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The 8 Best Books About Blogging



Best Books About Blogging 2022

The best place to start: everyone writes

Some people don’t take bloggers seriously; this book was not written by any of them. If you blog, you are a writer, and this book is about helping you become the best writer you can be. Inside, you’ll learn how to create blog and social media content that will grow your business or attract new readers. This book argues that in the age of social media, serious writing is more important than ever. Inside, you’ll learn how to determine which writing tone and style best suits your goals and audience, and how to get exactly what you want to say.

Learn how to tell a compelling story that leaves your readers wanting more. Improve your grammar skills and build authority by creating credible and trustworthy content. This book is an excellent read for both beginners and long-time writing professionals – everyone will find something to their liking.

Best for coming up with ideas: Badass Blog Planner

Ironically, sometimes making a plan is the best way to get the creative juices flowing. This workbook is full of goal setting and goal building that will help you grow your online presence and skills at the same time. You will learn how to create a road map not only for your blogs but also for social media and marketing strategies.

You are set for a successful year when you commit to completing this important annual plan. This agenda is not dated, so you can start at any time.

Best Classic: Good Writing

Before you get too excited about all the ways you can use 21st century technology to make your blog successful, everyone could use a refresher on the basics of really great writing. At the end of the day, blogs are just as important as books, magazines, and articles these days, and it’s just as important to become a good writer if you want to be a good blogger as it is to produce a different kind of written content.

This book is a classic guide to learning the basics of nonfiction and has been used by professionals for decades. It is written in a clear, practical and friendly style, just like your blog should be. This book covers the principles of writing, ways of writing, forms of writing and writing attitudes. It is really helpful for writers who write daily in their blog.


Best for developing routines: control your daily life

This book contains 20 essays from the world’s most productive people and will help you organize your life and manage your time. Bloggers are busy people, and constantly writing, publishing and marketing content requires organization and focus. We can all find challenging jobs, but it’s time to figure out which activities are most important and focus on them.

Learning from these essays will help you develop new routines that work for you and start working on only the most important tasks each day. Get the tips you need to beat data overages and phone outages. Being more productive will make you happier, increase the success of your blog, and help you maximize your work time so you can focus on the things you truly love.

Best for Business Bloggers: Content That Converts

Some people start a blog to tell interesting stories about their lives; others start a blog to grow their business. This book is intended for another group of people. B2B bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who blogs to increase sales should have a system that maximizes all the ways people can learn about your content—it needs to be optimized for both search engines and your ideal audience. it needs to be written in a smart and engaging way, and ultimately should drive sales without hitting people over the head with marketing jargon.

This book will help you build a useful system to help you achieve all of these things in every blog you write.

Ideal for practical advice: Blog Inc

Reading this book is like drinking with a good friend who is also a business professional. Inside, you’ll be guided through a conversational yet informative tour of all the essentials to make your blog a successful business. Lots of personal advice and insights, but also an excellent overview of reality: there are millions of blogs and it is difficult to make yours stand out. Fortunately, with all the financial advice, job advice, writing skills, interviews with experts and personal insights in this book, you are already well on your way.


There are many blogging platforms available to writers, so you’ll need help choosing the one that’s best for you. Also expect help choosing your niche, which is an essential first step to building a profitable blog. Learn how to gain authority online and monetize your blog. All information provided by Blog Inc. is provided is very practical when you start the new world of blogging.

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Best for Editorial Design: EpicBlog

Every blog is a business and every successful business needs a good business plan. In the writing world, editorial calendars are key to preparing for the next year and charting success. This book is an “epic” blog design tool that allows you to create one for your blog and edit it on the go. Implementing mass actions requires extensive planning. This is the perfect book for editorial planning and the budding blogger who wants to get organized.

Like the fashion industry, bloggers should be working the seasons ahead, so weeks before the season starts, they’re ready for seasonal content. EpicBlog is packed with inspirational content ideas, tips, and a blank planner and structured pages so you can plan ahead, track your progress, and think ahead. Combining all your design tools will help you stay organized and focused.

Best for Audience Planning: Content Inc

Most people try to start a blog and then find an audience for it; this book states that you should do the opposite. Content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi teaches you how to create an excellent plan to grow your audience and connect with the right readers in a comprehensive and practical six-step plan. You will learn how to correctly position your blog and plan for the future: first you will discover the overlap between your skills and your passion. Then you will understand how to use those skills and passions to write about something that no one else is writing about, or to write something famous in a unique way.


You will then learn how to build your social media channels and other platforms and how to use search engines to your advantage. If you like step-by-step systems, this book is for you. Each small step builds on the previous one until your proven track record becomes profitable.

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