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The 5 Best Wearables for Kids in 2022



The 5 Best Wearables for Kids in 2022

Finding the best wearables for kids can be a challenge. Wearables are a great way to stay connected to your phone, but also to your well-being. Fitness trackers and smartwatches are everywhere these days and it’s only natural that your kids want to be on board. But more than that, children’s wearables can help them keep track of various health and fitness goals, or even keep track of household chores and homework.

These wearables are ideal for young children and come with fun themes that may interest children. Additionally, they can help children stay connected, but only with designated parents or contacts, keeping the child connected and safe. Whether you want to stay connected or your kids need little reminders here and there, we have something for them to wear.

Best package: Garmin Vivo fit Jr. 2

Garmin is one of the biggest names in fitness tracking and wearable devices. Put them together and you have a wearable company that is literally designed for children. These wearables fit perfectly on children’s wrists. The downside, of course, is that the screen is small and only has a resolution of 88 x 88 pixels. It goes without saying that if your child can’t get into trouble with a Disney property like Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Marvel, or Star Wars, you’re out of luck.

Assuming any of these functions work for you, this wearable is great for kids because it’s waterproof and can last a full year at no charge. The companion app is available for iOS and Android and includes rewards that kids can earn by doing chores or completing up to an hour.

Best fitness tracker: Fitbit Ace

Fitbit is synonymous with fitness tracker and Fitbit Ace is designed for kids. The bracelet and screen are very thin, perfect for small hands and wrists. Next steps wearable, active minutes and sleep so you can get them off the couch when they need them and back on the couch when they need them. The Fitbit app has 10 watch faces for kids to choose from, and the watch allows kids to challenge and message each other.


The watch is limited to a black and white display and is only available in two colors, both on the masculine side. The 5-day battery life is also not optimal. But if you’re looking for a slim watch that can track your kids’ activities, Fitbit is one of the best.

Best for gaming: Vetch Kid zoom DX2

Vetch kids is making a name for itself in the portable space for children. Vetch’s KidiZoom is a great choice for kids. It has five different colors, a color display and two built-in cameras. Kids can choose from up to 55 clock faces to find their favorite, and the clock is filled with fun games and activities. Kids can play Monster Detector, giving them an AR view of the monsters they can catch. Plus, they can add fun effects to their photos with the Silly Me app. These are just two of the many games they can play.

It’s fun, but it’s expensive. The company says battery life is three days, but tests suggest it’s closer to one day under heavy use. In terms of charging, the company says it should only be charged via the laptop’s USB port rather than a third-party adapter. Usually this means the battery needs to charge slowly, which may not be good for an impatient child. Vetch is also easy to publish the technical information of different components such as cameras or displays. This is usually not a good sign.

Best GPS Tracker: Jabot Location Tracker

The Jabot Location Tracker is “wearable” in the sense that it is something you always have with you. Unlike the other products on this list, this is a tracking tag that you can attach to your kid’s clothes or bag to track him down. Think of it as Lack for your child. There is some relief in that. You don’t have to worry about who your child is talking about or keeping in touch with the phone. This tag goes everywhere and follows them.

But it is very expensive for what it does. The other wearables on this list have similar functionality and also have a watch face and activity. Also, the connection requires a subscription service so that Jiobit can track the tag. It’s nice because the subscription includes all the plugins needed to be a great tracker; mobile phone.


Best Budget Fitness: Gizmo Watch 2

The Gizmo watch is an aptly named device, as it is a “Gizmo” in every way. This watch is made especially for kids and for the Verizon network. It comes with a Geofencing option that will notify you immediately if your child leaves the boundaries. In addition, it has a built-in feature called Auto Answer, which means that when a parent calls a child, the watch automatically answers the call. This is great for locating a lost child or even listening to the environment around the child in an emergency.

Of course, this means that the watch needs cell phone service, which is a monthly fee and can get expensive. But for the feature set you get, it’s a pretty good deal. In addition to this feature, you get the same goodies like step tracking and exercise tracking. It can also help you stay on top of daily activities and chores. KKear specifically advises customers that when they receive a service plan, they should tell the operator’s representative what type of subscription they need. This makes us think, but this wearable looks the coolest and has the most features.

Last judgement

Definitely the best wearable for kids is the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2. This device was built by two powerhouses in their field. Garmin is the king of wearables and fitness; Disney is the king of children’s entertainment. You get all this for a great price considering all it has to offer.

The caveat here is that there are some unknowns. KKBear is not a well-known name in the industry and connectivity can be confusing. But if you’re willing to put up with a little uncertainty, check this out.

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What should you pay attention to in a smartwatch for children?


Kids love to play, and when an activity tracker can play that activity, it can motivate kids to move. A child is more likely to use a wearable if it’s fun. Otherwise, the tracker could end up on the shelf without helping anyone.

Battery life

Battery life is important with a portable device because the more it needs to be removed, the more likely it won’t be put back in. The life of a portable battery varies from hours to years depending on the device, and in this case a longer battery life is better.


Babies are small and have small wrists. A wearable garment that is too large is uncomfortable for small children. Again, if the watch is too big, it will spend most of its time unused, which is no good for anyone.


Do smartwatches for kids sync with your phone or does your kid need a phone?

It depends. The smartwatches on this list can sync with both, but wearables designed for kids usually sync with their parents’ phone. If your kid has their own phone, you can set the watch to sync with it, but the most important thing about most wearables is that you can track your kids and control what content they can access.


What is the benefit of dressing up for a child?

Many children live perfectly happy lives without a wearable device, but the devices open up a whole new level of data and peace of mind for parents. Wearable devices can help your kids stay active. Plus, devices can help you track your kids and keep them safe.

What about privacy?

Privacy is certainly a big issue. Many companies that develop wearable devices are very aware of the privacy of the data they collect. It is very important that you read all terms of service and agreements required to activate devices before purchasing them.

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