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Eyeliner Tape Can Help You Achieve Your Sharpest Wings Yet—Here’s How to Use it



Eyeliner Tape Can Help You Achieve Your Sharpest Wings Yet—Here's How to Use it

If “Euphoria” has taught us anything (other than the importance of having steady friends and the dangers of drug use), it’s that unconventional eye makeup is a must in 2022. And as much as we love the master’s makeup. showman, Donni Davy’s use of vibrant eyeshadows and artfully placed jewelry, today we’re here to grind “floating eyeliner.” Floating eyeliner, also known as doubling eyeliner, uses negative space to exaggerate the overall look of the eye makeup. Since it’s still a relatively bold makeup, we thought it would be helpful to show you all the ways it can be worn. Whether you want an adult black eyeliner look or want a colorful masterpiece for your eyes, below are 17 floating eyeliner ideas and the products that bring them to life.

Floating eyeliner with precious stones

Davy is the first to prove that you can create floating eyeliners with more than just eyeliner. Here, he used small jewels instead of eyeliner on the upper arch of the floating model. Result? A magically exaggerated wing from which we cannot take our eyes off.

Beautiful in blue

There’s only one word to describe this teal floating eyeliner: gorgeous. Spice up your look by covering your lids with a bright blue-blue eyeshadow and complementing it with two curved lines of liquid white eyeliner. Simple as that!

Crisp black floating eyeliner

If you’re looking to upgrade to your classic black wingtip, take Davy to the wire and pin him like he did here on Barbie Ferreira (AKA Kat). Since this floating eyeliner look is particularly sharp, you should use a very fine-tipped liquid eyeliner and keep an angled brush and micellar water handy for easy touch-ups.

Double floating eyeliner

Another way to use floating eyeliner is to create a floating space between two wings, instead of a single oblique line extending towards the crease. Here, Davy dominated the look with a very long, very horizontal (rather than flipped) wing on Alexa Demie (aka Maddy). This is another example where it is very useful to have micellar water on hand to easily touch up the edges.


Thin, floating black eyeliner

Famous makeup artist Patrick Ta is best known for creating seemingly filtered skin, beautifully flushed cheeks and perfectly defined pout, but he also knows how to use floating eyeliner. Example: this floating two-line song by Dixie D’Amelio. If you look closely, you can even see small pieces of silver. The trick to making sure your gems last all night? Use eyelash glue!

Electric teal floating eyeliner

Let Lizzo show us how the floating eyeliner trend is born! Here, famous makeup artist Alexx Mayo accentuated a shimmering double wing with a metallic and thick teal accent that we honestly can’t look away from. If you ask us, this is the perfect floating eyeliner for a concert, party or just to have fun with makeup.

Reverse Neon floating eyeliner

Not all floating eyeliners need to be wing-shaped. Here, Ta shows how extending the liner from the inside corners can add intrigue to an otherwise simple makeup. And we have to admit we love the way it looks.

Blurred cobalt floating eyeliner

Another tip to keep in mind when creating a floating eyeliner look? Your lines don’t have to be super sharp. Here, Ta shows how a slightly diffused cobalt blue line can have a rather striking effect.

YouTube video

A floating eyeliner inspired by the 60s

Do you like Alexa Demi’s floating eyeliner idea, but want it to stand out a little more? Check out Raoúl Alejandre, the tech makeup artist used on Zendaya, here. By applying a white coating between the two black lines, she was able to bring her #MOTD to life instantly. The false eyelashes only add to the retro eye makeup look.

Check out the floating triple eyeliner

If your goal is to create a floating eyeliner that won’t soon be forgotten, this three-winged look is guaranteed to be a standout. Recreate it by placing a new single wing as usual, then position yourself slightly below the lower lash line and extend it horizontally under the original wing. Then draw another line at your fold, again targeting the horizontal corners and the space between the fold and the original wing. A word of warning: If you have narrowed eyes, this look will likely get lost in the creases of your lid and may not be the best option.

Pastel purple accents

Black and purple make for a notoriously bad color scheme, and we have to say that this fresh, floating eyeliner look from celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo is fierce to say the least. To recreate the look, apply a black liquid pencil along the upper lash line, extending the wing outward, then along the lower inner lash line to extend the wing inward. Fill the negative space with a pastel purple eyeshadow and voila!

Abstract Floating Liner

The goal of any floatliner is to make an impact, and if you analyze it, it has done its job. The good news is that you only need a straight white liner above each fold to turn heads.

Diffuse Floating Eyeliner

This floating eyeliner look is a little more vibrant because the color is used on the outer corners of the top lashes and then blends back into the full curve of each crease. While it has an earthy appeal, this look is meant to be a little menacing as it was created for Melissa Barrera’s first appearance in Scream.


Bad artwork

As if purple and black alone weren’t enough for a bright floating eyeliner look, here celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolff adds green and white to the mix for a final look that reminds us of Disney’s Maleficent. Of course, this mean trick requires expert mixing, precise plating, and precise touch-up, so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.


Loved the idea of ​​Patrick Ta’s bright orange floating eyeliner on Aimee Song, but want to extend the color all over your lids? Here’s what Kirby Howell-Baptiste looks like courtesy of famed makeup artist Brandy Allen.

Floating neon eyeliner

Create the ultimate festival-ready floating eyeliner masterpiece by taking a page from celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker’s book. To recreate this look she did on Grace Gaustad, pick five neon eyeliners (or use a damp brush dipped in your favorite neon eyeshadow palette) and apply each color in short sections. Then apply them lightly with a stiff brush to create an ever so slightly fuzzy look that mimics the look of a neon sign.

Minimalist Floating Eyeliner

If you like the idea of ​​a minimalistic floating eyeliner, stick with your tried-and-true black wing tip and pair it with contrasting lines above the crease and in the inner corner of the lower lashes, like famed makeup artist Rebekah Aladdin did for Justine. . Skye, here.

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