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Blog Share: What Natural Beauty Looks Like Around the World




Blog Share: What Natural Beauty Looks Like Around the World

True beauty comes from being happy with yourself. However, there is a certain concept of “natural beauty” everywhere. Different countries also have their own beauty standards. The CGS team found an article about Birdie Beauty that really piqued our interest. The article describes what “natural” beauty looks like in the world. We were so interested in the results that we wanted to share them with CGS members!

“Whether we realize it or not, the beauty standards set by the country we live in have a huge impact on the taste of trends. While strobing and shag haircuts

are great here in the US, we often forget that the same style could don’t be so popular in Brazil or South Korea.

Here’s a fascinating example: A British group Superdrug Online Doctors experiment last year saw female graphic designers in 18 different countries Photoshop the same image of a woman in an “ideal” body type. Each result was alarmingly different (see all 18 photos here). The experiment offered beauty consumers the opportunity to look under the hood of the axiom “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


As experiments like this (and the Internet in general) make international beauty more accessible, our appeal grows. More and more often we ask ourselves: how does the rest of the world interpret the different beauty trends?

Keep scrolling to see natural looks and beauty products from seven countries around the world!

YouTube video


Details: “Because Australian women tend to spend so much time in the sun, SPF and melt-resistant makeup are essential. According to Eleanor Pendleton, founder and editor of Australian beauty site Gritty Pretty, the aesthetic is’ natural and fresh ‘: shiny makeup, “smooth and flawless” skin and airy hair that you can style with just a few products. ”


Details: “French women want to look super elegant and at the same time as if they just got out of bed. For her, French women opt for cuts that don’t require a lot of style, such as textured lengths and fringes. When it comes to skincare. , soft and light products are essential (which “let the skin breathe”, as stated by Mathilde Lacombe, editor-in-chief of Birch box France).



Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho’s look is made up of voluminous waves, tanned skin and slightly cloudy makeup.”

 South Korea

The details: “In Korea, ‘natural beauty’ definitely starts with the skin,” says Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. “The” expression “of the skin, as it is often called, is healthy, glowing and glowing skin that looks well hydrated from the inside out.” Makeup (usually just eyebrows and lips) only improves the look. For her? says Yoon.


Details: “The Swedish girl’s everyday look focuses on naturally straight hair, long eyelashes and glowing skin, and adds color with makeup that time doesn’t always provide. Swedish blogger Kenzo Zoite already loves her radiance-focused products, from his Dior’s Anastasia contour kit illuminating primer. ”

South Africa

The details: “South Africa is a colorful and unique country, with women of all skin tones accentuating their facial features in different ways,” said South African makeup artist Lori Leif, Creative Director of Bodyography Cosmetics. she says. emphasize a feature, such as lips or eyes, and keep skin glowing and gorgeous. In her opinion, the South African look ranges from interwoven patterns to cut-out spaces to styles wrapped in colorful scarves.

United States

who focuses on skin before. apply makeup and the goal is to create the vibes of the model’s “free time.” Both groups have this in common: lots of dry shampoo, tinted sunscreen and lashes and brows for several days.

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