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What’s New At APW?



What’s New At APW?

After months of work we are so excited to finally relaunch APW. We’ve designed a new format to make it easier to access all the information you need when planning your wedding, and finally we’ve launched the APW Shopping Tools.

Over the past year, we’ve been thinking a lot about how people will use the internet in 2022 and how best to create a site to help you plan weddings, escapades, and parties. We have 14 years of wedding planning tools, knowledge, research, advice and royal weddings and we wanted to find a way to present this information to you so that you can find what you need, when you need it in a super easy way. to use.

Our goal at APW has always been to make wedding planning easier, feel supported, and most importantly, make you feel less alone during this often difficult wedding planning process. (Oh, and to do all of this with a focus on diversity, inclusion and realism…because all of you…not much happened when we launched in 2008.) With this relaunch, we’ve tried to make the site in a way that supports all these goals. And I think we did.


APW has always been an asset. Now, in 2022, we have more ways to access nearly a decade and a half of information, plus tools, more content than ever, shopping resources, wedding planning tools, and eBooks. Seriously, what could be better than 14 years of advice columns, real wedding inspirations, guides and DIY experiences? Not much (except maybe our two bestselling books). And on our new homepage this is nowhere to be found. In fact, our big goal with this reboot was to bring out these assets. So if you go to our homepage, you will see that we really do have the things you need very easily available.

When I started APW it was the heyday of blogging and in its earliest form APW was a BlogSpot blog. But those days are long gone. Over the years, we’ve revamped our homepage in a number of ways to keep up to date, but now that it’s 2022, we’ve decided to move away from the old “blogroll” format that has been the APW for years. home page is . Now on the front page, you’ll find more curated content that we think you, our readers, need most. You’ll find new content, up-to-date conversations and quick links to all of our best stuff – our supplier guide, our free revamped wedding planning tools, real wedding inspiration, tips and more. And don’t worry… if the blogroll format is your thing… you can still find it here.



Practical marriages have always been a matter of intercourse. Back in 2008, running APW from my kitchen table, I knew that connection and community was really needed as part of the online wedding planning experience. That’s what I was looking for when I started the blog, and it’s what I found as our APW community grew. Over the years, APW has had a few posts reaching over 500 comments (no small feat, huh!). Online publishing has changed a lot over the years and the days of living for the number of blog comments are largely over. But we really want APW to be a place of community, inclusion and connection. We will continue to have open discussions where you can ask advice from the small but powerful APW team and other readers, real weddings sent by readers like you (send yours here) and answers to burning advice questions. people like you (Have a question? Ask it here). And what’s more, those old comment threads of 500+ posts full of information are still here for you.


We are happy with the fresh and modern new look of the homepage. Although appearance is not the goal (usability and accessibility are), we think it is very cool. Chelsea (who we miss too much) and Alyssa have been leading this project for almost a year. They designed every little detail, optimized pixel by pixel and created a plan and layout that our web programmer could then execute. All of you… I think we threw him out of the park. This project and work has traditionally involved APW hiring a designer to create the visuals, a web designer/team to create the wireframe layout and then a team of programmers to implement it. This time it happened with the smallest and largest team. (And also one of the best teams APW has ever had.)


One of the cornerstones of APW’s resources over the years has been our completely free design tools, and they’re still here. However, they have been completely renewed. A new look, new features, all the same wedding planning magic you’re used to. So if you need help with your wedding guest list, wedding budget, or other wedding planning tools, we’ve got them right here.


This has been a long time coming. We’ve been talking about launching the APW Store for years, and it’s finally here! In the APW Store, you can find all the spreadsheets and wedding planning tools as direct and easy downloads. Here you will also find links to your favorite online store. We’ve got wedding dresses, invitations, accessories, shopping lists for our favorite DIY parties and more, all in one place and easy to navigate. And come back often, as we regularly upload more favorites to the store for your shopping pleasure … and maybe some APW products in the future.


We can’t leave you alone with the excitement of our new website without taking a little trip down memory lane. APW has had so many different “looks” over the years, the internet as a whole has evolved this way since 2008 and this little flashback lineup was too much fun to watch. Do you recognize the time you started reading APW?


YouTube video


  • Today we are not only here at A Practical Wedding but also working on many new projects.
  • Practical Media, Inc. – We have finally created an internet home for our parent company with all the goods.
  • APW Email – If you haven’t already, you really should be getting APW in your inbox. Trust us.
  • APW Studio – Home of the APW brand and all the great images and content we’ve created over the years with our partners.
  • The APW Books – Easily one of the best resources for wedding planning, if I do say so myself.
  • com: Looking for more of all Meg’s non-APW work? You can find it here. It now offers 1:1 coaching for business women and entrepreneurs, and if you’re interested, check out Meg’s email list. (These coaching positions are filled as soon as he offers them.)
  • Practical School of Economics – Building it properly has been a slow process, but PBS is coming and soon. The first release is a course called Big Idea Blueprint. You don’t want to miss a thing, so join Meg’s mailing list to stay up to date.
  • A passion project of Neiva-Meg, an online community of Jewish women and men.

The last 2 years have been an extremely difficult time planning a wedding, running a business and honestly being human. During this time, the publishing world has changed enormously, as has our company. After two years of reflection, hard work and collaboration, we are so proud to relaunch APW in what we believe makes the most sense for 2022, and look forward to helping you plan your wedding over the next few years.

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