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Healthy Hair: Your Guide to Full, Shiny, and Strong Hair



Healthy Hair: A Guide to Getting Full, Shiny, Strong Locks

When we’re trying to stay healthy from head to toe, many of us forget about what’s on top of our bodies: our hair. Walker Salon Group in New Jersey.

“Our hair protects us from the cold, insulates our heads, and provides some protection against trauma,” says Debra Wattenberg, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. Plus, your hair can be a window into what’s going on with your overall health. For example, sudden hair loss can be a sign that you are under too much stress or that you have an autoimmune disease.

“Your hair can be an extension of your hygiene, and it can also be a reflection of vitamin deficiencies and internal problems,” says Angela Lamb, MD, a dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine. New York. York City. “If your hair and scalp are unhealthy, it can cause itchiness, inflammation, and chronic, untreated skin conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and hair loss,” adds Lamb. Simply put, there are many reasons why you should take care of your hair – and keep it healthy – as well as looking good.See here how to keep your hair in the best possible condition so it’s as healthy and fresh as ever.

What exactly is hair?

Hair is a thin protein fiber, and an important part is called keratin. Hair also contains some fats called lipids in the inner shaft. Each strand is covered with a cuticle made up of dead cells that help protect the hair.

Taking care of your hair is important

Hair affects your health and gives you an extra boost. Hair helps regulate temperature, keeps you warm in cold weather, and helps wipe away sweat when you’re hot. It also provides some cushioning when you fall and can protect your scalp from the sun. Right arrow


Speaking of the scalp, it also plays a huge role in your health. Basically, the scalp is made up of soft tissue and provides a place for hair to grow (hello, hair follicles!) and protects you from foreign invaders that can cause infections.

The oil produced by the scalp, called sebum, can protect the skin from the sun and has antimicrobial properties. good hair hygiene!

What does healthy hair look like?

Just as there is a wide variety of hair types, there are a significant number of signs of healthy hair. “Healthy hair is hair that is free of breakage and split ends and has reached its maximum potential for a given hair type,” says Lamb. “So for example, if you have curly hair, it’s not necessarily ‘shiny,’ but as long as you don’t have excessive shedding or breakage during shampooing, your hair is healthy,” adds Lamb.

According to the experts who participated in the survey, these are the most important signs of healthy hair, although they may not apply to all hair types. “We have to be careful not to define hair health by certain cultural norms,” ​​says Lamb.

  • It shows little breakage and minimal loss
  • It does not break up when brushing
  • It does not contain rose
  • Reflects light
  • It has a sheen and shine
  • Contains moisture

How to take care of your hair: take yes no

Healthy Hair: Your Guide to Full, Shiny, and Strong Hair



Although different hair types require different treatment methods, one principle is universally true: it is important to show your hair some care. Here you will find the do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping hair healthy.

“Excessive processing is bad for hair regardless of color, texture and genetics,” says Wattenberg. In the background, over-processing occurs when bleaching your hair or misusing things like hair dyes or relaxers. Disulfide bonds are chemical bonds that hold hair proteins together, giving it strength. Arrow right

For example, one study found that hair bleaching or excessive coloring can damage the cuticle layer, weaken proteins, and cause lipid loss arrow right Therefore, most experts recommend skipping bleaching and to increase the time between color contact. ops (in winter it is recommended to wait up to 8-10 weeks). arrow to the right

A shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type

Healthy Hair: Your Guide to Full, Shiny, and Strong Hair


If you walk down the hair care aisle at your local store, you can probably find a product for every hair type (yes, every hair problem). And it turns out they’re not just a trick. “These products are quite specialized and can change the mood,” says Wattenberg. “Is your scalp dry or oily? Is your hair dyed? Do you have dandruff? Make sure you choose a shampoo and conditioner designed for you,” she says. ok Up arrow


Do not over-dry your hair

Another over-processing method? Using a hair dryer and hot styling tools too regularly. “Hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners can burn hair and scalp and can cause hair to break and fall out,” says Wattenberg.

In previous studies, su analyzed the effects of using a hair dryer at different temperatures and found that the surface of the hair was more damaged as the temperature of the hair dryer increased. If using a hair dryer, the study authors suggest using it on the lowest setting, 15 inches away, to avoid damage as much as possible. Also, move your device in constant motion instead of standing still in one place for long periods of time. Right arrow

Protect your hair and scalp from the sun

When it comes to sun protection, most of us care about our skin (from face to toe), but do you ever think about the scalp and yes to the hair? Although hair blocks some of the ultraviolet rays that can cause cancer, it won’t help protect you if you have bald spots or any part of your hair arrow right up Solution?  He also remembers that the sun can damage your real hair as well, not only by dyeing it, but potentially damaging the cuticles and the strength of the hair fibers.

The sanding agent skips it

While showering might be rushed, if your schedule is busy, it’s a good idea to make sure you condition your hair after each shampoo. This is because the conditioner can improve the look of damaged hair – it adds shine, helps strengthen hair, and even reduces static. A little conditioner is worth it to get a good day on your hair. Wattenberg recommends making sure you keep the conditioner long enough to see the benefits. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

Also follow a shampoo and conditioner routine based on your hair. “Styling practices vary completely depending on the type of hair and the desired style”

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