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31 Elevated Nail Designs For Special Occasions



31 Elevated Nail Designs For Special Occasions

so often people assume that nail art must be inherently bold. Instead, we’re here to highlight sublime nail designs that are subtle enough for conservative work environments and sophisticated enough for tie-dye affairs. The color palettes are mostly neutral and the designs are simpler, but be clear – these nail art ideas are anything but boring.

Read on to discover dozens of sublime yet sublime nail art ideas. Make sure you take a screenshot of what you want to recreate so that you have an inspirational image on hand for your manicure (or yourself).

Pink marble

You can embrace one of the hottest nail trends of the season and continue to embrace an office-friendly nail look. Example: these beautiful pink marble nails. Hope they give you the power of rose quartz when you wear them.

Naked peach

A raised nail can be as simple as picking a nice subtle shade. Check out these peach colored nails and you will understand what we mean.

Stacked gems

Gemstones go a long way when it comes to creating a stylish nail look. This would be perfect for a bride (or anyone who likes a little bling).


Abstract champagne

This manicure may be abstract, but its subtle, shimmering nail color offers a sophisticated and artistic feel. Most importantly, because it’s abstract, it’s easy to recreate. Dip a toothpick or dot tool into the rose gold polish and run it along each nail. Finish with the top coat.

White traced

To get the look of a raised nail it is not necessary to cover all nails with a full layer of color. Here’s how a gorgeous white outline and well-placed jewels and dots can enhance your look in a minimalist way.

Short acrylic paint

Milky red gradient nails? Talk about the coolest thin acrylic.

Glitter shadows

Light purple glitter eyeshadow? Yes thanks!

Rounded French tips

Point blank: you can never go wrong with a classic French manicure.


Chevron with gold glitter

The Chevron with gold glitter on top of the dark berry offers a great sophisticated and fun contrast.

Lunatic French maniac

If you like the look of a French mane but want to get creative with color, you can choose a palette suitable for fall and winter to keep a highlighted mood.

Black French tips

It is a particularly great option for black tie affairs.

Sparkling mauve

Sparkly pink nails can also look sophisticated. Go for a purple hue and coat the bottom with a solid metallic silver to balance out the whimsical shade.

Fine acrylic paint

Acrylic nails don’t have to be incredibly long. These square nails prove it. They also show how tempting the asymmetrical grip of French splints can be.


Milk brown diagonal tips

Tips covered in minimalist brown? Absolute. (P.S. Nail stripe tape makes it easy to redo this nail.)

Khaki and gold

Khaki and gold can make a decent combination. In addition, the negative space gives the manicure a neat growth.

Naked hearts

Even seasonal nails can look sophisticated with the right decorative elements. Look at these heart claws. Thanks to the nude background and the very fine white lining, they look sober.

YouTube video

Geometric negative space

Are you looking for a sophisticated manicure worthy of a tie?


Polka dots in gold foil

Diagonal purple dots with gold flakes everywhere? It is an abstract design that looks subtle and undoubtedly sublime.

Velvet nails

Velvet nails are a great alternative to raised nails, because the varnish alone creates a sophisticated result.

Mauve diagonals

Of course, if you want to keep it as simple as possible, you can leave the gold flakes out, even for a nice manicure.

Cloud-like tips

Whether you see hearts or clouds, these playful gold and white nails offer a fun yet sophisticated vibe.

Berry Fading

Want to join the rainbow nail trend without wearing a bold rainbow? This pink to berry ombré picks up the trend and looks suitable for the office.


Minimalist Art Deco

Do you want to make more of a statement with your nails? These subtle art deco nails will have you swooning.

Neutral acrylic paint

Acrylic nails are often automatically seen as greasy. However, if you opt for a neutral nail polish color, you can adopt the idea of ​​thin acrylic paint.

Tips in the turtle

Turtle tips are the perfect option for someone who wants to get into the latest nail trends without a completely daring manicure.

A drop of chocolate

This water-marbled brown Ombre manicure gives us delicious milk chocolate and caramel vibes. It looks cute.

lilac stunner

Carefully placed gold foil can go a long way. Looking at these proves that they are magically stylish.


Glitter Halfpipes

If you choose only half of the nail glitter, you will get a fun yet stylish nail design. And the good news: it’s easy to recreate. Start with a base coat, then apply a strip of masking tape to the center of each nail and paint glitter polish on the side of the tape. Remove the tape when it is completely dry and complete the finishing touches.

Nudity fades

This is probably the thinnest rainbow we’ve ever seen.

Little Evil Eyes

Evil eyes create almost imperceptible nail art. In other words, very high.

Abstract nude

Nude and white always combine beautifully for a simple (yet striking) look. Especially this is easy to do yourself. All you need is a bare base with white colors and dots on it.

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