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6 Best 8K TVs of 2022



6 Best 8K TVs of 2022

The Best Package: Samsung QN65Q800RBFXZA 65-inch QLED 8K TV

The new generation of televisions introduced 8K resolution; while these models are significantly more expensive than the competitors on the market, 8K could become the new standard within a few years. The Samsung Q900R 8K TV offers up to four times the resolution of a 4K UHD model and up to 16 times the pixels of a standard 1080p HD TV for the most realistic and detailed picture you can get from a home TV. Samsung claims that this model’s Elite backlighting and 16 independent dimming zones can give you an image the size or size of a 4K OLED display. The Quantum 8K processor is designed to intuitively add non-8K sources to take full advantage of your TV’s incredible resolution.

The best home cinema package: Samsung QN75Q900RB TV with wireless sound bar and subwoofer

If you’re looking for a complete home theater upgrade, check out this bundle from Samsung. You get their 75-inch QLED Q900R TV and a complete sound package. The TV offers a stunning 8K resolution with HDR support and a full range direct lighting panel for the best picture on the market. With the Quantum 8K processor, you not only get the stunning original 8K image, but also excellent AI-assisted scaling from other HD media for smooth operation and great detail. In Smart mode, the TV automatically searches for the room and adjusts the picture and sound settings for the best viewing experience.

Best Gaming Bundle: 65-inch Samsung QN65Q900RB QLED TV with 1TB Xbox One X

Gamers looking for the best gaming experience should check out this Samsung TV and console bundle. You get the 65-inch version of the Q900R TV. This means you get all the goodness of their 8K resolution, AI-enhanced processor and other HD content in a slightly smaller package. You also get Smart mode, which scans your room to find optimal audio and video settings, and Real Game Enhancer mode, with Free Sync technology for low latency and better contrast.

You also get an Xbox One X system bundle that includes a 1TB hard drive and a physical copy of The Division 2 from ISOFT. You can connect with friends online to defeat enemies and take back Washington D.C. Thanks to the extensive Xbox One X library and huge hard drive, you can download a lot of other games to enjoy alone or with your friends.

Best Sony: Sony XBR85Z9G 85-inch 8K Smart Master Series TV

LG isn’t the only company to make the leap to developing 8K TVs; Sony has launched its Master series and its Z9G is the best option. This TV is built around the top-class X1 8K processor, which guarantees very fast image display and input processing. It also has Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range Pro technology, which offers up to 20 times the contrast of its predecessors and a truly stunning image.


It comes with the Android TV operating system already installed, so you can access all your favorite streaming apps in one place. The included remote is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control. With a native 120Hz refresh rate and Netflix calibrated mode, every scene has silky smooth motion and perfect color intensity, so you can enjoy movies and shows exactly as the creators intended. Chromecast connectivity is built into this TV, so you can connect your smartphone or tablet for more sharing options. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can set up your home theater sound system quickly and easily.

Best OLED: 88-inch LG Signature OLED88Z9PUA with Alexa

If money really isn’t an issue and you need the best when it comes to home TV, check out the LG Signature 8K OLED TV. This model has a massive 88-inch screen with an OLED panel that produces over a billion colors and contains over 33 million pixels for more realistic images and details. It’s built around LG’s second-generation a9 processor, backed by artificial intelligence to improve 8K resolution and scale lower resolutions more intelligently. The AI-based processor also powers the integrated 80-watt speakers with Dolby Atoms sound for a 5.1-channel virtual surround sound listening experience.

Ideal for Amazon Alexa users: 75-inch LG 75SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series with Alexa

If you rely on Amazon Echo or Alexa compatible devices to manage your smart home, check out the LG Nano 9 8K TV. This model has a voice-activated remote with Alexa built in, so you can browse hands-free while browsing streaming apps or adjust settings. Thanks to LG’s Thin AI, this TV is easier to integrate into your smart home network. This TV is built around the second generation LG a9 processor, which offers stunning native 8K resolution and a six-step noise reduction process when scaling from lower resolutions.

The TV is also compatible with WISA speakers, so you can install additional audio equipment when you want to expand your home theater. It supports both Bluetooth and Airplay 2, so you can set up external sound bars or stream directly from your smartphone or tablet. With a 120Hz refresh rate and LG’s Nano Color Pro technology, movement is always smooth and crystal clear, so you never lose the pace of the action.

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The ultimate 8K TV buying guide

With 4K UHD resolution becoming almost ubiquitous in home entertainment, it’s no surprise that some TV manufacturers are starting to embrace next-generation technology to differentiate themselves from the competition. Sony, Samsung and LG have all brought 8K UHD TVs into their lineup. Native 8K resolution TVs offer four times more pixels than 4K models and 16 times more pixels than Full HD 1080p models, for unprecedented picture quality, color range and contrast. Some customers and tech-savvy people agree that the average person cannot tell the difference between 8K and 4K resolution due to the limitations of our eyes. However, the real difference lies in the refresh rates, which is how many times per second the TV traverses the image on the screen. An 8K TV requires a constant refresh rate of at least 120Hz, or image rotation 120 times per second, to capture motion and detail at a consistently high pixel density.

As tempting as it is to quickly buy an 8K TV to be the first of your friends to own one, or just to future-proof your home theater, there are some important factors to consider before buying one. Buy one. We break down a few so you can decide if an 8K TV is right for your home.


The three largest smart TV manufacturers, Sony, Samsung and LG, have started introducing UHD 8K TVs to their range. Each brand has built its models with different display panel technologies and size categories and with different target groups in mind. LG’s 8K TVs use OLED panels to take full advantage of the new high definition technology. The OLED panel uses layers of organic materials activated by electric currents and individually illuminated pixels to achieve truly stunning color gamut, detail and contrast. These TVs are also available in larger sizes from 77 to 96 inches, which means that a very large home theater is required for these models. However, all of this comes at a price and the LG 8K models are among the most expensive on the market; some cost up to $ 30,000, making them out of reach for the average customer and even some businesses. However, if you have the extra cash, these TVs can be considered a valuable investment in the true future of your home theater or entertainment space. Conversely, Sony and Samsung have 8K TVs that are still expensive but still fit comfortably on a generous budget.

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