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Essential Tips for making your T-shirt printing business successful



Essential Tips for making your T-shirt printing business successful

T-shirts have always been part of the wardrobe all over the world. It is the best apparel product you can use to plan your business for any era. The T-shirt business, especially the creation of printing companies, is considered highly profitable given the current statistics. In 2020, the global custom print and t-shirt market reached $ 3.64 billion. It is expected to grow further in 2021-2028 at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.7%.

Another report states that the international custom print and t-shirt market is expected to exceed $ 10 billion by 2025. All these statistics point to growing business opportunities in the sector. With this background, entrepreneurs invest in custom printed t-shirts.

With the capital, resources and the right plan, it is quite possible to start a business in the aforementioned field. However, the long-term success of a business requires much more than capital and resources. Growing your business requires you to make the right decisions about the design, materials and market of your product. Here are some helpful tips that can help you take your business to a high level of prosperity.

Get to know the legends, follow their path as you wish

The search for inspiration is part of human nature. That’s why it’s essential to know a little about the legends of t-shirt printing and how they made their mark on the industry. In the late 1980s, Bert and John Jacobs, the founders of the multi-billion dollar T-shirt company “Life is Good”, began selling T-shirts on road trips.

They intended to sell their products to students but failed. On a long journey, they discussed how the media focuses on negative stories. They had a completely opposite and new idea in a world full of negativity and thus Life is Good T-shirts was born which now has a turnover of $ 100 million.


Another legendary story is Catesby Jones, who graduated from college and invested everything he had in credit cards to start his own T-shirt business. It was the year 1985 when the idea of ​​him for Peace Frogs, another big name in the sector, was born.

These legends have done amazing things in the industry in times when there were no resources like digital presses, social media for mass marketing campaigns, large distribution networks, etc. Despite everything, they started a t-shirt printing business and opened the doors for today’s entrepreneurs. Their stories tell us that t-shirt printing really requires resources, but success comes from inspiration, ideas and creativity that give you the opportunity to make your own unique mark on the crowd.

Know your market

It is very important to first define the market you are working in. For example, if your range is aimed at kids, you should do market research to find out what’s fun and popular with kids right now. Once you know the current demand, you can plan your results accordingly so that your target market can connect with your projects and favor them over others who don’t click or select interest.

Create the right balance

Design is key when printing t-shirts. Therefore, you should focus on your plans. The market is full of colors, gothic patterns and simple mixes. You have to find a place in the middle and you can only do that by balancing your design across all the niches. Mix a little of each world and create something unique.

However, if you want to reach a full demographic with your product, you need to balance your model in a way that is understandable and acceptable to everyone. If you’re going to use humor in your prints, keep it lighthearted and witty to attract attention with gusto and not be hateful. Brad McGinty is a designer who cares about good balance.


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Buy Bella Canvas t-shirt to print

A good printer is important for a high quality end result, but the suitability of the material is just as important. That’s why it’s important to find a brand that produces products that are ideal for printing techniques. Bella Canvas is today’s best brand known for its soft, high quality material. They make t-shirts that are precisely designed to be personalized in a variety of ways. With that in mind, your best bet for a successful t-shirt printing business is to purchase a Bella Canvas t-shirt for your typography.

You can easily buy Bella Canvas shirts from online wholesalers at very reasonable prices.


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