.4A ports for the rear seats via an expandable USB hub. Together, these two separate hubs ensure that they all have charging capabilities.

When designing the Rock star, Belkin probably had tablets in mind, as the rear-seat chargers are designed more for tablet use thanks to the separately added 2.4A USB ports. Charging smartphones is also great, but the original intention was clearly to increase the battery life of tablets in the back seat. It would have been ideal for Belkin to consider the amp larger in the front passenger’s payload as well, rather than separate.

Best For Families: Jelly Comb 6-Port 65W / 13A Lightning Car Charger For Cars

With blazing fast 65W fast charging supporting up to six of your devices, there is no better car charger for your family than the Jelly Comb. One of its most unique features is its intelligent recognition technology which recognizes your device and distributes the maximum possible charge current of 2.4A per USB output.

Jelly Comb is built with families in mind. It is made of industrial grade material with high class circuit making it reliable in safety and performance. Kids in the back seat don’t have to worry about stretching, as the Jelly Comb comes with a 3.3m adapter cable to ensure everyone can charge. And don’t worry about compatibility issues: Jelly Comb offers universal compatibility with all USB devices (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, tablets, sports watches and more).

Best 2 in 1: Nekteck Type C Car Charger

Whether you are a road warrior or a student who needs fast charging, Nek tech is equipped with a Type-C input port for fast charging of the latest iPhone models or the latest Galaxy series devices from Samsung. In addition to the smartphone, Nekteck is also the first USB IF certified charger that produces up to 45 watts of power and 12A, enough to safely charge Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook series, MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch, Chromebook Pixel. , Dell laptop or tablet with maximum charging capacity. Universally compatible with the USB-A port, Nekteck correctly recognizes the type of device (be it laptop, tablet or smartphone) and provides the right amount of charging power without the risk of overload or overvoltage. Made with flame retardant materials to increase safety in the car, Nekteck 2 in 1 is a unique car charger with many functions.


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What should you pay attention to with a car charger?

Detachable USB Cable – Some USB car chargers have a built-in USB cable, which is convenient because you don’t have to worry about losing the charging cable. However, it is better to choose a charger with USB ports or a detachable cable so that you can charge USB-C, micro-USB and mini-USB devices instead of just one type.

Multiple Charging Ports: One charging port might be enough to save you, but you don’t need to stop there. Most of the best car chargers have at least two USB ports, and some even have four or more. This way you can keep all your devices charged at the same time without having to constantly change cables.

Fast charging: more ports are not enough; the charger must be able to supply sufficient current to each port. Look for a car charger that can deliver 2.4A to at least two ports at the same time. If you have a phone that supports USB-C fast charging, some phone chargers also have a dedicated port.

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