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The 15 Best Shoes for High Arches That Won’t Hurt Your Feet



The 15 Best Shoes for High Arches That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

Let’s face it: not all shoes are made for walking, especially if you have high arches. For those of us with high arches, it’s not always easy to find shoes that support the back and are as stylish as they are functional. But it turns out that you just need to know where to look and what to look for. With that in mind, we enlisted Dr. Brad Schaeffer, a senior certified podiatrist, and fashion expert Tanya Tam burin to help us determine the best high arch shoes, considering everything from arch support (of course). to comfort and style.

Best overall contest: Hokan One One Bondi 7

Our best overall selection is also recommended by Dr. Schaeffer. “I like to recommend Hoka running shoes for people with high arches because they have an excellent release function that provides a good balance of transfer between the heel and toe,” he explains. In addition to this feature, the sneakers are made of very comfortable memory foam material, a sturdy EVA midsole and a rubber sole that increases grip and support.

Best budget: Reebok Princess running shoes

We’ll be honest: it’s hard to find affordable shoes for high arches. A lot has to do with the quality required for a comfortable pair of shoes. However, the Reebok Princess running shoe is a great option, and if you shop on Amazon, some sizes are as low as $ 30 per pair. These ultra resistant sneakers feature a comfortable EVA midsole with a synthetic leather rubber sole (which makes them water resistant!), Lightweight and breathable technology to keep the soles dry. In addition, more than 6,500 customers highly recommend them for their spaciousness (a must for high arches), comfort when traveling long distances and elegant style.

Best Designer: Beak Pelican Flat form Sandal

Some shoes are secretly supportive, like these Beak slippers. The designer shoes are made from ultra soft leather and feature a molded memory foam sicklier that provides extra cushioning and arch support. They also have a rubber sole that increases grip and safety. While these designer shoes are a little heavier, they are the most comfortable and supportive sandals you can wear.

Best on Amazon: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Sheena Wedge Sandals

The best shoes on Amazon for high arches are undoubtedly these Dr. Scholl’s. Recommended by over 2,000 customers, these sandals may have heels, but are so comfortable thanks to the molded sole. Additionally, some say it looks like they’re walking with Tempur-Pedic insoles, and others keep them regularly in their arsenal of orthoses (but you’d never know they’re orthoses).


Best sneaker: Clove Gray Matter Clove shoe

We pay attention to every sneaker designed specifically for nurses and doctors who stand on their feet all day. These Clove shoes are inspired by long hospital runs, but are also great sneakers for everyday life – and stylish too. We love the dark neoprene material, the thick rubber sole and the drawstring laces. But most of all, we love that they offer the best comfort, fit and support.

Best for the job: Avionic Delphine Singback Flat

These shoes can be flat, but don’t underestimate them. They are stylish, elegant and perfect for both elegant dress codes and casual Friday outfits. But above all they support the foot. Although the outsole is flat, the insole is designed to hug the arches of your feet and encourage proper alignment with Vio-Motion technology, providing long-lasting support and comfort.

Best Heel: Cloud feel Espadrille Wedge Sandals by Cole Hana

When it comes to supportive heels, wedges are our favorite. But if you have high arches, they must have a little more radiation to support. These Cole Hana wedges feature an outsole engineered with GRANDFØAM technology for lasting comfort and contoured cushioning for added support.

Best Mules: Softball Wolcott Mule

We’re all focused on shoes with removable insoles that make it easy to get the perfect fit. Roomy enough for high arches, these leather mules have a removable insole designed with arch support. However, if it doesn’t provide enough support or isn’t the right type of support, you can simply remove it and replace it with something else, like these Tread Labs Pace Insoles.

Best Slip-Ons: Alberts Tree Chairs

Loafers aren’t the best high heels, but some styles have a lot more support than others. Example: Alberts wooden ladies chairs are very comfortable with high curved legs. The eco-friendly shoes are made of light eucalyptus fibers, have a roomy design (enough room for extra insoles) and an S-curved sole for extra support and comfort.


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Best Clogs: Dansk Kane Clog

Clogs are great for high arches because they tend to provide much more arch support, especially the Dansk Kane Clog. We like these shoes because they are lightweight (which is impressive for clogs) and they have a removable EVA insole with cushioning and arch support that makes adjusting the support even easier.

Best Sandals: Aerosols Brianna

These Aerosols sandals check all the high arch boxes. The stylish loafers have a memory foam insole with cushioned insoles for comfort and support, reducing shock with every step. While this may not be to everyone’s advantage, the shoes are also a bit large, which is helpful for those with high arches.

Best Slides: Arizona Birkenstock Suede Platform

According to Dr. Shaeffer Birkenstocks have passed the test of the best high heels. Our top pick in this category is the classic Arizona style with a twist. These platform skates have a thick, supportive EVA outsole with an anatomical cork insole for maximum comfort.

Best Slippers: Skechers Arch Fit Lounge – Relax

First, they’re designed with foot comfort in mind, featuring an Arch Fit® comfort insole with a cushioned ULTRA GO® midsole. But otherwise the fluffy texture makes them even more comfortable, and you get this, they are machine washable.


Best for Running: Brooks Running Launch GTS 9

These sneakers have a 10mm drop midsole with lightweight yet highly effective cushioning and ankle support. And the great thing is that the insoles are removable, so you can add your own insoles if you need even more arch support.

Best for Hiking: Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace Sneaker

The Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace sneaker is our top pick in this category for its versatility and incredible support: the molded EVA sole and Lively foam midsole are dream and style. But we also like them because they have a lot of grip, which is great for hiking and can be used on the mountain too.

What should you pay attention to in high-heeled shoes?

Soft and firm midsoles

“When you buy shoes, look for shoes with a supportive midsole and more volume, because a high, arched foot needs more room in the shoe,” Tam burin says.

Plenty of room to move

In addition to having enough space around the midsole, you also need to make sure the shoe has “enough toe box to allow the toes to move without restriction,” says Dr. Schaeffer.

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