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Best mirrorless camera of 2022 – buy the right camera at the right price!



Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

The best single-person mirrorless camera means the best technical features on the market. For someone else, this might be the best mirrorless camera to start with. Meanwhile, other users are looking for the best combination of features with the least amount of money! Our list covers all angles – it’s not just the “best” camera, it’s also the best value for money.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a mirrorless camera. Do you want to take photos or videos or both? Almost all cameras on our list can record 4K video, but some have built-in stabilization for smoother footage, professional log modes for color correction, and higher frame rates or recording qualities.

And for still photography, how much resolution do you need? It is tempting to assume that the higher the resolution, the better, but this increases the cost. A 20MP Micro Four / thross camera can have all the resolution you need, even for large wall-mounted prints, and while a 40MP + full frame camera can be very attractive, both cameras and lenses cost. a lot more and also end up with a pretty heavy weight.

  • Sensor size is actually an important decision when choosing the best mirrorless camera for your needs. Here is an overview of the main sizes available:
  • Micro Four Thirds is the smallest sensor size, but the image quality is surprisingly close to larger APS-C cameras, and these cameras are small, powerful, and affordable.
  • APS-C cameras strike a good balance between quality and price, and the sensor is about double that of Micro Four Thirds cameras. Canon has just launched the brand new EOS R10 and EOS R7 APS-C mirrorless cameras.
  • Full-frame

    Mirrorless cameras have sensors that are the same size as 35mm film negatives and about twice the size of APS-C. As a result, they have better quality, but they are also bigger and more expensive. However, the Nikon Z5 and Panasonic Lumix S5 are really great presentations at a very competitive price.

  • Medium-sized

    Camera also has sensors that are larger than the entire image. We don’t include anything on this list, but we have a separate guide to the best mid-range cameras

Fujifilm X-H2S

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

The newly announced Fujifilm X-H2S is the new flagship of the Fujifilm X-mount series. We thought the X-T4 had it all, but the X-H2S continues with pro-spec full-bodied body and handling, a top-mounted status panel, and a fifth-generation sensor that offers four times the speed of its predecessor. Capable of shooting at 40 frames per second with minimal screen dimming, the X-H2S captures 6K video or 4K video at up to 120p, features internal stabilization, a tilting screen and a 5.76m-dot electronic viewfinder. Because there is so much power here that only a professional photographer or videographer needs it – and it comes at a price. The X-H2S is a professional APS-C camera. Or at least for now, because we think the 40MP X-H2 will arrive later this year.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

The E-M10 series has always been designed for value, but this Mark IV version also adds power and sophistication with a 20-megapixel sensor, improved internal image stabilization, and a new flip and tilt screen. With the Mark III’s impressive 4K video and eye-catching design, the Mark IV is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an entry-level camera that can do just about anything. The E-M10 series has long been one of our all-time favorite cameras, so we’re thrilled that the Mark IV TIP has the latest 20MP Olympus sensor. In fact, at current prices, it’s also one of the cheapest mirrorless models on the market, which is pretty surprising considering what it can do.


Fujifilm X-T4

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

The X-T4 was the model in Fujifilm’s X-mount camera range until the arrival of the Fujifilm X-H2S, but we haven’t tested it thoroughly yet, so for us the X-T4 is still a true APS pro -C mirrorless camera. . The X-T4 has internal stabilization, variable touchscreen, and high-speed burst mode. Of course, the X-T4 isn’t just a great camera. It also has top-notch 4K video performance with 10-bit 60p internal recording. It’s just a shame Fujifilm dropped the headphone jack (you’ll need an adapter now).

Nikon Z9

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

Nikon may be late in launching a high-end professional mirrorless camera, but the Nikon Z9 was worth the wait. Canon EOS R3 (opens in a new tab) outside the park. It can record 8K 60p or 8K 30p video with a recording limit of up to 2 hours. Nikon has decided to ditch the mechanical shutter altogether, which means the Z9 can shoot continuously at 120fps and has a maximum shutter speed of 1 / 32,000, making it perfect for sports and bird photography. The Z9 has Deep Learning AF (opens in a new tab), allowing the camera to perform nine different detections: human eyes, faces, heads and upper body; eyes, heads and bodies of animals; and cars, airplanes, trains and motorcycles. It has the same 493 AF points as the Nikon Z7 II, which looks impressive until you realize the Canon EOS R3 has a whopping 4,779 AF points. The Z9 is much cheaper than the Sony A1 and Canon EOS R3 and has a lot of advanced features.

Sony A1

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

It’s a technological triumph, a camera that can really do anything. In the past, cameras offered speed, resolution, or video capabilities, but the A1 offers all three features and even beats its own sports and video cameras in its own game. As good as it is, price is and remains a major barrier, and its appeal is limited to photographers who need it all, not just one or two of those things. Sony pretty much killed the other two cameras with this one too! The Sony A9 Mark II (opens in a new card) is a great sports camera, but the A1 beats it, while the Sony A7S Mark III’s excellent 4K video capabilities (opens in a new card) pale in comparison to the 8K registration of the A1.

Panasonic Lumix S5

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

The original Lumix S1 (opens in a new tab) and S1R (opens in a new tab) are impressive and powerful cameras … but great. Panasonic took this into account and somehow (we’re not sure how) invented the Lumix S5, a camera that offers pretty much the same imaging power as the heavy 24MP Lumix S1, but in a body that weighs around 300 grams. Less. It’s also something of a spiritual successor to the video-centric GH series, with best-in-class video capabilities. It shoots 4K / 60p 10-bit 4: 2: 0 video, and in terms of dynamic range, on paper, only the professional Sony A7S III (opens in a new card) can claim to match or beat it. Color science is finely tuned to get a beautiful image. Photographers can also take advantage of the 6K shooting mode for efficient continuous shooting at 30fps so they don’t miss a moment. For hybrid full-frame cameras, this is very hard to beat, especially at current prices.

Fujifilm X-S10

Best mirrorless camera of 2022 - buy the right camera at the right price!

The Fujifilm X-S10 doesn’t have the external exposure control of the more expensive X-series cameras, but that’s all we can complain about, and clearly this isn’t an “amateur” camera, as build quality and handling are immediately noticeable. Switching to a traditional mode dial might disappoint Fujifilm fans, but the excellent workmanship, build quality and handling, as well as IBIS (internal stabilization) give this camera a very broad appeal, especially in this price range, probably offering the best combination of performance, quality and value among APS-C mirrorless cameras on the market today. It also has a variable rear display, which is another reason we’re evaluating this new camera over our previous favorite, the X-T30 / II.

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