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Mobile radiation and its effects on your skin




Mobile radiation and its effects on your skin

Everything in the 21st century is readily available; Whether it’s tickets to the next show or a place to stay for the weekend. However, with the convenience of information comes something even scarier, radiation! we had no idea we had accidentally entered. But somehow we know that blue light can damage our eyes and weaken our retina, so imagine how much damage it can do to our skin. It can be really scary!

The cell phone you’re currently using or the laptop you’re reading this article on all have one thing in common: antennas. The antennas are chipped for connection to a signal tower. These antennas connect to create radiation that damages our skin over time.

We all know how informative the digital world can be, but it can sometimes overwhelm us with misleading information. Namrata Bajaj, founder of Tatsa – Skincare made Simple, helps us to investigate the harmful effects of radiation on our skin and how to protect it.

Skin coloring: All electronic devices have one thing in common and it is the harmful effect of radiation on the skin. Skin damage is a major phenomenon today, radiation penetrating the skin causes itching and dryness, which leads to skin discoloration turning red or dark.


Premature Aging: Given our current lifestyle where we are constantly around electronic devices, our skin’s cycle is going in the wrong direction. The rays of the devices or the sun create solarium for our skin. Excessive exposure to UV rays damages the inner layer of fabrics, losing its elasticity.

Pimples: When our skin hates the environment around us, it shows the same thing in different ways. Eruptions are one of the most common problems encountered in the environment. The skin loses its protection or becomes more sensitive, which eventually manifests itself in the form of pimples.

Skin Pigmentation: Considering all the damage to the skin caused by radiation and blue light, skin pigmentation is one of the worst and potentially most irritating skin conditions that radiation can cause. As much as we would like to avoid it, there is no way around it, skin pigmentation is a condition where the skin around the area takes on dark spots.

Skin Sensitivity: With age, skin sensitivity is one of the most important factors that directly affects our skin and causes permanent damage, regardless of whether the skin becomes red or dry quickly. Skin sensitivity weakens the strength of your skin, the more sensitive your skin is, the less likely it is to fight against harmful particles in the air. Here, the radiation enters the image, weakening the skin to the point that it can no longer resist it.

Dark Circles: Imagine the whole face is flawless and the red bags around the eyes are free! If you ask us, it’s time to address skin damage. No good skin can bear the weight of heavy dark circles.


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Namrata also suggests solutions to protect the skin from radiation:

  • Let your skin absorb more than just radiation by getting out in the fresh air and letting it heal in nature.
  • So drink water and protect yourself from radiation with water.
  • Wash your face regularly and make sure your eyes get plenty of water to wash away harmful radiation with each spray.
  • Use a radiation-protecting face cream as a daily moisturizer to protect against all types of radiation. Reduce screen times. And don’t use your phone while you sleep.
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