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13 Stunning Ariana Grande Makeup Looks from Over the Years



13 Stunning Ariana Grande Makeup Looks from Over the Years

In a conversation with Ariana Grande’s makeup artists, one thing is clear: she is a true artist. You have not only created a space as a pioneer in the music industry; she has also become on the beauty front, in particular of R.E.M. Beauty (which she has been wearing secretly for years on tour and on the red carpet) and her hit perfume line Ariana Grande (which I’d like to write and say her Cloud Eau de Parfum is as good as you’ve heard, if not better) .

It’s also worth noting that Grande’s beauty team regularly promotes her collaborative nature and kindness to her, a quality not always seen in superstars of her stature. “There’s always a collaborative atmosphere with Ari,” says makeup artist Michael Anthony. “She makes me feel so strong and appreciated by celebrating my creativity and my ideas. We have so much fun doing it together. ”

All of which means that Grande is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to beauty. And over the course of her long career, she has offered us some very distinctive looks. Browse our 13 favorite Ariana Grande makeups of all time over the years.

Simple charm

It’s fair to say that Dangerous Woman set the stage for the classic Ariana Grande glamor that we’ve come to know and love. Though she lacks her winged liner, manicured brows, a seamless base and bold lashes are part of the star’s makeup selection. Even on a black and white album cover, the look is unbeatable without feeling over the top.

Soft and sweet

Justice for the era of Ariana’s short wing. There’s something simple and classic about this look – we love it just as much today as we did in 2016.


A modern angel

From a Sistine Chapel-inspired Vera Wang gown to stunning makeup, Ariana Grande’s 2018 Met Gala look is simply iconic. Obviously, the key is starting with a solid foundation. Her skin has been ripped off and she still looks quite natural, putting her classic winged lining in the center of attention. Just a touch of highlighter in the inner corner and a strong contour, the result is a fresh take on classic old Hollywood glamor.


Artist Alexa Meade is responsible for this absolute masterpiece of Grande’s “God Is a Woman” music video. The look, which can rightly only be described as a work of art, was inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, specifically a 1923 piece called Gray Lines with Black, Blue and Yellow. And while it took weeks to complete, the body painting process only took about 40 minutes. And as if we couldn’t love Big enough, it turns out she painted her lips. Meade said she is a professional with the brush.

A disturbing transformation

You can’t talk about Grande’s best makeup artists and not talk about her extravagant Halloween makeup looks. A true Halloween fan at heart, the musician is never afraid of scary and scary things. Is it just me or is she still absolutely gorgeous here?

YouTube video

Brilliant charm

These tanned eyes, sharp wings, and naked lips at the 2020 Grammys were Ariana Grande’s classic glam moment. To recreate this look, makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla says it’s about playing with the eyes while keeping the lips shiny and bare. And it’s actually not that hard to recreate because he actually used his line of hers, R.E.M. Beauty, that night – a full 22 months before the product launch. Chinchilla used At the Borderline Eyeliner Marker in Midnight Black to create a classic cat look. He then added At the Borderline Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in the same shade to his waterline to add drama. For his lips, he sported Plumping Lip Gloss in VCR, which Chinchilla says is the perfect neutral.


Galactic Glimmer

In classic Ari style, Grande was actually on tour during her performance at Coachella in 2019. And according to Chinchilla, the tour makeup means one thing: “glamor mode.” Using the R.E.M. Midnight Shadows Liquid Eyeshadow in Hot Lava as a base, then she modeled her eyes with the Midnight Shadows Eyeshadow palette in Babydoll. And, of course, her eyes wouldn’t be complete without the star’s signature black coat.

“To make her cheekbones shine, I used Midnight Shadows liquid eyeshadow in Fembot,” says Chinchilla. I love applying accent colors and all that glitters.”

A graphic moment

Anthony credits Grande for the white eyeliner in this look. “Rehearsing with Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga? You literally can’t go wrong. “We have to agree.

Blooming eyelashes

Grande is a glamor girl through and through. Just take her 27th birthday during the pandemic, when she celebrated it with an amazing array of floral lashes. Anthony says he’s still absolutely obsessed with this look in particular – there’s something so beautiful and amazing about it. “The trick to making this look work is to pre-glue the flowers to the individual lashes so they can be easily placed where they fit,” she says. “In addition, I think it’s important to have different colors and sizes so as not to overload the eyes.”

60s style

“We approached [the ‘Positions’ album cover] like any other collaboration,” Anthony told me. “I checked what the style vibe was, we exchanged inspiration and off we went! Sometimes magic happens in a chair and you just go with it. Ultimately, Anthony created a sleek, beautiful and modern take on 60s glamour, she says she sneaked in a few lower lashes for some more drama and kept the matte textures as a nod to mod.


Retro future

Though she had prepared the perfect look, she completely changed gears after seeing the outfit on her lunch break. “I asked the nail technician if I could use some of her metal strips, and I made a circuit board on wax paper and then set it up as the Arille Femme Bot and it worked,” she says. “I think it’s important to listen to your intuition and when an idea comes up, work on it and see if it’s right. It was quite campy, but also very stylish.”

Effortless elegance

While Grande never shied away from a bold look, she gave her wedding a distinctive aesthetic with an elegant and timeless bridal suite. Makeup artist Ash K Holm kept the look quite matte and minimal, focusing on her eyes. She blended a soft natural brown smoky eye to create definition and added a subtle winged cat eye and lashes to top it off. Holm balanced the eye with a matte, biting lipstick and a subtle contour.

Incredibly sharp

When Grande finally got R.E.M. Beauty has released a series of images showing what the products can do. We love how this creates an ethereal glow while also incorporating the star’s signature feline look.

Grande’s makeup artists say that getting a sharp winged liner that feels like home takes practice and finding the right product. They are all his R.E.M. fans. line markers, as well as Ari herself. thin and flexible,” she told us at launch.

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