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Five tips for greener jewels on Earth Day 2022



Five tips for greener jewels on Earth Day 2022

Caring for the environment is a daily concern for many of us, but Earth Day is the perfect time to stop and think about the state of our planet and how we can help improve it. For Earth Day 2022, we’ve listed five tips to help you minimize your impact when buying and wearing jewelry with love. Our guide to sustainable jewelry options includes tips for considering your beloved jewelry, refurbishing worn-out jewelry, making sustainable gold your first choice, supporting jewelry that practices responsible jewelry, and wearing jewelry that reflects your love for our planet. .

1: Consider your beloved jewelry

If one of your goals in helping the planet is to reduce the purchase of new items, the solution may be to turn to Jewelers who sell antique or used items. There are countless stores that specialize in vintage jewelry, but one of our favorites is Lang Antiques. You can choose from thousands of unique, impressive pieces of expertly crafted jewelry when you visit them in San Francisco, or browse their website filled with carefully curated jewelry that owners Suzanne Martinez and Mark Zimmerman have built over the past three decades.

2: Detox your jewelry box

Browsing through the Earth Day jewelry box can be a smart way to satisfy the need for a new look without buying new jewelry. We often forget the transformability of jewelry: gold can be melted, stones can be cut or restored, and models can be renewed. Once you’ve selected the gemstones that wear very little, schedule an appointment with your favorite jewelry designer. This approach is perfect for songs that can remind you of a loved one or a special moment. We have direct experience with London designers such as Tomasz Donocik or Sarah Ho and were happy with the change. It can take a long time to practice, and there is a fee for the design and any additional materials, but choosing a jeweler that fits your style can be very rewarding and satisfying.

3: Look for durable gold

Some brands take the provenance of their gold very seriously. On January 1, 2022, Bulgari announced that 100% of its jewelry will be officially made with gold from fully traceable certified sources. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, said: “Sustainability in the luxury segment is becoming an increasingly important requirement for certification, which guarantees a responsibly managed supply chain. Since 2015, our gold has been sourced from certified suppliers, and our continued commitment has resulted in a full production of certified gold for a year by 2022.

Pomellato, which like Bulgari is part of the Kering group, is also committed to meeting the group’s certified gold sourcing standards and was the first jeweler to use Responsible Gold in all of its jewelry. A pioneer in sustainability, Pomellato goes even further with collections such as Nuvola, made entirely of Fairmined gold, a certified gold source that provides artisanal resources to miners and their communities in Peru and Colombia. Pomellato also finances a significant part of Amazon Kering’s reforestation project in French Guiana, which helps restore abandoned mining areas to their original state.


Chopard has used 100% ethical gold in its production since 2018 and was one of the first to adopt and support traceable gold. The Swiss jeweler presented its first gold jewelry from artisanal mines in Peru, supported by ARM (The Alliance for Responsible Mining), at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The earring and bracelet line was worn by Marion Cotillard on the red carpet.

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4: Support jewelers practicing sustainable practices

More and more jewelers are taking their efforts to reduce the impact of their creations on the planet seriously, and every month it’s easier to find “greener” jewelry. In honor of Earth Day 2022, you would commit to knowing the brands with your conscience and making them your first choice the next time you consider a new piece of jewelry. Here’s a list of green credentials jewelers you might consider: Pippa Small, Venyx or Shakti Ellenwood.

5: Use an earthly talisman

Place a miniature ball or gold nugget around your finger to remind you of the importance of Mother Earth’s health. Ilona Orel’s rotating sapphire and black diamond ball, Arman Sarkisyan’s Peace on Earth ring.


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