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5 Best PC Cases of 2022



5 Best PC Cases of 2022

There are many good reasons to build your own PC case. Gamers love to create systems that can maximize high-resolution graphics and bring their games to life, custom builds make it easy to upgrade your PC over time, and you have the power to create a case tailored exactly to your needs. Plus, it’s a fun and useful skill. If you’re just starting out or looking for a case for your next build, you’re probably looking for the best PC cases on the market.

The case you choose will first and foremost depend on the type of motherboard you’re using, but you’ll also want to look for features like airflow, design, size, and compatibility with other key components like your graphics card, fans, and cooler. Buyers will also want to consider their budget, build experience, and color and style preferences.

We’ve reviewed some of the best PC cases on the market for both new and experienced builders. These cases from well-known brands like NZXT, Corsair and Lain Li offer powerful performance and great looks.

The best package: NZXT H710i

The NZXT H710i is one of the best PC cases available today in both form and function. If you’re looking for a great PC case, this modern, transparent design case is sure to attract compliments. You can also customize the look with different color options. The appearance and design are also practical as you have plenty of room to create the ideal structure.

There is also a lot to love about the contents of the case, as the H710i has provided as many options as possible to help users build the case. It’s a sequel to the company’s H700i, adding vertical GPU support, an improved cable management system, and an improved I / O panel. You’ll still have plenty of room for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives, and the NZXT includes four Aer F120mm fans and heatsink support. Manage all your settings with NZXT’s CAM software, making designing your case a breeze. We’d still love to see more fans in the front row, but overall it’s the best choice for beginners and experts alike.


Best micro-ATX: Corsair Crystal Series 280X

If you’re working with a Micro ATX setup, check out the Corsair Crystal Series 280X. Many gamers and PC users appreciate the RGB lights built into this elegant tempered glass case. The 280X is small, making it ideal for a desk or home office, but offers plenty of room to build thanks to a dual-chamber interior design that’s useful for cable management and stations.

This device is also quiet, with many users commenting on how quiet it is in use. The 280X houses two 3.5-inch drive bays and three 2.5-inch drive bays. As for cooling, it comes with two 120mm fans and you can mount radiators on the front, top and bottom of the case. We also note the handy dust filters, which are magnetic and easy to insert and remove, but which effectively keep the case clean. It comes at a higher price point than some of its competitors, but the nice RGB addition and overall quality make it worth the price.

Best E-ATX: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

If you are working with a larger motherboard, you may want to look at the E-ATX format. While not widely recognized, E-ATX generally supports larger and more powerful builds. One of your favorites for E-ATX is the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P. It offers a versatile, high-quality case with many customization options.

Being E-ATX, buyers should expect this case to be big and heavy. However, the large size can also be an advantage, as you have a lot of space to build. It can be easily changed to a normal, fireplace, inverted or fully customized layout. The C700P also offers many cable options and various liquid cooling mounts that can be mounted on the top, front or bottom of the case frame. Flat radiator brackets also facilitate maintenance. However, remember that the storage building can only hold three indoor units, which may not be enough. If your budget allows, we think the C700P will appeal to those looking for a high-quality, high-performance platform.

Best ATX: Lain Li PC-011 Dynamic

One of the best cases for the ATX form factor is the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic for its affordability, beautiful design, and roomy size. Dynamic is designed to be visible, with a sleek black exterior and large tempered glass panels to help users minimize drops or tears. Grooved vents throughout the case help with airflow, but unfortunately the base model doesn’t have fans.


However, Dynamic supports water cooling and three mounting positions with filters for 120mm fans. You also have room for up to eight expansion cards, the I/O area of ​​the motherboard in the middle, space for a bottom-mounted power supply and space for up to two 3.5-inch hard drives. Two back chambers facilitate cable management. also offers many options to create the ideal enclosure, but we think it’s best for more experienced builders, as its clean, sleek design means any cables or wires are fully exposed.

Best Airflow: Massify C Fractal Design

If you’ve ever experienced the stress of an overheated tower, you know how important airflow is when building a computer. The Fractal Design Massify C is one of the best on the market when it comes to cooling, giving users plenty of options to avoid overheating. Users have space for up to seven fans, two of which are pre-installed. Mushily C’s design, as the name suggests, features black mesh panels that maximize airflow. While the mesh provides effective cooling, especially for the price, it does mean that this model can make a bit more noise.

The design itself is classic, so there’s no need to hide it under your desk. Users have room for up to five units, three cooler positions and up to 27 mounting positions to ensure cables are in place. The pre, top and bottom filters are also easy to remove and clean. Keep in mind that the glass panel is tinted, so if you want you’re interior to stand out, you probably need to add brighter light. If cooling is one of your main purchase considerations, or if you’re looking for a decent case for around $100, we recommend the Mushily C.

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Last judgement

The NZXT H710i is our top pick for the best PC case ever. We like that it offers a lot of design and customization options, plenty of workspace and easy control via NZXT software. Another excellent choice is the Corsair Crystal Series 280X if you’re running a Micro ATX build. It is a stylish tempered glass with lighting, dual chamber interior and quiet performance.


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