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Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Wedding and New Marriage



Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Wedding and New Marriage

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married, and yes, we’re over 2002. The Hollywood couple, who previously married in the early 2000s, finally tied the knot two decades later, in July 2022. On a simple love trip in Las Vegas, the couple exchanged vows in front of an intimate group of loved ones, hinting at their quiet and their rekindled romance, which was a significant departure from the limelight for both of them, especially considering their prolific careers.

“We said our vows in a small chapel and exchanged rings that we will wear for the rest of our lives,” Lopez told fans in her On the JLo newsletter. The story of Lopez and Affleck is quite long. After an emotionally charged breakup, the stars eventually moved on with other partners. Both have been welcoming their children for the past 20 years. It was confirmed that both Children’s Groups witnessed the couple’s exchange of vows. (Affleck shares three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, while Lopez shares twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony.)

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Although it was an unlikely match and a pop culture story when they rekindled their romance in 2021, Jennifer’s story is one that appeals to millennials and hopeless romantics alike. Read more about the pair below.

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  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding details
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  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding details

A couple running away

On Saturday, July 16, the couple finally exchanged their vows in a simple love affair at the famous A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. In a 2020 interview with The Knot, chapel owner Charlette Richards explained why Las Vegas was accessible to all types of couples. “Getting married here is easy in every way. Our marriage licenses do not require blood tests or waiting time. Our marriage license office is open 24 hours Friday and Saturday (midnight to Sunday evening). , 8:00 AM – Midnight Monday through Thursday – some weekends are just lines and lines of limousines “, he said.

“We were barely in the little white wedding chapel at midnight,” Lopez wrote in her newsletter. “They kindly opened a few minutes late. Let’s take pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible apparently used by the King himself (but if we wanted to show Elvis himself, it cost more and he was in bed).”

Jennifer, like the other couples, waited in that line. The vows were exchanged a little after 12:30. “Between arrival and marriage, the couple has to wait at least four hours – you never know how long the line will be to get a marriage license,” Richards added. Mid-week is often just fine. If you’re getting married when Comdex (the annual computer convention in Las Vegas – the world’s largest convention of any kind) is in town, either on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Day, you have to must be booked at least eight months in advance.”


Jennifer Lopez had two wedding dresses

On her wedding day, Lopez wore two different looks, both featuring designer pieces with sentimental ties. The first dress, a sleeveless vintage piece, was revealed in a post shared by celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, who did all of Lopez’s hair and makeup on her wedding day. After some digging by careful observers (including Instagram and EliteDaily users), Lopez initially hinted that the song was filmed in an “old movie.” In the same clip shot by Appleton, the beaming bride reveals the origins of her wedding dress: one of two looks that will be standard for every bride in 2022. “I’ve had this dress for so many years,” she says in the video. . “And I wore it, and I wore it, and I wore it. And now I’m wearing it at my wedding.”

It was just one of two dresses Lopez wore that eventually became another designer outfit. Zuhair Murad’s piece (from his 2023 bridal collection) featured intricate lace, a corseted bodice and fishtail train. Her choice of a Zuhair Murad dress certainly didn’t come as a surprise to fans. Lopez has long been loyal to Murad, including wearing several of the couture designer’s outfits during the “big” wedding scene in her 2022 film, Marry Me.

“Zuhair Murad is a designer that Jenifer has a really strong relationship with. We’ve all watched … and we started watching [most of] the wedding week,” film costume designer Caroline Duncan previously said. There were probably 15 participants who were all happy to borrow. They all love working with Jennifer and she’s been around all the time. time beautiful Zuhair sent in two dresses, both track champions, hadn’t even gone into production and it was the first time he was a clear winner when it came to her.”

Let me think for a moment… It is clear that Zuhair Murad’s wedding dress was a counterfeit. For four days it was very uncomfortable… every time I had to wear it, it was so tight around me.”

Lopez now has a platinum wedding ring

The polysyllable also lit up the morning after the wedding day, sharing photos of the new girlfriend, the platinum band.  Jewelers co-owner Jennifer Candia told The Knot. It is practically a very precious metal and the classic platinum band can easily last a lifetime and then be passed down from generation to generation. The cool colors go together beautifully warm metals such as rose and yellow gold, creating a contrast that makes wedding rings special and sets them apart from fashion jeweler.”


The move is somewhat unusual in 2022. “When the couple’s rings are exposed, they appear to have chosen a matching set of solid platinum wedding bands, which has been the norm for many years,” Candia notes. “But in recent decades it has fallen out of favor with couples who wanted their bands to reflect their individual style. This nod to tradition feels romantic and nostalgic, communicating the continued existence of their love to the world with pure white platinum- band.

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He has changed his name

Lopez also revealed another important post-wedding update in her newsletter. The best night of our lives,” he wrote. Then he signed it, “Ms. Jennifer Lynn Affleck”. (Do you think it’s symbolic or did he use the service to change his name?)

How did Ben Affleck propose to Jennifer Lopez? (Yet)

After months of paparazzi photos and speculation about “Bennifer” status, Lopez announced in an April 2022 newsletter that she was re-engaged to Affleck, two decades after the Armageddon actor initially asked the question. In the video announcement, the bride-to-be unveiled a huge green diamond engagement ring (8.5 carats to be exact).

I was completely surprised and looked at him smiling and crying at the same time looking for so much to overcome In my head that after 20 year again happened I was literally speechless and he said “Is it yes?” I said YES sure it is YES Lopez wrote at the time “I laughed so much and the tears were streaming down my cheeks I felt so unbelievably happy and very. It wasn’t luxurious at all, but it was the most romantic thing I could ever imagine… just a quiet Saturday night at home, two people who promise to always be there for each other. Two very happy people. Who have been given a second chance in true love.”

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