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The best business equipment and accessories of 2022




Welcome to our selection of the best business supplies available today. These are the latest devices and tools that can transform any modern office into a more productive and connected office.

The best office supplies in this guide offer new ways to improve productivity and efficiency and pair perfectly with office supplies like printers, servers, and routers. These products will give you a boost as soldiers, companies and organizations around the world discover the joys and sorrows of hybrid work.

EZQuest GaN 120W USB-C Charger

The best business equipment and accessories of 2022

EZquest may be a new name for most of our readers, but the name has been around for more than two decades in creating external hard drives and backup solutions. Fast forward to 2022 and the new EZquest focuses on all types of peripherals. Docking stations, USB adapters, card readers and wall chargers. Their latest product is a 120W GaN power supply.

The manufacturer claims it’s 35% smaller than Apple’s 96-watt USB-C charger and half that of traditional silicon-based chargers. It could have been even smaller if it didn’t have a USB-A port and another USB Type-C port. Keep in mind that the maximum power you can supply to a single Type-C port is 100W.


It comes with a 2 meter long cable that allows the user to charge and sync their device. The cable is reinforced with a Kevlar core and apparently can withstand 50,000 turns; Comes with a free EU pin converter (plus a built-in foldable US plug) and a longer-than-average 18-month warranty. As expected, it comes with safety features such as over current, over voltage, over heat and short circuit.

At just under $ 100, it’s competitively priced against the 100W Hyperjuice GaN USB charger (opens in a new tab), although there are similar models from lesser-known brands that sell for less on Amazon. However, it’s relatively large compared to a lower wattage PSU, which can be a hindrance if you want something that doesn’t strain your grip.

It’s one of the best laptop chargers (at least universal ones) on the market today, one with Type-C connectors.

HyperJuice GaN 100W USB-C charger

The best business equipment and accessories of 2022

HyperJuice, owned by tech accessories giant Targus, has launched a 100W stackable USB-C charger (opens in a new tab) based on gallium nitride (GaN) technology, which allows it to be efficient (up to 95% according to Hyperjuice).

This means that it is much more compact than traditional power transmission technologies and can also produce much higher power. It measures 85 x 45 x 30.5mm and weighs just 166g, making it small enough to comfortably carry around.


It has a 2-pin plug and a built-in power socket (1500W) with three 100W Type-C connectors and an 18W USB Type-A port.This means you can theoretically plug in a 16W Apple MacBook Pro laptop inches.

But don’t expect to run a mobile workstation or gaming laptop with a powerful discrete graphics card.

Thanks to its design, it adapts perfectly to any socket, making it less prone to falls. However, we do not recommend stacking 16 ports (for a total of 64 ports) in one socket, as the combined weight can strain the latter. There are no cables included, so you have to buy them yourself. Make sure your USB cables can handle the power requirements of connected devices.

Please note that a 3-pin UK plug version is not available at the time of writing, and the HyperJuice 100W USB-C Charger only has a one year warranty. In addition to the 100W model, there is a smaller 65W model that is currently out of stock.

At just under $ 100 with free US shipping, the Hyperjuice GaN 100W USB-C Stackable Charger is definitely one of the best laptop chargers (at least in terms of universal chargers) on the market today.


Mujjo laptop bag

The best business equipment and accessories of 2022

It’s always important to protect your devices on the go, but what if you want to do it in style? Dutch company Mujjo has a range of high-quality cases and covers for phones and laptops, and we got to try their 13-inch Macbook Air case (opens in a new tab).

The design is sure to be luxurious, made with a combination of felt and vegetable tanned leather and secured with a single snap button for quick opening and closing. The case is designed to fit the latest 13 “MacBook Air and MacBook Pro devices, but we’ve found it works with other laptops too. Documents and other essentials – and there’s even a dedicated place to store debit / credit cards. or SD. is definitely a luxury item for your device and is sure to stand out.

Pioneer PD 20000mAh 80W AC Portable Laptop Charger

The best business equipment and accessories of 2022

Keeping all your devices charged and ready to use has certainly gotten easier with portable power banks (opens in a new tab). How about if you also need power for your laptop, portable monitor or even a small TV when you’re out and about without a power outlet? Fortunately, some manufacturers are starting to add a power outlet to their portable batteries, so they can charge or charge almost any device, whether they are connected via USB or an outlet.

RavPower has you covered with a portable laptop charger (opens in a new tab) that won’t break the bank. The company’s Pioneer PD 20000 (opens in a new tab) costs just $ 89.99 and can charge all your devices because it has a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and a 3-pin power socket. RavPower also produces two different versions of the device, depending on whether a North American or British outlet is required to charge the laptop or other AC powered devices.

As the name suggests, the Pioneer PD 20000 has a 20,000mAh battery capable of delivering 74 Wh of power. The device’s 30W PD port can fully charge a 2015 Macbook in about two hours, while the Quick Charge 3.0 port can provide up to 18W of power to compatible USB-A devices. The AC port of the Pioneer PD 20000 can reach up to 100W AC.


If you are preparing for a trip and just thinking about packing the Pioneer PD 20000, you won’t have to wait too long to fully charge the device as it can be recharged in just three hours. While the device is certainly larger than most power banks, it can easily slip into the side pocket of a backpack or briefcase as it measures 2.7 inches in width and 5.8 inches in length. However, you don’t want to carry the Pioneer PD 20000 for too long, as it weighs 660g.

In addition to a single USB-C to USB-C cable, RAVPower also includes a carrying case with pockets to keep your laptop’s portable charger safe while on the go. It’s worth noting that no USB-C adapter is included, but if you’re looking for a portable battery with a USB-C port, you’ll probably still have the battery that came with your smartphone or laptop.

Logitech Zone Wired Headphones

The best business equipment and accessories of 2022

As workers around the world adapt to the new way of working from home, the need for sturdy, high-quality headsets can be vital for those who have to participate in a lot of conference calls.

Logitech is known for its wide range of IT accessories, and the Zone Wired Headphones (opens in a new tab) are its move to conquer the headphone market for those who work at home. Connected via USB-C or USB-A, the Zone Wired headset is a handy companion for video conferencing and collaboration calls on all major software platforms – we’ve tested it perfectly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex . . The sound quality is incredibly clear, as the built-in microphone has no problem recording speech even at low volumes, and the headphones themselves offer excellent playback, not even half as good as standard music devices.

The microphone also has an automatic mute feature when you turn it up, which means that if you have to get water, cough, or even yell at your family to calm down, your coworkers won’t be wise anymore.


The only drawback, though, is, as the name suggests: the lack of wireless functionality. Zone Wired has a very long headphone cable, but if you’re looking for something to use on the go, this isn’t for you.

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