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How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Hair: Ideas And Tutorials



How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Hair: Ideas And Tutorials

If your hair has ever touched bleach or some other hot tool, you are probably familiar with spot repair treatments. Extremely popular hair care products have been touted as the closest thing to magic in repairing damage like breakage and dryness.

Previously only available as complementary treatments in the salon, there are now a plethora of at-home products to choose from, each with a dedicated and loyal fan base that will defend their favorite brand at all costs on TikTok and Instagram.

Being guilty of dyeing my hair every three months, blow drying it a few times a week and using a flat iron almost every day, I am well versed in the world of glue fixation products and have strong opinions on which brands to use. is the best. However, Living Proof has (finally) started building the bond with their new Triple Bond Complex Hair Strengthener and, with impressive results, made my previous treatment to revive my dry and frizzy ends.

Read about my honest experience with Living Proof’s Triple Bond Complex treatment, which I got to test before launch.

  • How to get perfect hair at the salon without going to the salon?
  • What are Bond repair products?

Bond repair products strengthen damaged cuticles that have been opened during chemical treatments or heat styling, which leads to the breakdown of proteins in the hair.

Each product has its own bonding technology that strengthens and seals the hair cuticles and rebuilds damaged protein chains in the hair. Over time, dry, dull and brittle hair becomes stronger, but after one use the hair becomes shinier and softer.


Bond repair treatments can be used for all hair types and textures, and they’re not just for chemically treated hair. Those with virgin hair who regularly use hot tools can benefit from incorporating a weekly bond repair treatment into their hair care routine.

Benefits of the life-proof triple bond complex

  • Living Proof’s patented technology creates a 3D net in each strand of hair and creates new bonds to strengthen and repair it from the inside.
  • The formula creates all three types of bonds (hydrogen, ionic and covalent) for immediate and lasting results.
  • Hair is softer, smoother and shinier after use. The scattered tops are also less visible.
  • The composition is cruelty free, safe for colored and chemically treated hair and does not contain sulphates, phthalates, silicones and parabens.
  • Ivy Ji, director of research and measurement at Living Proof, says Triple Bond Complex stands out from other spot repair products on the market because it targets all three types of hair bonds and works for all hair types. and damage levels. not just badly damaged wires.

“Current technologies on the market generally target only one or two hair types with varying effectiveness, leading to results that may not match healthy, undamaged hair,” says Ji. This weekly leave-in treatment uses revolutionary patent-pending technology designed to create and repair all three types of bonds in the hair and build a 3D network within the hair. This improves their core strength and provides both instant repair and lasting protection to the hair. future damage – for hair that looks and feels like new. ”

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Life-proof triple bond complex

How do you use the Living Proof Triple Bond Complex?

The best thing about this bandage repair treatment is that it does not require rinsing. Once a week, after shampooing and treating your hair, apply 1-2 doses of Triple Bond Complex in the shower to the medium lengths and ends of the hair. Run the remaining residue in your hands through the roots.

Plus, it helps keep the fresh color bright and vibrant.”

Triple Bond Complex requires heat activation and the brand recommends letting it marinate in your hair for 10 minutes before blow-drying. However, you can change the way you use it to suit your own styling needs, even if you’re a fan of air-drying your hair.


“Personally, I love to air dry my hair because I like my natural wave,” says Perry. “I use the formula, let my hair air dry and blow dry the next morning for about a minute to make sure I get the long-lasting benefits.”

My experience using the life-resistant triple bond complex

Living Proof invited me to Perry’s new Soho salon in New York to try out how the Triple Bond Complex works in combination with a color treatment. Perry refreshed the faded cool dark chocolate, then applied a post-shampoo treatment and conditioner to my hair.

Once my hair was dry, I could see (and feel) the difference right away. My color was shiny and my thick, slightly frizzy hair was much softer and smoother. I could even go an entire week without washing my hair again as it stayed clean and bouncy, which was an impressive feat in the summer humidity.

When I used the Triple Bond Complex at home, I saw the same results. What I liked the most is that it is very easy to use and does not add any extra time to my hair care routine. Basically, I just switched to my post-wash conditioner.

Since my hair is very thick, I usually let it dry for about an hour before going in the Dyson, otherwise I would spend 20 minutes drying my hair. So, using Perry’s example, I let the treatment soak into my hair before warming it up, and I still got the same frizz-free result as in the salon.


The size of the bottle is also convenient. When I travel, I usually carry a bandage repair treatment with me to minimize the effect of hard water in different cities on my hair color and health. Therefore, Triple Bond Complex is small enough to fit in my toiletry bag and go through TSA.

The ultimate takeaway

As someone who has tried all the harsh bond-enhancing treatments out there, I am seriously impressed with Living Proof’s Triple Bond Complex and see myself continuing to incorporate it into my hair care routine. Some of the other bonding repair treatments I use are like band-aids – they coat the hair to make it healthier, but the result washes off every time I wash it. This product makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny with no build-up or residue and is incredibly quick and easy to use. A win for everyone in my book.

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