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The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Self-Care Guide



The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Self-Care Guide

So you’ve reached the wedding planning stage where you have a checklist to work on, your venue is private, and you may have even bought the dress of your dreams. Pleasure! Depending on the checklist you use (we recommend this one), you might see things like “do 10 facials, one a week before the wedding” or “get a personal trainer” (umm, rude). Frankly, some of these lists just overwhelm you with the exaggerated, inappropriate, and completely non-core extras they contain. At APW we are firmly convinced that you should be, look and be exactly yourself on your wedding day and every other day. So if it includes facials and gym memberships, great. If it’s just about waking up on your wedding day, wearing the same makeup you do on other days, and getting your hair done, good for you. We always recommend that you immediately remove anything that doesn’t work for you from your wedding planning checklist. Seriously. But if you’re looking for DIY/home care tips and tricks, you know, things to choose from and create your own personal wedding grooming routine…this is the list for you. .

I don’t know if it was stress (hello pandemic bride!) or just coincidence, but in the months leading up to the wedding I suddenly got huge rashes on my cheekbones (a place I’ve never had a single before). break up sooner). Constant facials were out of my budget, so I dove into the internet to find a plan to beat this new unwanted dude that had settled on my face. Because even though I’m usually a laid-back person and don’t care much about my makeup routine or personal trainers, despite that… I felt like I wanted my face to look like the one I’ve always had. I know it’s my wedding day. I started with game-changing self-care things and wanted to share my not-so-secret secrets with all of you.

As with our wedding planning checklist or anything else in life, just take what you think works for you and fits your budget and leave the rest (or leave everything behind). These are just a few great tips and things I like that will hopefully help you if you need some self-care. Plus, the new skin care products are much more fun to shop and use than many other wedding and lodging items, so enjoy!

Omni lux CLEAR

This is definitely a scam. But listen… all the research I did trying to figure out how to deal with my sore skin, all I saw was people talking about red and blue light therapy for acne (local esthetician offered it, but the face saw discouraging to me). I love this tool. Omni lux CLEAR is a home treatment with red and blue light. It’s so easy to use (just put on a clean face and put it on), it’s effective, it’s clinically proven…it’s actually magical. So, if you’re dealing with skin that won’t give up… consider this madness… it could change your life.

Okay, as far as everyday use goes… this thing is worth its weight in gold. Trust me in this. I’ve been using one of those electric facial brushes for so many years, which were very popular around 2004. And I loved it. But then I got this tool. The angels sang.


YouTube video

Forego Luna 3

The ice roller is something new that I wasn’t really sure about. Until I used it. This sandwich lives in my freezer and comes out every day. The site promises a “natural mini facelift” and while that may be true… my favorite part is how it helps me relax (literally) and reduces my anxiety. I often use it before bed as a way to unwind, calm down, and get ready for bed. I love my Ice Kit and the oil is really perfect.

The Iconic Ice Kit

Speaking of facial products. Have you ever entered the beauty department at Sephora or Target and nearly passed out from sheer terror? I’m sure. I want to introduce you to HEYDAY. They are a one stop shop for skin care. Through their website, you can talk to a real esthetician or search for products based on your top skin concerns. Don’t wander the halls aimlessly, let HEYDAY help you understand skin care products without guessing.

Supergroup invisible sunscreen

If you haven’t already, start using SPF every day right away. Please. You might be thinking, “Oh, but I work from home all day in my home.” Do you have windows? You need SPF. This product from Supergoop is completely invisible on your skin, it’s my favorite.

Kristin Esso Reconstructive hair mask

I’ll, this always lives in my shower. I try to use it once or twice a week and it really makes a difference. I apply it instead of conditioner, tie my hair and continue in the shower for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. When I’m done, my hair is completely refreshed and revitalized.


Ambika Reset Cleansing oil for the scalp

I’ve always thought that taking care of my hair was only about the hair itself… twist, it’s not. This detox product literally starts at the roots and is a really great weekly addition to your hair care routine to keep it in top condition.

Acquis hair towel

We all know that drying your hair and styling your hair is…well…not the best thing for it. This hair towel significantly reduced the drying time of my hair. Now use this smarter solution to drying your hair. Thank me later.

Snow Cordless teeth whitening kit

My teeth are very sensitive to bleaching agents. If I use those adhesive strips I’m in pain for a few days…it’s horrible. But Snow has made a teeth whitening system that doesn’t hurt me. Hurrah! And it works. This is definitely a self-care phase that you can start at any time and you will never regret starting early.

Waterpark battery-powered water shower

I’m changing my life.  My best friend is a dental hygienist and says flossing can’t completely replace flossing, but almost. I keep the Waterpark in the shower for effortless oral care that’s quick, painless and totally worth it.

Essie cuticle oil

Ask anyone with beautiful nails (usually not me, duh) and they’ll tell you the secret is daily cuticle oil. Seriously, every day. Get this from Essie, cleanse and scrub once a day and watch the change.


Navitech amplifier 4

When your nails are struggling: dry, brittle, broken. This thing fixes that. Grab a NailTek 4 amp (and almost all Saitek products) and you’re ready to play.

Supergroup handheld monitor

I bet you’ve never thought about sunscreen for your hands. Supergoop knows that moisture isn’t enough, so they’ve created this amazing hand cream that also protects your hands from sun damage. Win you win.

Ohara Gel Nail Strips

A quick and easy way to get professional nails at home. This set is perfect for a wedding. Meg tried Ohora’s cuticles earlier this year and loved them.

Mineral water cut

I know, it might sound a little weird. Recess is a mineral water made from quality ingredients designed to help you relax. Plus, they’re delicious! Blood orange is my favorite.

Headspace meditation app

We all know that meditation is good for us, our stress and anxiety. It’s also kind of more stressful for me because I feel like I don’t know how to do it right and it’s hard for me to do it regularly. Here comes Headspace to save the day. This app makes a world of difference to me and my meditation consistency. Let go!

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