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7 Best Pet Cameras of 2022 With Good Video Quality



7 Best Pet Cameras of 2022 With Good Video Quality

The best pet cameras should have good video and audio quality so you can interact with your pet, solid security features, and cloud backup if you want to save clips and videos. Pet cameras are useful for owners who can’t always be home during the day and want to keep an eye on their furry friend. The best pet camera in its class is the Fibro Dog Camera on Amazon. It has an innovative design that allows you to throw treats to your pets and play while watching them with the 720p camera. It can also intelligently send alerts to your phone based on barking and other sounds.

If your needs are more general home security, you may be interested in our list of the best home security cameras. Wondering if an animal camera can be hacked? Our investigation will show whether this is really a problem.

Best of all: Fibro dog camera

If you really want to have fun with your pet, the Fibro Dog Camera offers a great design with a “food throw” feature. Able to hold approximately 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite treat, you can quickly fetch while you’re away by grabbing a treat from the Fibro and watching it entertain you with the 720p camera. It has a wide-angle and night vision of 120 degrees.

In addition, the two-way microphone enables parent-pet communication so you can talk and listen to what your pet is doing and how it responds to the sound of your voice. Fibro requires internet access via Wi-Fi and enables “bark alerts” by sending a push notification to your smartphone when it detects a pet making noise. The gift box itself is easy to assemble and will work with any treat you choose. Fibro recommends non-crushing treats that are between half an inch and an inch long.

Best Budget: TOOGE Pet Camera

Owning a pet is already a big investment. If you want to keep an eye on your four-legged friends without looking for a fancy pet camera with lots of bells and whistles, this TOOGE pet camera is the best choice.


The TOOGE pet camera doesn’t have the ability to drop treats while you’re away or notify you every time your dog barks, but you can keep an eye on your pet while you’re away and interact with him. Communicate through two-way sound. And receive alerts. Motion detection. It also offers night vision, 360-degree rotation and the ability for multiple people to watch a live stream at the same time.

If you’re just looking for a way to check in with your pet while you’re away (or make sure they don’t get into trouble), the TOOGE Pet Camera is a good option. Please note that while the TOOGE app works with iPhone, it is not compatible with Mac computers.

Best Value for Money: Pet cube Play Interactive

Widely regarded as the best pet camera on the market, the Pet cube camera offers a 1080p video experience, two-way audio, night vision and a built-in laser for outdoor pet hobbies. With its brushed aluminum design and curved corners, the Pet cube looks modern and functional before you turn it on. In addition to the beautiful design, Pet cube focuses on its Android and iPhone smartphone application (also Apple Watch), which allows real-time interaction with your pet using the included laser toys. Available in both automatic and manual play modes, the laser toy can keep your pet entertained for hours.

In addition, the smartphone application makes it possible to instantly share photos and videos with friends and family or on social media. Pet cube also offers a subscription service (cloud based) that allows you to rewind and play 10 or 30 days of video history. With two-way audio, pet parents can comfortably, and if necessary, hide with their pets to let them know you’re coming home. Pet cube’s secure network is encrypted and secured with 128-bit encryption and other security protocols for added peace of mind. While there’s no candy dispenser, the Pet cube is attractive, functional, and sets the bar high for pet cameras.

Best Features: Pewo Life Pet Wi-Fi Camera

The Pewo Life Wi-Fi Camera has many useful features that ensure you never leave your dog by your side, even when you are not at home. This camera, like the others on this list, has standard 720p streaming and two-way audio. But the extra features really make the Pewo camera stand out. Through the Pewo app, you can give your pet a treat, play catch, or reward your dog for his good behavior. The camera also has a laser spot that you can turn on and off, a unique feature that should be particularly interesting for cat owners. The camera is perfect for a family or multiple roommates, as up to eight people can watch the same stream at the same time. You can also take photos and record videos.


It has one major drawback: the camera doesn’t have night vision. This can be a problem if you want to keep an eye on your pet 24/7, but it doesn’t matter if you’ll only use the camera when you’re out and about during the day.

Best indoor / outdoor: Net gear Arlo

The Net gear Arlo Security System is a fantastic HD camera system that not only bills itself as a pet monitoring service, but more than makes up for what it lacks in functionality with excellent performance. With a 100% patented wireless design and a magnetic mount that allows you to place the camera discreetly, monitoring every corner of your home is easy and effortless. The included night vision feature is perfect when you’re not home at night, but want to make sure your pet doesn’t misbehave. As a motion-activated system, owners can receive real-time email or app notifications for added peace of mind.

Since it’s both an indoor and outdoor camera, you can also add an additional waterproof camera (sold separately) to the system to monitor your yard to see if your pets are playing outside while you’re not there. With optimal positioning of about two meters above the floor and an ideal motion detection range of about 1.5 to 20 meters, the camera has more than enough space to place the camera over a large area and see absolutely everything it does. your pet.

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Best Motion Detector: Indoor Blink Home Security Camera System

As a home security camera system, the Blink product provides an excellent HD video experience when you are away from home. It runs on two AA batteries and is connected to the network via built-in Wi-Fi. When online, connect to the Blink system via the downloaded iOS and Android smartphone apps or via voice control with the available Amazon Alexa Skill. Measuring just 3.2 x 4.5 x 9.3 inches and weighing just under a pound, the Blink system can be placed almost anywhere you want to monitor your pet, even on top of a door, on the sofa, or in a large room. .


Equipped with motion and temperature sensors, Blink offers peace of mind that goes far beyond pet tracking, as it can also act as a home security service. As soon as the Blink system detects your pet’s movement in front of the camera, video starts recording and an alarm is sent to all connected devices, so you can instantly find out what your pet is doing. Blink owners can quickly expand their camera system by purchasing additional camera units (sold separately) and cover all parts of the home as needed. With no monthly fees, Blink offers free cloud storage for up to two hours of video clips.

Best features: Pet Cube Play 2

Pet cube Play 2 is the successor to the first generation of Pet cube Play. It expands the features and functions of the previous one and offers more functions to activate and keep your pet safe when you are away from work. The Play 2 connects to a Wi-Fi network and comes with 24/7 pet monitoring. You can watch your pet play with a 1080p camera with 160 degree wide angle, 4x zoom and night vision. Also set up sound and motion alerts on your phone.

Other features include two-way audio so you can talk to your pet. Sound quality is enhanced by an array of 4 microphones, and you even get Amazon Alexa’s built-in voice assistant to add this device to your smart home network.

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