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Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review



Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review

Mavix has provided us with a review unit that one of our writers can test. Read their full opinions.

Long hours of gameplay can mean that you lie down on the table to stare at the game screen. While it’s easy to remember the ergonomics of things like a keyboard or mouse, it’s easy to forget that the most important part of the home setup is actually the chair.

A bad computer chair can cause back pain, aches and many musculoskeletal problems. When I started experiencing these symptoms, I decided it was time to replace my chair and took the Mavix M9 gaming chair for overhaul. After more than 20 hours of testing, I can confidently say that I have found my favorite gaming device.

Design: a gamer’s dream

The M9 comes in four different colors, but to play it safe with my pets, I decided to pick it up in stylish black. In fact, people with pets will want to take note, because my first impression on the seat was that while most of it was black leather, the variable dynamic lumbar support was made from a multi-layered nylon, mesh material. It’s great for player backs, but can also pick up pet hair if your furry friends decide the M9 is a great place to sleep.

Despite this mesh shell, the M9 chair is incredibly sleek and modern, adding style to any modern play setup. This is not only due to the mesh backing, but the rest of the chair is upholstered in beautiful smooth leather. The headrest logo stands out, but doesn’t detract from the overall seat design.


Measuring 56 x 26 x 22.75 inches (HWD), the chair has a large seat that can be spread out and comes with an optional headrest. The wheels are also built for hours of play and feature a locking feature for stability.

Comfort: it’s all about ergonomics

To say that the M9 chair offers adjustability would be an understatement. In fact, almost everything can be adjusted from the depth of the seat to the angle of the headrest – the chair is easy to adapt to your personal needs.

Combined with the usual soft foam for the seat, the M9 really adjusts to your shape once you have everything adjusted. However, it is imperative not to miss this crucial step – it can make the difference between hours of comfort and the onset of discomfort quickly. But when I considered everything for my body type, my back was happy with the change from my old chair.

Performance and use: excellent daily

Sure, I’m a repeat offender of the computer look and have been for years. But for the first time in a long time, the M9 seat made me want to sit back and straighten up.

I don’t really understand why I started sitting straighter while using the M9, but thanks to this chair and its ergonomic backrest, my back pain not only lessened, it stopped. I’m not saying this chair is a cure for back problems, but it definitely helped improve my posture while using the computer.


Another interesting feature of the M9 seat is the wheel lock. My work clothes and play equipment are placed in a room with original wooden floors. Most wheelchairs try to drive alone on a slippery floor. Thanks to the wheel lock, you don’t have to worry about accidentally pushing the chair off the table during a critical boss fight.

Even better, if you decide to take a nap but don’t want to move, you can rely on the M9’s extended recline, which allows the seat to recline up to 127 degrees. If you feel sleepy, that’s great. Personally, using 127 degrees made me a little nervous, but the good news is that the degree of tilt is adjustable too.

Do you just want a few degrees back? You can adjust it thanks to the levers under the seat. This feature also helped relieve my back when I felt like I had been sitting in the chair for too long. It’s a great and relaxing addition.

Mavix M9 chair vs. X Chair X4

While the M9 is the most expensive option available in the Mavix gaming chair range, X Chair’s X4 Executive Office Chair is a high-end office chair. Therefore, it makes sense to compare them, as they are suitable for both work and play environments.

This is where the differences come into play. While the M9 may seem like an ideal choice, especially when it comes to cost, the key word here is customization. The M9 has similar features to the X4 seat, but most cannot be adjusted on the M9. The X4 offers color customization, wheel upgrades, and even multiple seat foam options. If you’re looking for a nice upgrade to your office chair, the X4 chair may be a better fit for your interests. However, if you want a great gaming chair without extra features like memory foam, the M9 will suit your needs perfectly.


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Last judgement

A great gaming chair for everyday use.

While not customizable beyond aesthetic options, the M9 Gaming Chair is a solid and simple way to enjoy any gaming hobby without worrying about back pain. Especially the sleeping technique and lockable wheels are nice bonuses. The price may seem a bit high, but it’s a worthwhile investment for any player.

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